Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Mahi Says Not All Husbands Keep Their Wives As Decoration Pieces. Phaphru Ji.. I Mean Pappu. He Says Yeah I Wish I Had Medicine For You And Phi. Seema Says Rose Water For You Pappu Ji.. Renu Says Arjun And His Family Is Here. Seema Leaves With The Glass. He Says You Changed The Colors Too Fast. Shalu Feels Bad. He Says Did You See? She Didn’t Get The New One Yet And Forgot The One Old Already. You Go Attend To The Guests. I Am Fine. She Says Sure? He Says Yes. She Leaves.

Pappu Says Seema Never Let Mahi Speak In Front Of Me And Today She Insulted Me Yet She Didn’t Say Anything. I Have To Do Something. He Looks At The Juice And Says The Diamond Is A Woman’s Best Friend But If It Gets Stuck In Your Throat, It Can Kill You. Diamond In, You Out. He Outs Diamond From His Ring In A Drink. Pappu’s Son Takes His Drink. He Gets Scared. He Says Pinku.. Are You Okay? Pinku Coughs. He Says Let Me Call A Doctor. He Says Papa.. Mummy Is Calling You. He’s Fine. Pappu Checks The Glass. The Diamond Is In It. He Drank Half Of It. He Says You Go, I Will Come Later.

Jogi Serves Juices To Everyone. Pappu Comes In. Everyone Is Happy For Mahi. They Say Such A Good-Looking Guy And So Rich. Seema Does Arjun’s Arti. Pappu Collides With Jogi. He Says Watch Your Step. Pappu Says Jogi.. Is It Cold? He Says It’s Hot. My Mind. Jogi Leaves. Jogi Says He Will Stop This Roka.

Rupa Is Worried For Jogi. Biji Says He’s My Grandson, I Mean Your Son. He Must Be Alone Somewhere. Rupa Looks At The Door. Mahi Looks At Jogi And Says What Are You Doing? He Says Being A Friend.

Arjun Says To Mahi I Am Not That Bad That You Look Sad. She Says I Am Not Sad. He Gives Juice To Arjun. Pappu Looks At Jogi. Pappu Makes Jogi Fall. The Juice Spills On Arjun. Arjun Says What The Hell.. Idiot, Ill-Mannered. Can’t You See? You Can’t Pay For The Price Of This Shoe Even If You Sell Yourself. Who Is This Ill-Mannered Man. Trash Remains Outside The House. Mahi Is Shocked. Arjun Says Get Out. Arjun Kicks Jogi Ou.. Jogi Hits Him. Pappu Was Imagining All This. Pinku Steps On His Feet. Jogi Is Happily Speaking To Arjun. Pappu Tries To Make Jogi Fall But The Glass Falls On The Other Side. Pappu Says What Will People Say? What Kind Of People Have We Hired. He Asks Jogi To Clean It. Pappu Says Take It. Mahi Is Angry. She Holds The Mop. Mahi Says He Is Here To Help As A Neighbor Only. We Haven’t Hired Him. It’s His Greatness That He’s Helping Us. In Punjab, People Call Guests God. Dadu Says He’s A Very Good Guy. He’s Helping Us And We Should Respect And Appreciate Him. Papa Ji Says Yes, He’s Helping Us As Family. We Should Consider Him The Same. Pappu Feels Insulted. Mahi Says I Will Clean It. Arjun Says So Will I. Jogi Says It’s Your Function. You Called Me Family, I Don’t Mind Cleaning It.

Jogi Cleans It. Biji Comes There. Pappu Says In Heart I Have Another Plan Ready. Biji Comes There. Biji Says What Are You Doing? This Is Wrong. He Says You Asked Me To Serve People. She Says Come With Me. Papa Ji Calls Him. He Goes. Biji Is Angry. Rai Does Mahi’s Arti. He Makes Her Wear Chunri. Jogi Looks At Her. The Son Kal Ho Na Ho Plays. Dadu Ji Says Our Daughter Is Yours. Rai Says Our Son Is Yours. Seema Cries. Renu And Shalu Cry. Pandit Ji Comes In. Papa Ji Says If You Find The Day We Will Announce It Here. Biji Asks Jogi To Go. She Says The Event Is Over. I Can’t See You Like This. Pandit Ji Matches Their Kundlis. He Keeps Calculating. Biji Says Let’s Go. Jogi Starts Walking Out. Pandit Ji Says Thank God You Didn’t Decide To Get Them Married Yet. Everyone Is Shocked. Papa Ji Asks Is Everything Okay? He Says Their Kundlis Don’t Match At All. If The Wedding Happened.. The Groom Won’t Live For More Than 6 Months. Jogi Stops. Mahi Stands Up In Shock. Pappu Smiles. He Says The Girl’s Kundli Is Heavy. This Marriage Can’t Happen. Everyone Is Shocked. Jogi Looks Back.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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