Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th April 2021 Written Full Episode

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Mahi Getting Ready In Bridal Wear. Chanda Comes There Dressed As A Bride Herself. Mahi Gets Surprised. Chanda Calls Her A Gold Digger And Says That She Is Still Ready To Marry Arjun Even After Knowing That He Loves Her. Mahi Says That She Is Not Marrying Him For Her Happiness But For The Better Of Her Family. Chanda Says Girl Like You Are Very Irritating. You Do As You Please And Blame Someone Else For It. Chanda Pushes Mahi. Mahi Says That She Knows That She Loves Her But She Will Marry Arjun Anyways. Chanda Says That Arjun Does Not Love You And Will Leave You Immediately After The Marriage. Mahi Says That It Will Be Better For You If You Leave From Here.
Chanda Gets Furious And Hits Mahi With A Jewelry Box. She Bangs Her Head As Well On The Bed. Then Chanda Puts Some Chloroform On A Cloth And Moves Towards Mahi. Mahi Tries To Fight Back But Eventually Loses Her Consciousness. Pappu Comes To The Room And Asks If She Is Alive. Chanda Says That They Will Have To Hide Her. They Hide Mahi Inside A Suitcase. Mahi’s Sisters Come There To See Her And They Are Suspicious About Chanda. They Are About To Lift Chanda’s Veil When Pappu Makes Them Come Out Of The Room.
Yogi Comes To The Marriage Venue Dressed As Dhol Wala. He Sees Rai Sahab And Recalls What He Told Him. Rai Sahab Asks Who Is. He Says That He Is Arjun’s Friend. Rai Sahab Asks Him To Go To His Room And Meet Him. Yogi Goes To His Room Where Arjun Is Planning To Ruin Mahi’s Life By Leaving Her After The Marriage. Yogi Holds Him And Starts To Beat Him.
On The Other Hand, Pappu And Chanda Are Planning To Hide Mahi Somewhere Safe Where Nobody Can Find Her. While Pappu Is Moving The Bag, Mahi’s Mother Stops Him And Tries To Help To Say You Are Doing So Much For The Family. Pappu Says That He Is Like Family And Is Happy To Help. She Hears Mahi’s Voice And Asks Pappu Where The Voice Came From. He Says That You Should Go And Check In Her Room. She Goes And Pappu Gets Back To His Business.
Yogi Beats Arjun Till He Faints. He Then Wraps Him Up In A Carpet And Says That There Will Be No Marriage When There Will Be No Groom. He Has Planned To Kidnap Arjun. Pappu Hands Over Mahi To Tillu. Pappu Meets Rai Sahab And Asks For His Forgiveness. Rai Sahab Forgives Him. Pappu Goes To Arjun’s Room And Finds The Room All Upside Down While Arjun Is Missing. He Bribes The Security Guard In The CCTV Room And Asks Him To Show The Footage. He Sees Yogi Kidnapping Him And Calls Chanda To Tell Her The Same.
Tillu Calls Pappu And Says That He Cheated With Him As The Bag Is Full Of Clothes. Pappu Realizes That The Bags Got Switched. Mahi’s Sister Also Finds Out Chanda Wearing Mahi’s Bridal Dress And Asks Where Mahi Is And What Is She Doing Dressed As A Bride. They Slap Her And Ask Again. They Threaten Her To Cut Her Hair And Nose If She Will Not Tell Where Mahi Is. Chanda Is About To Tell Them The Truth When Pappu Arrives There And Asks Chanda Where Mahi Is, He Slaps Her So Hard That She Falls. Chanda Pretends To Have Fainted. Pappu Asks Them To Check If She Is Dead Or Alive.
Tillu Comes There To Meet Pappu. Pappu Grabs Him By Color And Asks Him Never To Cross His Limits And Watch His Tone In Front Of Him. He Says That Mahi Is Somewhere In The House Only. He Asks Him To Take Him Away.
Biji Sends Rupa To Get Medicines For Her While Yogi Brings Arjun To Their House. He Shows Biji That He Has Kidnapped Arjun. Tillu Is Looking For Mahi In The House. He Sees The Bag And Goes Towards It Will Mahi Is Struggling To Breathe.
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