The shadow once which was mine, now where is…?

Depressed *Stephen (student of commerce) is a slim and skinny lad. Many times he used to think that to
whom I should make a pray. Deeply thinks about it day by day but never says it to anyone. Financially
strong a bit but morally at loggerheads with his father at many events once lived in a far flung area of
Punjab province.
In early ages of 7-9 years, was used to live there in far flung area. Then they shifted their home to an
urban area. On the contrary of his father housewife mother always gave a short in the arms to his son
for swatting morally but father only made his hands strong economically. Early stages, his clerics were
much fierce in beating at a *Noori Mosque in his teachings but gradually the school tutors only abuses
his tutees with reverberation and a bit repulsive dialect due to our society.
I’m not antagonistic toward seminary clerics but their steps make me angry as they trap our society in
the direction of religious bigotry. Clerics never want to change the syllabus of mosques as they consider
that the school and sophisticated education in schools is against the Islam and Muslims but do not know
that this is the way to develop our country and society.
I reflect it on as they do not know much about technology and new era education, when we take some
steps in the direction of this new developed society from this seasonal unemployment would erupt.
They have no media-savvy regarding up-to-date education. They do not have much information with
reference to new mathematics, economics, statistics and taxation. Having a monopoly in Arabic, they
never wish for a coin in the realm.
Now let’s go back to our discourse. Stephen and his father have always little bellicose upon plenty
complications. Some gruesome dealings with inner mix-up items make him annoyed. I.e. why father do
not phone him, why father has never said him his son with affection. Otherwise father is the greatest
blessing of Allah in the world for his children. Putting a name to his last 25 blessed years given by Allah
recalled that his father never hugged him in the past 25 years. Whenever he recalls these issues innerly,
he sheds his tears but not at any time he tells anyone, as he keeps his secrets in confidence.
Only father is the cradle of his children. Life and death is in the hands of Allah. Once he grudges about
the love of his father that I have an appetite of your love but no response make him worry, in respect of
this he faced sluggish language. He always remembers these slang words. He tells only me about these
matters. But being a brother and friend of him I have nothing to solve these issues only a father (sepoy)
can do.
Everyone has grudges but he has many. I am penning down these grievances because if some others
have these anonymous gigantic issues, a father must solve these without any hesitation.

Fictional Names due to dominancy of clerics in seminaries.
Controversies must be resolved by the family member. Father is not for tagging floral bouquets. Being
soul of his children he must look after his buddies. Ups and downs come in everyone’s life but it does
not mean to not co-operate with the buddies and buddies are the shining parts of life, without the
buddies of family, homes feel alone so, in the absence of father, houses look like graveyards.
Save your place of residence from being graves, make some time to give it to your household so that
you can rescue the household before the time is over. Why some never understand that they have a
family with children. No need to be clerics in your home just understand you buddies.
Once he became so much impeccable with rage and said that if they cannot feed us up then why they
born the babies. Difficult but got my heart. On this point he made me speechless. But the answer is that
molvies have dominancy in our community.
I always use a word “community” in my lectures for the Muslims owing to that here clerics in the
seminaries are in great privileges in the society but those who are not clerics will have no right to talk
about Islam. For their kind of information, believing in deity is not their fief.
Stephen is always shedding his tears till now. But my prayers are with him. In my next topics, I will also
talk about him.

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