Udaariyaan 2nd April 2021 Written Full Episode

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Jasmin Liking The Alarm Clock With Her Fav Pic. She Reads The Love Letter. Her Friends Tease Her. Fateh Looks On. He Says She Is Impressed, Now I Have To Impress Tejo. Tejo Takes Her Class. Fateh Comes And Asks His Friends To Give Jalebis To Everyone. He Asks Tejo To Have Jalebis And Apologizes. Tejo Says Get Out Of My Class. He Says Forgive Me First. She Scolds Him. Jasmin Gets Another Gift In The Classroom. She Reads The Note And Gets Happy. She Gets More Gifts Lined Up By Fateh. Amrik Follows Her And Shows Her To Fateh On The Video Call. Amrik Says You Were Smiling Seeing Her, I Will Charge Money To Show The Direct Telecast Next Time. Fateh Sees Tejo’s Scooty And Goes To Her. She Finds The Tyre Punctured. He Comes To Give Her Lift. She Asks What’s Your Problem. He Says I Have Come To Help You. She Says You Had Beaten Up Jas And All This Drama Now, You Had Punctured This Tyre. He Says You Don’t Blame Me. He Recalls Puncturing The Tyre.
He Acts Sweet And Asks Her To Sit, He Will Just Drop Her. She Agrees. She Sits On His Bike. He Says I Hope Jasmin Liked Coffee. She Asks What. He Says Toffee, Will You Have It. She Says No. He Says Fine, I Will Have It. Jasmin Gets Her Fav Coffee. Her Friends Laugh. Mahi And Amrik Are There. Jasmin Reads The Note. She Looks Around. Fateh Says I Bless You And Jas To Stay Happy. Tejo Says You Are Strange. She Says You Don’t Know Me And Tried To Stop Jas. He Says It Was A Misunderstanding. He Explains Her. She Says I Don’t Understand. He Says Its Fine, My Life Won’t Stop Now. His Bike Breaks Down. He Asks Her To Wait. He Sees The Fuel Tank Empty. She Scolds Him. She Says There Is No One Here, Just Go Your Way, I M Already Late. She Goes By Walk. He Gets Amrik’s Video Call. Amrik Says Congrats, Jasmin Is Impressed, Do Something Of Tejo, Else She Will Not Let Your Marriage Happen.
Amrik Says I Had To Tell You Something, I Took Your Bike And Fuel Got Over. Fateh Scolds Him. He Sees Tejo Gone. Its Night, Jasmin Sees The Gifts She Received. Tejo Comes Home And Asks About The Gifts. Jasmin Says Someone Loves Me A Lot, He Is Sending Many Gifts For Me, There Is Poetry With Every Gift. Tejo Says Roadside Romeos Are Dangerous, Anything Wrong May Happen. Jasmin Says You Are Jealous. She Jokes And Says I Will Accept The Guy Only If He Is From Canada. Tejo Thinks.
Its Morning, Tejo Comes To A Cafe To Meet Jas. Fateh Is Also There. Jas Welcomes Her. She Asks What Are You Doing Here. Fateh Says I Came To Meet Jas. She Scolds Him. She Asks Fateh To Leave. Jas Says He Just Came To Say Sorry. Fateh Says She Doesn’t Know The Reason For My Coming. Jas Asks Tejo To Sit, Let Him Explain. He Says It Was Just A Wrong Number, Nothing Else. She Asks What. Fateh Says Actually I Felt That Jas Came With The Proposal For The Girl Whom I Love. Tejo Asks Does She Love You. Fateh Says No, She Will Love Me Soon. Tejo Defends Jas. Fateh Says I Got Wrong Info Before, I Came To Know Now That Jas Is A Diamond, He Is Perfect For Him. Jas Says He Is A Nice Boy. Fateh Says I Have Come To Help, You Are From Canada, You Don’t Know Pind, I Will Help You In Marriage Arrangements. Tejo Says No Need, I Have Seen DDLJ, Your Plan Is Same, Right. Fateh Asks What Shall I Do That You Both Forgive Me. Jas Says You Guys Handle It, I Have To Make An Imp Call. He Goes. Tejo Warns Fateh Again.
Jasmin Is With Her Friends At The Lake Side. They Ask Who Is Your Secret Lover. Jasmin Says I M Thinking The Same, He Isn’t From College But An Outsider, Everyone Knows That I Have To Marry A Guy From Canada, How Does He Know My Likes And Dislikes. She Gets Another Gift. The Gift Comes In A Glass Bottle Placed In The Rose Petals Tray. Jasmin Sees The Led Lights. She Gets Another Letter. She Reads His Love Confession. Fateh Gets Amrik’s Call. Amrik Says Mission Complete, Jasmin Is Impressed, What About Tejo. Fateh Says She Isn’t Convinced. He Ends Call. Tejo Misunderstands Him Again. Fateh Says I M Not A Fraud, I M National Level Boxing Champion. Jas Talks To His Mum. She Says They Will Convince Tejo, We Know They Are Mad For Going To Canada, Don’t Worry. He Says I Have Got Tejo In Control, Focus On Jasmin, She Is Useful For Us, She Wants To Go To Canada, Tejo Loves Jasmin The Most.

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