Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 19th February 2021 Written Episode

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Seema Tells Mahi About Her Proposal. Mahi Is Shocked. She Says Why Are You Shocked? No One Will Take Your Name Alone Everyone Will Call You Mahi Arjun. She Goes Inside. Seema Says She Got A Proposal From Such A Big House. She Has To Say Yes. Dadu Says She Will Decide If She Wants To Say Yes Or No.

Dadu Says What’s Lacking In My Son? Rupa Says Because He’s The Son And Grandson Of A Tabela Owner. He Doesn’t Have Palaces. He Doesn’t Have Money Like Pappu. Dadi Says They Aren’t Such Bad People. She Says People See Money And House. They Have Much More Than Us. Pappu Always Wanted To Break This Proposal. He Will Break Their Relationship Too And Jogi’s Heart Too. Dadi Says If My Son Was Alive, I Would Slap You. If Both Of Them Are Ready Who Are We? Rupa Says Did Mahi Say? Did You Ask Her?

Pappu Says Mahi Doesn’t Care About Money And Status. She Doesn’t Think This Place Stinks. She Sees Your And Biji’s Hard Work. She Isn’t Like Other People. We Are Friends Now, Which Is The First Step Of Friendship. Rupa Says Rich And Poor Have Such A Big Wall Between Them Nothing Can Jump It. For Her Family, We Are A Stain In This Society. Please Forget About Her. She Leaves. Biji Says Rupa.. Jogi Says The First Time I Found A Girl Who Looks Into The Heart Not Pocket, How Do I Leave Her? A Girl Who Can Give Competition To My Mom And My Biji Rules. She Fights The World For That Heart. How Do I Leave Her? You Both Never Gave Me Any Tension Ever. You Told Me We Are Equal In The Eyes Of God, So I Don’t Compare Anymore. You Told Me When We Stand, No One Can Make Us Give Up. How Can I Be Scared Of Pappu? I Am This Way Because Of You, How Do I Change? I Am Proud Of My Brought Up. Whenever I Had Any Success It Was Because Of Your Blessings. I Have Be First In Mahi’s Love, Don’t Pull Your Hand Back. We Are Rich In Love, Rules, Manners. Who Is The Richest Then? Your Son. And Beauty And Handsomeness. Rupa Gets Teary. He Says Now Weigh All This. Rupa Says I Hope You Get Everything You Want. He Says I Will Confess My Love On Valentine’s Day. I Will Tell Her Jogi Loves Mahi. He Hugs Rupa And Biji.

Pappu Comes In. He Says Rai Sahab? Papa Ji Says He Left. Pappu Says Did I Come Late? Why Did He Come? Everyone Is Silent. Papa Says Friends Come For Love Not For Any Work. Pappu Says I Don’t Know If I Ever Made A Mistake, But I Have Done Well For It, By Finding A Guy For Mahi. Dadu Stands In Shock. He Says If You Both Agree, Can I Bring Him Home Tomorrow? Seema Asked Me. Papa Ji Says Now I Know Why Seema Always Appreciates You. You Do It First, Then Tell It Late. They Think He’s Talking About Arjun. Papa Ji Says Let Mahi Say Yes. I Will Get You Tea. Pappu Says There’s Something Wrong.

Mahi Is Sitting On The Rooftop. She Looks At The Kaleerain. Dadu Asks What Happened? Do You See Arjun’s Face In These? Do You See Someone Else? She Says No. He Says Is There Someone In Your Heart? Ajay Is My Friend. Arjun Is A Very Good Guy. But Don’t Listen To Anyone. Ask Your Heart And Tell Me What Is Says. She Says My Heart Isn’t Saying Anything. But I Have On The Question.. But How? I Mean This Is So Sudden. They Are So Rich. They Can Get Any Girl. Why Me? He Says You’re One In A Million. You Light Up Every House You Go To, And Arjun Might Have Seen It At The Wedding. He Says I Promise You, We Will Only Say Yes, When You Feel It. She Says I Love You Dadu.

Shalu Gives Water To Pappu. She Says Don’t Be Angry. He Says Rai Left Before Us. He Knew We Were Coming. I Felt So Insulted. Your Family Always Brings Me Down And They Don’t Consider Me Family. She Says No.. He Says They Were Hiding Something. Shalu Says Let Me Call Mummy. Everything Would Be Clear. She Calls Seema And Asks What Was Rai Saying? She Says He Came To Meet Babu Ji. She Says I Wanted To Talk To Pappu. Pappu Says Yes I Am Here. She Says Can You Speak For Renu’s Business In Ludhiyana? He Says Yes.. He Says I Can’t Hear Anymore. Dadu And Papa Ji Are Standing There. Dadu Says What Did I Say? Seema Says Not To Tell Anyone About This Proposal.

Mahi Comes To The Room. Seema Is There With The Food. She Says I Don’t Even Let Anyone In The Neighborhood Sleep Hungry. How Can I Let My Daughter Sleep Hungry? She Says Come Sit With Me. Once Before My Marriage, A Pandit Said I Will Rule After Marriage. He Was Lying. I Served My Life As A Maid, Not A Queen. That Line Must Have Cleaned While Doing The Dishes. Your Papa Is Great, And I Have No Problem With Him. I Used To See People Admitting Their Kids In Big Schools. But I Couldn’t, We Didn’t Have Money. People Used To Roam In Big Cars. I Used To Look At Their Walls And Say I Will Also Get My House Painted, Wear Good Clothes. I Compromised All My Life, Didn’t Ever Complain. That Is Why I Want You To Marry In A House Where You Don’t Have To Compromise. Look At Renu And Shalu. Renu Has To Think Before Buying Small Things And Shalu, She Buys Whatever She Likes. Mothers Always Want The Best For Their Kids. I Will Try To Fit That Line In Your Hands. You Have Time Till Tomorrow Only. But Tomorrow, I Want Your Answer To Be Yes. Otherwise, You Know Your Mom.

Jogi Can’t Sleep Due To Excitement. Mahi Can’t Sleep Due To Anxiety. She Says It’s Such A Big Decision, How Do I Take It Just Like That? Jogi Says How Do I Tell Mahi?

Mahi Wakes Up. She’s Nervous. Mahi Says How Do I Make Such A Big Decision? I Should Call Priya. Her Phone Is Off. Mahi Says She Is On Honeymoon. Who Should I Talk To? Someone Who Guides Me Right. She Recalls Jogi. She Recalls What He Said To Pankaj. Mahi Says I Should Talk To Jogi. She Sneaks Out. Seema Says Where Are You Going? She Says To Get The Milk. Seema Says You Have To Answer Yes First. Go To Your Room Till Then.

Jogi Tries To Call Mahi. He Says If She Giving Me A Surprise By Getting Ready? But She Gives Shocks. Jogi Says I Can Go There. I Will Go And Get An Appointment For Valentine’s Date. He Says I Am Going To Give Milk To Your DIL. Jogi Rings A Bell. Mahi Opens The Door.

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