Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 24th February 2021 Written Episode

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Pappu Recalls Everything. Rupa Standing In Front Of Him. He Says Mahi.. Don’t Be Mad At Me. He Comes To The Rangoli He Made Of Mahi’s Face. He Recalls Saying Mahi Doesn’t Care About Money And Rupa Saying No One Can Cross The Line Of Money And Class. He Starts Removing Colors From The Side But Can’t Do It From The Face. Rupa Comes To Do It.. He Holds Her Hand. Jogi Says I Will Do It. He Stands Up. Rupa Says It’s Okay, Cry And Let It All Out. Jogi Sits Down Crying. RUpa Hugs Him.

Papa Ji Gives Sweets To Mahi. Shalu Comes In. Pappu Tells Mahi Said Yes To Ajrun. She Says Arjun Rai? That Minister’s Grandson? She’s Shocked. Renu And Deepak Also Come In. Seema Says Come In. Renu Says That Rich Man, Arjun Rai. They Hug Him. Shalu Says In Her Heart He Is 10 Times Richer Than Pappu. Arjun Would Have More Respect In This House Than My Pappu Ji. She Leaves. Seema Says Where Are You Going? She Says I Need To Tell Pappu Ji. Papa Says Take These Sweets Too. She Leaves. Mahi Looks At Everyone Dancing. She Isn’t Very Happy. Papa Asks Mahi.. He Kisses Her Forehead And Gets Teary. She Says We Are Friends, Why Are You Crying? He Says These Are Happy Tears. He Says You Didn’t Cry When I Was First In Class. He Says I Always Was Happy For You. You Have Always Made Me Proud. A Father Gets Emotional For His Daughter. I Am Lucky To Have A Daughter Like You. He Hugs Her.

Pappu Says On Call I Can Convert Any No In Yes. Shalu Comes In. Pappu Watches A Serial On TV. Shalu Says These Vamps On TV Are So Clever. She Sits Down Angry. He Says What Happened? Eat These Sweets. She Says Do You Know? He Says I Did It. They Were Saying No, I Made Them Say Yes. She Says It Has Only Our Loss. She Is Already Out Of Her Mind And She Will Be More Out Now. No One Would Be Able To Do Anything. He Says Who Are You Talking About? She Says Mahi. Shalu Says Mahi’s Engaged Now. She Has Said Yes To The Minister’s Grandson. Arjun Rai. It’s Her Roka Tomorrow. She Will Be Rai’s DIL Now. SHe Leaves In Anger. Pappu Shouts No.

Jogi Sleeps In Rupa’s Lap. He Cries And Sings Ishq Walay Arman Saray Adhuray Reh Gaye. Mahi Hears The Voice And Says Only He Can Know My Pain. I Hope He Gets All The Happiness. Everyone Thinks It’s Perfect For Me But Why Do I Feel Like Something Is Wrong? Should I Be Happy For Everyone Or Think About My Happiness? But Why Am I Not Happy? Biji Comes There And Holds Pappu. Rupa Stops Her.

Shalu Says Everyone Will Be Around Mahi And No One Will Respect Pappu. They Will Call Him Pappu Instead Of Pappu Ji. Pappu Throttles Her. He Says This Is Why I Asked You To Keep An Eye On Your Family. But You Were Only Busy With Your Makeup. Shalu Says Leave My Neck. She Coughs. He Says Did It Hurt? I Spoke To You Like That. I Will Feel The Same In Your Home. She Says You Are Right. It’s All My Mistake. Please Do Something. We Will Be Like Renu And Deepak. Arjun And Mahi Will Take Our Place. He Says That Won’t Happen. The Game Just Started, The Result Isn’t Out. Let My Player Come. Pappu Says Go And Find There What’s Happening. I Will Make A Solid Game Plan.

Mahi Fell Asleep On The Floor. Renu Comes In And Says Good Morning Mahi Ji.. Did You Get A Good Sleep? Mahi Says So Much Love? She Says It’s Such A Good Day. Mahi Says It’s 8. I Have A Lot Of Work. Renu Says You Must Have Slept Peacefully The First Time Right? Mahi Says I Have A Lot Of Work. Renu Says Ranis Don’t Work. Priya Comes In As Well She Woke Up Late Dreaming About Arjun. Her Heart Must Be Beating. Renu Leaves. Priya Asks Mahi Is Everything Okay? Mahi Says Yes. But I Don’t Feel Anything. I Don’t Feel Excited, Just Okay. I Don’t Know. It’s My Special Day, I Don’t Feel Anything. Priya Says This Is The Difference Between Love Marriage And Arranged Marriage. In Love Marriage, It Happens All Of A Sudden And In An Arranged Marriage, It Grows With Time. Are You Looking For Filmy Heroes? The One Who Loves In The Heart And Sacrifices Their Happiness For The Girl? It Only Happens In Movies, Not Real Life.

Biji Brings Tea For Jogi. Rupa Stops Her And Takes Her Aside. She Says Did You See His Condition? I Told You Not To Do This To Him. His Heart Is Broken Now. I Know You Are Hurt As Well But You Kept Taking Mahi’s Name. I Was Always Scared, She Would Make Him Cry. My Jogi Is Crying Because Of You. Didn’t You Care The Same About Your Son? I Will Never Forgive You For Making My Son Cry. After Today, You Won’t Interfere In Jogi’s Life. Biji Drops The Glass.

Mahi Calls Jogi. He Says Mahi.. Yes Mahi.. It’s Seema. She Says I Am Mahi’s Mom. Mahi Won’t Come To Take Milk. Send 6 Liters Of Milk. It’s Her Roka Today. Jogi Is Shocked.

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