Trampling down the buddies or extolling of the offspring?

How can you notice a person with your vigil mind? Only from thinking and making some perceptions
about that thing dominates you from others. This makes you eligible to understand a person with far
flung thoughts. Many from you do not have a visible mind to explore others. In exceptional cases you
believe that people ever think about those which come in their sight.
Keep a mind which thinks more and more with feasible features to understand and to comprehend
the thoughts of others. Eligibility is the criteria to understand the minds. How to understand a man or
woman whenever you talk to, that will tell you about his own flaws and misfortunes? Never keep
quiet in front of him just be loquacious and he will speak up by own with elaboration.
So, here my question rises, why fathers never try to sit their offspring? Simple answer is because they
never sit along with their buddies. But, the complex answer is much hard to comprehend the lads with
proficient mind. Buddies do not tell anything to their fathers but only to their siblings if they have.
Father should make promises to their offspring that if they ever face a difficulty they would share. But
unfortunately this does not happen in our culture.
That is why it leads toward the destruction of their boys from little age. When you ignore your blood
it means you are ignoring your own everything.
Life is very short, so, comprehend your children as your own, not anticipating but get to the bottom. It
will make your life happy with joy, and then you would never consider little things as big. This short
life requires you to look after your buddies and make your home as home.
When you ignore your children from little age this also leads them toward “AUTISM”. It means babies
start to hide their feelings and emotions and they live alone, never talk to others and so no confidence
comes in their mind. Please take care of your lads and ladies from little age. Autism goes toward
making plans skeptically.
From this action, your children lose their weight from doing any business, never take risks but to
mischievousness. This action will trample down your buddies to earth.
The other action that exert bad influence on the babies, when you laud and praise much more.
Whenever you laud, children think it as a big act as they consider it that they are doing much better
but obviously they not.
Every time stay low key and never create problems for your own to lauding and praising your buddies.
When you give your buddies much money for expenses this will ruin their lives. Because after the rite
of passage of their ages their needs grow bigger and bigger. So, you would not meet those expenses

to fulfill their bad habits. In this way, they consider that our fathers are creating problems for us but
actually they forget that they have earned money for them to meet their needs.
Father always earns money for his house to meet expenses and needs. Why would he not incur
expenses to his home?
So, treat well before your father. Never use slang and foul languages in front of your parents. And
same is for their parents because babies always read and listen to the parents. Make your life happy
with your deeds and acts. No need to do anything just listen your children.
As it is said “happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of mind”. Expel this from
your mind that father tease their children not doing favors. This is absolutely incorrect and incorrigible
as father always help their children without any hesitation. Just one sight upon your parents will
make you cheerful as mother’s feet have a paradise.
Never angry with them and talk with a smiling mood. Beaming and glowing mood make your parents
pleasure at this act. When you parents reach toward the old age you should take care of them as they
took care of you in your little age intentionally and un-intentionally. Do not tease them.

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