Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th March 2021 Written Episode Full Update

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Mahi Collides With Pappu. He Says Where Are You Coming From? She Says No.. He Says You Don’t Have An Answer. He Says Mahi Who Is Always Talking Doesn’t Have An Answer. You Do This When You’re Doing Something. Ms Right? Is Something Wrong? I Know Where You’re Coming From. Mahi Is Scared. Pappu Says Why Are You So Scared? Did You Go To Your Jago? Right? You Went There To See Everyone Celebrating? It Will Remain A Secret Between Us. Let’s End This Tom And Jerry Game. You’re Getting Married. Pappu Says Let’s Bury Old Problems Between Us. Let’s Start Anew. Mahi Says Forgive Me As A Sister If I Said Anything Wrong To You. He Says Wow Today Is A Miracle Day. You Should Go Home Now. Forgive Me As Well. He Says In Heart I Have To Promote The Movie You Made As A Gift. I Am So Sorry, Or Am I?
Mahi Sneaks In. Chanda Says Thank God You Came. Is Everything Okay? Mahi Says Yes. Chanda Says You Can Share Anything With Me. I Am Your Friend After All. Mahi Says No All Good. Chanda Leaves. She Says No One Will Marry You Now. Pappu Turns Off Jogi’s Phone. Mahi Calls Him. The Phone Is Off. Mahi Calls On A Landline. She Says Why Is Your Phone Off? He Says I Lost It. Jogi Says Did You Reach? She Says Yes. He Says What Happened To Your Voice? She Says I Am So Shocked. I Feel So Weird. Only We Know Nothing Wrong Happened But What If Someone Saw? There’s A Burden On My Heart. Jogi Says How Will That Resolve? Mahi Says By Telling Arjun Everything. He Says What If He Gets A Small Meaning Out Of It? Mahi Says I Am Scared To Do The Wrong But Not Risky. Jogi Says You Never Know How Arjun Would React. He Says I Would Say You Should Think About Your Parents. Mahi Says I Need To Tell Him. He Says We Will Find Out A Way. Mahi Says Will He Understand? HE Says Yes. Mahi Says I Hope. He Says Don’t Worry About It.
Seema Comes In. She Says Who Are You Talking To? Arjun? Why Are You Scared? He’s Your To Be Husband. You Grew Up So Fast. Mahi Says I Had To Talk To You. Don’t Be Mad Please. Dharampal Comes In. He Says Mom And Daughter Are Having Conversations Here. Let’s Go. Seema Says What Were You Saying? Dharampal Says Let Her Sleep. Dadu Says Mahi Give Your Phone To Me And You Rest. He Says You Will Keep Talking To Arjun Otherwise And Won’t Sleep. They Take Her Phone And Leave.
Pappu Says I Am So Happy. This Should Be My Entry For International Film Awards, See The Direction. Chanda Says The Video Just Got Shot. Editing Is Left. Pappu Says I Will Teach Them A Lesson.
Jogi Thinks About Mahi. He Sees Her Photos. He Says I Am Not Burying Your Memories, They’re A Part Of Me And Will Always Be. They Will Come Out As Tears Only. This Rose Of Your Name, Whenever I See It, I Will Remember Your Smell. He Dreams Of Mahi. He Recalls His Moments With Mahi. Jogi Says It’s My Friends’ Wedding.
The Wedding Starts. Everyone Is Busy With The Preparations. Pappu Says To Jogi Are You Worried About Yesterday? Dharampal Says It Happens. He Says Go Bride’s Bff. Don’t You Have Things To Do? Renu And Seema Pack The Bags. Dharampal Says Check If Mahi Is Ready. Jogi Says Everyone Is So Happy And The One Who Should Be Happiest Is Sad. I Should Check Her. Pappu Says Their Destruction Starts Now. 3.. 2.. Chanda Says 1. Girls Get Mahi Ready. She Keeps Thinking About What Happened. Mahi Says My Heart Is Really Worried. I Hope Nothing Goes Wrong.

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