Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 22nd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Mahi Throws Gulshan In. Billu Looks At Her And Smiles. Pappu Says Who Is He? What Is This New Drama Now? Stop It And Do What Mummy Ji Has Decided For You. Be With Who She Chose For You And End This Filth. Mahi Says To Billu You Must Be Great. There Are So Many Things Being Said About Me But You Are Still Ready To Hold My Hand. But I Want To Say Something. Our Respect Is Already Defamed A Lot. Please Leave Us Alone. I Want To Marry Neither You Nor Anyone. I Have To Speak To My Family. Please Leave. Billu Leaves. Pappu Says What Is This Drama She’s Doing. She Has Defamed Us Already. You Almost Killed Dada Ji. Mahi Says Enough. You Have Said Enough And I Have Heard Enough. He Says Lower Your Tone I Am This House’s DIL. Mahi Says Yes You Are But Still Dadu Has The Responsibility Of This House, After Him My Papa, After Him My Mom. And Today, I Want To Talk To My Dadu And My Parents. Please Let Me Speak.
Mahi Says I Said I Will Prove My Innocence In 24 Hours. This Is My Proof. This Is A Daughter’s Defeat. You All Didn’t Trust Me So I Had To Bring Him. His One Video Changed My Whole Life. Mahi Says He Made That Video To Take Revenge From Me. She Says Dadu We Were Best Friends. I Never Felt I Don’t Have A Friend Because I Always Had You. I Used To Share Everything With You. How Can I Hide This From You? You Didn’t Keep That Friendship. In My Pain You Fell Ill But Your Best Friend Died The Day You Didn’t Trust Her.
Mahi Says To Dharampal You Always Asked Me To Trust You But You Didn’t Trust Me. She Says To Seem You Always Understood Me. But When I Needed You Didn’t. She Says To Her Sisters You Both Left Me Alone. Everyone Is Crying. Seema Says Mahi.. She Cries. Mahi Says I Am Dead For You Right? Seema Says Don’t Say It. Gulshan Says Yes I Made Your And Jogi’s Fake MMS. Everyone Is Shocked. You Deserve It. He Says You Came To Check On Him And I Left That Smoke There. When You Fainted I Made Your Fake MMS. Seema Hits Jogi And Says How Dare You. Mahi Says See This She Recorded His Confession. Mahi Says This Will Go To The Police. Seema Shalu And Renu Beat Him. Gulshan Says To Pappu Save Me Or I Will Drown You With Me. Dharampal And Akash Hit Him As Well.
Jogi Comes To Arjun And Says I Found The Person Who Tried To Defame Mahi. She’s Pure. She Kept Telling You The Video You Saw Was Fake. She Was Trapped. You Had A Misunderstanding.
The Police Come To Arrest Gulshan. They Say Pappu Reported Us. They Take Gulshan With Them. Pappu Says Let’s Make This Sad Vibe Happy Vibe. Let’s Call Billu And Get Billu And Mahi’s Roka Done. Seema Smiles. Dadu Says You Know What MAhi Is Going Through. For Now, Leave Her Alone Please
Mahi Locks Herself In The Room. She Cries. Everyone Asks Her To Open The Door. Mahi Hears A Noise. SHe Comes Out. Everyone Is Smiling. Seema Is Fine. They All Hug MAhi. They Dance Together.
Biji And Rupa Come Back. Everyone In Society Tells Them What Happened. THey Ask Jogi. Jogi Says End This Fight. Rupa Says You Will Never Meet Her Again. Jogi Says Let’s End This Topic. Biji Says No They Hit You. We Will Take Revenge. Jogi Says No Please End All This. Mahi Comes There. Rupa Says He’s Fine. No One Needs To Come And See Him. What Happened? Mahi Says Who Told You. She Says I Saw Hid Condition. What Should I Say For What Your Family Did. I Can Only Abuse And Curse Them. I Know You Are Not Wrong But They Hit My Son. What Should I Do? Mahi Says I Don’t Know. Whenever I Am With Jogi I Feel I Can Share Anything Or Say Anything. I Can Ask For Anything. Jogi Makes Me Stronger. We Are Best Friends. Rupa Says Best Friend? You Know What Best Can You Do For Him? Leave Him Alone. Your Friendship Has Only Hurt My Jogi. See His Condition. People Don’t Understand This Friendship. This Can All Happen Again. Please End This Friendship. Mahi Recalls Her Moments With Jogi. She Is In Tears. Mahi Says Okay. If This Is Good For Him, Let This Be.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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