Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd March 2021 Written Episode

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Pappu Hears Everything. Biji Says You Gave Your Love To Someone Else. Pappu Says I Will Attack Mahi Twice With This Love. Once By Ruining Her Wedding And Then By Ruining Both Of You. Biji Says I Am Proud Of Rupa’s Upbringing. Rupa Says I Am Not. I Only Want To See My Son Happy. Even If It Means Being Embarrassed. I Got To Know The Wedding Is In Three Days. You Won’t Go There Anymore. Jogi Prays Comes In. Lado Prays That Jogi Gets Mahi. Rupa Says If We Ruin Someone Else’s Happiness To Get Ours It’s Not A Fair Prayer. That Guy Is Good, Your Mahi Didi Will Stay Happy. Jogi Says Yes, Arjun Is A Diamond. Lado Says But Jogi Is The Best So I Will Pray That You Get Mahi.

Rupa Says We Will All Go To The Temple So We Stay Away From All This. Biji Says You’re Right. She Says Jogi.. God Will Make You Strong. He Says What About The Wedding Arrangements? He Says Mata Rani Always Keeps My Mahi Happy. Fill Her Life Full Of Happiness.
Pappu Dances. He Says I Was About To Lose And I Got The Ace Card. It Was All In Front Of Me. Rupa Asks Lado To Pack Up. She Says We Are Going To The Temple. We Will Stay Away From The Wedding. Pappu Listens And Says You Will Go To The Wedding. A Wedding Is Incomplete Without A Lover.

Seema Makes A List Of Dresses. Shalu Says Mahi Won’t Look Hot. Seema Says Don’t Be Jealous Of Your Sister. Dadu Says To Akash Hurry Up Only Three Days Are Left. Mahi Hears And Says In Three Days, I Will Leave This House. Papa Ji Says Mahi I Got A Wedding Card. Everything Is Going So Fast. Mahi Says Everything Is Changing So Fast. Renu Comes And Says What Is This? Papa Says Wedding Card From Arjun’s Family. Seema Says We Will Place It In The Temple. Everyone Is Happy. Seema Says Such A Pretty Card. Dadu Takes It And Puts It In The Temple.
Mahi Gets A Text. She Says My Booking.. Mahi Is Going Out. Seema Says Where Are You Going? Give Me The Keys. Mahi Says I Got A Booking. Dadu Says You’re Getting Married In Three Days. You Can Wait Till The Wedding. He Takes The Keys. Seema Says We Are Punjabis. We Have So Many Rituals. We Have To Start Them Right Now. Mahi Says What? Seema Says We Will Do Haldi. Papa Ji Says In Our Chopra Family Only. Mahi Won’t Be Chopra After 3 Days. Seema Says Was Saw A Dream Of This Day. Papa Ji Says It Makes A Father Both Happy And Sad. She Won’t Stay With Us.

Mahi’s Haldi Starts. Dadu Applies Haldi. He Says When You Were Born, Your Mom Cried Another Daughter. I Said If You Don’t Want Her To Give Her To Me. He Cries And Says Mahi Says Dadu.. Seema Applies Haldi On Her And Says I Wasn’t Crying When You Were Born. I Was Doing Drama In Front Of Neighbors. They Would Do Drama. I Kiss You Once They Left. Mahi Laughs. She Cries. Papa Ji Says Don’t Forget Us. Shalu Says In Heart I Have To Do This Drama As Well. Renu Cries And Says Always Stay Happy. Akash Says I Always Shared Everything With You. Mahi Hugs Him. She Says I Am Not Going Far. Deepak Says Stay Happy. Seema Says Mahi Is Getting Married, Take The Car From Her.
Mahi Comes To Her Room And Says I Will Cancel The Booking For The First Time. Why Is It So Difficult For Women To Work After The Wedding. Who Should I Talk To? She Recalls Jogi. Jogi Is Looking At Mahi’s Photos. Mahi Calls Him. He Says Mahi.. I Am A Little Busy. She Says You’re Always Free And Now When I Called You’re Busy? He Says No No You Tell Me. Mahi Tells Him. He Comes Downstairs. Rupa Says You Can Go Today But Not After Today. Forget All This Love And Weakness For Mahi. I Have To Protect You From Your Own Feelings As Well. He Hugs Rupa And Leaves.

Jogi Comes To Mahi’s Room. She Sneaks Him In From The Room’s Door. Someone Is Seeing Them. Mahi Says I Can’t Go Out. I Had To Say Something Very Important That Only A Friend Could Do. Mahi Says What Do You Think If I Have To Drive Mc21 After The Wedding Will Arjun Let Me? He Says Why Didn’t You Ask Him? She Says I Couldn’t Get Time. He Says You Call Me Useless Why Are You Acting Like Me? Did You Order A Groom In Such A Hurry? You Know Your Mc21 Is Important For You. You Pay Akash’s Coaching Fee From It. Where Did Your Passion Go? You Always Say You Made Your Passion Your Work. Where Did All That Go? Mahi Says You Are Right. I Should Have Asked Arjun. Thank God You Taught Me This. I Should Call Arjun And Make It Clear.
Mahi Calls Arjun. Mahi Says Did I Disturb You? He Says Not At All. Mahi Says I Wanted To Ask You Something.. He Says Sure. Mahi Says If I Drive My Taxi After The Wedding Would You Be Okay With It? Mahi Is Shocked. Mahi Says After The Wedding You Won’t Be Able To Drive The Taxi. Mahi Is Shocked. He Says Because I Will Make A Business Plan With You. You Won’t Have To Drive, You Will Have Your Own Cab Business. Mahi Says Thank You So Much. I Was So Tensed. Now I Feel A Lot Better. Arjun Tickles Another Girl Who Is In His Bed. Jogi Looks At Mahi. Arjun Looks At That Girl. Mahi Says I Am So Lucky To Have A Guy Like You Who Understands Me So Well. The Girl Kisses Arjun.

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