Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 18th March 2021 Written Episode Full Episode

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Gulshan Calls Pappu And Says I Left My Locket In Jogi’s Tabela.. Pappu Says Are You Crazy? Go And Get It Before Anyone Finds It. Pappu Says I Hope No One Finds It. Jogi Says You Will Stay Here. I Will Bring That Gulshan Here. Mahi Says Your Promise To Prove Your Innocence Will Be Done Today. Jogi Leaves. Mahi Says You Won’t Go Alone. We Will Teach Him A Lesson. Priya Says But If You Go Together People Will Talk. Mahi Says We Are Already Defamed And That’s What We Need To Clear.Mahi And Jogi Come To Gulshan’s House. It’s Locked. Mahi Comes Downstairs. Jogi Says Don’t Worry We Will Find A Way Out.. He Must Have Gone To Tabela To Look For It. Jogi Asks Pankaj To Reach Tabela. He Says Mahi You Go Home And Rest.
Pappu Meets Gulshan. He Says I Need To Get That Locket Before They Find It. Pappu Says You Can’t Go There. Pappu’s Man Hits Him And Says You Can’t Go There Until Pappu Agrees. Pappu Says We Need To Make A Plan Fool Proof By Removing Weak Parts. So We Have To Remove You. His Man Takes Out The Knife.
Rai Recalls What Happened. He’s Angry. He Recalls The Video. Chanda Comes There. Chanda Drops The Spoon On The Floor. She Says Sorry. I Got Lemonade For Arjun. He Isn’t Well. Rai Says What Happened To Him? Chanda Says He’s Heartbroekn. He Has Been Like This Since College. If You Agree Can I Meet Arjun Regularly? We Should Be There For Our Friends In Their Bad Times. Rai Agrees.
Mahi Comes To The Tabela But Doesn’t Step In. She Recalls What Happened. Jogi Says Mahi.. You Don’t Have To Come Inside. You Can Go To The Hospital. Don’t Worry About Gulshan. I Will Find Him. Mahi Says This Stain Is On Me As Well. I Have To Be Here. Because Of Gulshan My Dadu Got A Heart Attack And My Family Is Hurt.
Seema And Dharampal Come To Dadu. Pappu Says Get Well Soon. You Scared Us All. He Says I Made The Payment. We Can Take Dadu Home. Dadu Asks How Is Mahi? Pappu Shows Them Photos When She Met Jogi Outside. Seema And Dharampal Get Angry. Dadu Says What Is He Saying? Dharampal Says Nothing. You Rest. Pappu Says If They Keep Meeting Like This I Will Also Get A Heart Attack. Dharampal Says What Do We Do? Pappu Says Solve This Problem. I Know Someone Who Is Under My Favors And Won’t Say No If I Ask Him To Marry Mahi. Seema Says You Can Get Him Married To Whoever You Like.
Mahi And Jogi Come To Pankaj, They Are Sitting Outside The Tabela. . Gulshan Comes To The Tablea Looking For The Locket. Priya Says Let Me Give Food To The Cows. She Comes There. Pappu Is Behind The Desk. He Sees Her And Hides. Priya Sees Him. Priya Tries To Go Outside But Gulshan Holds Her. He Takes Her To A Side. Mahi Comes In To See Priya But She Isn’t There. Gulshan Keeps A Hand On Her Mouth. Mahi Sees The Bangles. She Gets Worried For Priya. Mahi Sees Her In The Mirror And Gulshan Trying To Keep Her Mouth Shut. Mahi Takes A Rod And Hits Gulshan. Jogi And Pankaj Come In. Gulshan Runs. Jogi Runs After Him. Jogi Catches Him.
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