Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th February 2021 Written Episode

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Kairav Hugging Kartik And Apologizing With A Sorry Card. Kartik Says I M Also Sorry. Kairav Asks Him To Say Sorry To Mumma Also, She Was Crying So Much. He Says I Promise I Won’t Ask The Reason For Your Fight, Just Get Her Home. Gayu Asks Kartik To Promise. Kartik Hurts His Hand. He Says Kairav, Your Mumma Is Gone, That Girl Isn’t Your Mumma, She Is Sirat. Kairav Goes. Dadi Asks Where Is She, I Will Just Meet Her. Sirat Comes And Says Who Is This Old Woman, I Have Seen Her Somewhere. She Sees Nanko Taking Dadi’s Purse. She Shouts. Dadi Looks On And Thinks She Isn’t Our Naira. Sirat Scolds Sheela. She Asks Dadi Why Did She Leave Her Purse Openly. Sheela Says She Came To Meet You. Sirat Says I Will Meet Her, You Leave. Sheela Asks What Did You Go That She Came Here. Sirat Says I Killed Mukesh And Threw Him In Her Garden, So She Has Come Here, Go, Else I Will Bury You There. Sheela Gets Angry And Goes. Sirat Asks What Do You Want From Me, Tell Me, From Where Did You Come, Did We Meet Before. Dadi Says Yes, We Met In Kartik’s Anniversary Party. Sirat Recalls Kartik. Kairav Shouts And Throws Things. Kartik Gets Milk And Cookies For Him. Rhea Says Difficult Time But This Too Shall Pass, Kairav Will Understand. Kartik Says Gayu And Dadi Won’t Understand, Why Did Dadi Go There. She Says Yes, She Should Have Not Gone There. Kartik And Rhea Come To Kairav’s Room. They See Kairav Fainting. Kartik Drops The Tray And Runs To Hug Kairav. Kairav Says Mumma…

Nani Asks Why Did She Come Here. Sirat Asks Did You Come To Insult Me. Dadi Says No, I Got An Offer For You. She Keeps The Money. Sirat Asks Is This The Compensation For Kartik’s Scolding Or Advance For Your Words. Dadi Says Its Advance For Your Work. Sirat Asks What’s The Work. Dadi Says This Price Is For Your Face, Your Face Matches To Our Naira, I Want You To Stay In Our House As Kairav’s Governess, Take Care Of Him, You Will Get Good Money. Sirat Says Enough, Time Out, I Came To Your House For That Kid, Kartik Scolded Me, I Reached The Party By Mistake, You Came Here, What Did You Think. She Stops Nani. She Says You Came To Me For That Kid’s Sake, So I M Sparing You, Else I Would Have Taken Revenge. Sheela And Nanko Try To Hear.

Sirat Says I Lost The Boxing Match, My Birthday Got Spoiled, Someone From Your Family Comes And Kicks Me Down. Dadi Says You Are Angry. Sirat Says No, I M Not Angry, If Kartik Came Here, Then I Would Have Knocked Him Out. She Asks Dadi To Leave. She Returns The Money And Says There Is No Beggar Or Anyone On Sale Here. Dadi Says I Didn’t Come To Buy You Forever. Sirat Says I Don’t Want To Become Anyone’s Mumma Or Servant, You Can’t Buy Anything By Money, I Have My Dreams, House And Maudi, Why Would I Come, I M Sirat, I Don’t Like To Play The Match With Same Opponent Again, Just Go. Dadi Asks Her To Say If She Finds The Money Less. Nani Says Don’t Trouble Her, Why Would She Stay In Her House As A Kid’s Mother, What Would The Society Go. She Says Kairav Will Be Fine Soon, Sirat Won’t Go, Sirat Won’t Go Before Her Marriage. Sheela Says What’s Happening, Kartik Came Fast And Now This Rich Woman. Sirat Asks Dadi To Leave. She Says I Will Pray For Kairav, But Can’t Heal Him. Kairav Is Taken To Hospital. Dadi Is On The Way. She Gets A Call And Is Shocked.

Doctor Comes To Kartik And Asks Him To Relax, Reports Are Fine. He Says Kairav Is In Stress, He Is Missing His Mum And Can’t Forget That Similar Looking Lady, Therapy Won’t Be Good At This Time, We Can’t Ignore His Heart Conditions. Kartik Asks What Can We Do. Doctor Asks Can You Call That Girl Here, She Can Really Help. Dadi Comes And Says She Won’t Come, I Went To Talk To Her, But She Refused. Doctor Goes. Dadi Asks How Is Kairav. Manish Says We Can’t Say Anything. Akhilesh Says Doctor Said He Will Be Fine When Sirat Comes Here. Manish Says You Should Have Offered Her Money. Dadi Says I Gave Her Money, She Didn’t Agree. Akhilesh Says If We Explained Her Our Helplessness Instead Money, Then Maybe She Agreed. Kartik Hears Them. Sirat Gets A Doctor’s Call. She Asks What.

Mukesh Laughs And Says Its Good If Nani Dies Soon, You Get Ready To Become The House Owner, I Know How To Deal With Sirat. Sirat Cries Seeing Nani. She Wakes Up Nani And Says I Got To Know Everything, Don’t Act To Sleep, You Have Hidden A Big Thing From Me, Will You Leave Me Easily, You Said You Have To Get Me Married And Play With My Kids, How Will You Do This, Doctor Said You Will Die If Your Operation Isn’t Done Soon. She Asks Maudi To Get Up. Nani Falls Back. Sirat Worries And Asks Her To Get Up. She Says Nothing Will Happen To You. She Checks Nani’s Breath. She Says I Won’t Let Anything Happen To You. Kartik Sees Kairav’s Hand, Miss You Mumma Written On It. He Prays For Kairav. Doctor Says Operation Will Happen Today, If You Arrange 5 Lakhs. Sirat Asks 5 Lakhs. Doctor Says Yes, Take Details From The Counter, I Will Get Tests Done. Sirat And Rohan Go Out. Rohan Says Sorry, I Got The Money I Had. She Says Thanks. He Asks How Will We Arrange Money. She Says I Won’t Let Maudi Get Knock Out. She Cries And Asks Him Not To Leave Nani Alone, She Will Arrange Money And Come. He Asks How Will You Do It. She Says It Will Be Done. She Leaves. Kartik Worries For Kairav And Asks Doctor To Check. Doctor Says Go Out, It Will Be Difficult For You. Kartik Says No, I Won’t Go. Doctor Injects Kairav.

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