Shakti 2nd March 2021 Written Episode

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Heer Asking Virat To Identify Him And Says I Am Your Heer. Virat Says My Heer Is Dead And Says Now You Have To Die. Isha Opens Her Eyes And Recalls Giving A Heavy Dose Of Injection To Make Him More Aggressive. She Thinks He Will Do Something In Aggression. She Says I Have To Make You, What You Are Not And Says Sorry. She Gives Him Injection, Frees His Hands And Goes To Hall. She Says Your Heer Went Due To Me And You Can’t Do Anything. Virat Gains Consciousness Hearing This And Says I Will Take Your Life. She Keeps Knife Outside Door And Runs. Virat Asks Her To Stop And Takes The Knife In His Hand. She Lies Down On The Floor And Smiles. Virat Asks Where Are You? Fb Ends. Isha Smiles And Thinks Virat Will Not Be Punished If He Takes Anyone’s Life In This State, You Have To Go Away From Our Lives. Virat Runs Behind Heer To Kill Her.

Beeji Returns Home And Calls Heer. Jaggi Asks Archana Not To Badmouth About Heer. Beeji Asks How The Fire Broke Out In The House? Jaggi Says Heer Saved Kuhu And Archana. Beeji Asks About Akshay’s Daughter? Archana Says Heer Is Fine And Saved Kuhu. She Goes On Praising Heer. Beeji Asks What Did You Have In The Breakfast? Archana Says She Has Become Her Fan. Beeji Asks Where Did She Go? Jaggi Says She Went Out With Kuhu. Beeji Asks Him To Call Her Back. Virat Is About To Attack Her, When Her Dupatta Falls On His Head. Heer And His Moments Flashes In His Mind. Heer Says Virat….Virat Cries Recalling Heer’s Death. Heer Says Virat, I Am Heer…Virat Shouts And Faints. Heer Asks What Happened To You Virat. She Says Your Heer Has Returned. Isha Gets Up Seeing Her Plan Failing Badly And Gets Upset. Heer Asks Are You Fine…..Virat. Isha Pretends To Gains Consciousness And Asks What Happened To Virat. Heer Says You Have To Tell Me, How He Came Down. Isha Says I Gave Medicine To Virat, And He Was Behaving Normally. She Says He Asked Me To Free His Hands And I Opened The Rope, He Came Down With Me And Attacked Me. She Asks Where Is Aunty And Uncle And Calls Them. Heer Doubts Her.
Akshay Comes To The Hospital To Meet A Doctor. Jaggi Calls Him And Tells That Heer Didn’t Return Home. He Says Beeji Came And Called Heer. Akshay Says I Will Handle. He Calls Isha And Asks Her To Give Message To Heer, That Maa Came And Asked Her To Bring Kuhu Home. Akshay Meets Dr. Abhishek. Isha Gives The Message To Heer. Heer Tells Virat That She Has To Go Now, But Will Return. Heer’s Dupatta Falls On Virat. He Smiles While He Is Unconscious. Heer Tells Isha That If She Has Seen That Virat Goes In Flashback When Her Dupatta Falls On Him. She Asks Can We Recreate Some Old Incident. Isha Says We Can’t Give Shock Therapy Again. Heer Says We Can Try Once. Parmeet Says If Isha Is Saying Then They Will Not Do This. Isha Says He Is My Patient And You Shall Not Do Anything Wrong With Him. Heer Says You Have Done Wrong Today And Asks Why You Have Freed His Hands. She Says How Can Virat Talk To You Normally And Went Down With You, Attacked You And Mummy Ji. She Says When He Don’t Know Himself And Me, Then How He Will Do A Big Plotting And Planning. She Says It Was Isha’s Mistake To Free His Hands. She Says You Had Said That Virat Is Your Patient, So Handle Him. I Will Leave. Jaggi Comes To The Hospital To Meet Akshay. Receptionist Guides Him To Room No 7. Akshay Asks Dr. Abhishek If The Surgery Is Possible. Dr. Abhishek Tells About The Thought Of The People Who Gets Surgery Done And Tells That One Needs To Be Physically And Mentally Strong. He Tells That In Such Cases, Family Leaves The Person Due To Social Stigma. Akshay Says He Wants To Get Her Surgery Done. Abhishek Asks Him To Bring That Person To The Hospital To Get The Tests Done. Akshay Says Ok. Jaggi Hears Them And Thinks Who Wants To Get Such Surgery. Akshay Comes Out And Sees Jaggi. Jaggi Tells Him About Beeji And Asks Whose Operation He Wants To Get Done.
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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