Shakti 2nd April 2021 Written Full Episode

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Heer Coming To The Room And Thinks Just Like Gulabo Left Everyone And Went For Work, Same Thing Is Happening With Her. She Says May Be Even I Will Not Return. She Says I Know That Wherever You Are, Your Love Is With Your Heer, Prays That She Shall Stay Happy And Miss Her. Shakti Song Plays…..Soumya Gets Surprised And Asks Why Anyone Will Shoot At Me. Sant Baksh Says I Don’t Know, And Says My Family Is Saved As Heer Has Gone Far From Us. He Says Your Enemies Came After You, I Can Give You Protection Being A DSP, But I Have Nothing For Your Family. Inspector Sees Jeet And Calls Him. Jeet Says His Bike Had Stopped So Got It Repaired. Sant Baksh Asks Inspector To Search Him. Inspector Checks Him And Is About To Check His Bag. Soumya Says He Can’t Be The Attacker As He Helped Her And Is An Angel For Her. Sant Baksh Asks Do You Know Him? Soumya Says No, But He Dropped Me Here. Sant Baksh Asks Her To File The Complaint. She Says Ok And Thanks Jeet. She Says Angel Must Have Attacked Her. Jeet Asks Who Is Angel, Farishta. Soumya Says She Will Take Auto, Though He Offers To Give Her Lift. She Is About To Take Auto. Jeet Gets His Dada Ji’s Call, Who Asks If The Work Is Done. Jeet Says No, But Until When She Will Be Saved. Soumya Sees The Speedy Car Coming Towards Him, And Tries To Alert Him But In Vain. The Car Hits Him And He Gets Injured. Soumya Looks At Him. Heer Asks The Servants If The Food Is Ready, They Will Be Coming. They Say Yes. Heer Asks Them To Go And Sits To Read The Book. She Imagines Virat In The Book And Closes Her Eyes. Tu Hi Mera Khuda Plays…Virat Comes There And Smiles. Tera Ishq Plays…..Heer Walks Towards Him. It Is Her Imagination. She Then Sees Virat Coming From The Other Side And Goes To Him. She Imagines Dancing With Him And Comes Out Of Her Imagination. She Sits On The Sofa.
Jeet Gains Consciousness In Harak Singh’s House. Harak Singh Asks Him To Lie Down. Soumya Introduces Harak Singh And Preeto As Papa Ji And Mummy Ji. She Tells That She Had Taken Him To Hospital And The Doctor Suggested To Take Him To Her House, As He Was Unconscious And They Don’t Know His House Or Number. Jeet Thanks Them For Saving Him And Says If He Gets A Chance Then He Will Return Their Favour. Harak Singh Asks Him To Give His Family’s Phone Number. Jeet Says He Is From Mumbai And He Has No Family Here. He Says He Will Go And Tries To Get Up. Harak Singh Asks Him To Rest.
Mahi Fumes With Anger, Recalling Soumya And Preeto’s Words. She Throws The Things In Her Room And Says You Brought Someone From The Road And Everyone Got Busy In His Service. She Says First You Snatched Harman Ji And Heer And Wants To Snatch My Place Which I Made. She Says You Have To Go From Here And Breaks The Mirror In Her Room.
Soumya Asks Jeet To Sit And Says I Know You Want To Be Rough And Tough. Harak Singh Gives Him Medicine. Soumya Says Life Is Not Trustable. She Says You Had Said That Something Might Happen With Me, But Such Thing Happened With You, Says Sorry. Jeet Has The Medicine. Preeto Asks Him To Stay In Their House Until He Gets Fine And Tell Them If He Needs Anything. Jeet Says You Already Helped Me A Lot, I Can’t Be The Burden On You. Soumya Says You Are Not Burden On Us. This Is Harak Ji’s House And It Is Open For People’s Help. She Asks Him To Stay In Night And Go In The Morning If He Feels Good, Else Can Stay Here For As Many Days As He Wants. Harak Singh Asks Him To Rest And Goes. Jeet Locks The Door And Switches On His Phone. He Finds Daddu’s Call And Calls Him. Daddu Says Where Are You, Angel Is After Me. Jeet Says Work Will Be Done Soon, As She Has Taken Me To Her House As The Guest. He Ends The Call.
Virat Walks Inside The House And Looks At Heer Sitting There. Heer Gets Up Seeing Him And Says You Had Said That Our Ways Are Different Then Why Do You Come In My Way. She Asks Him To Go. Virat Asks Who Are You? Heer Says You Are Coming In My Dreams And Asking Me, Who Am I? She Asks Him To Go. Virat Says About Whom, You Are Talking. Heer Says I Came To Live Here Peacefully And Asks Him To Go. Virat Takes The Water Jug And Throws On Her Face. Heer Stands Up Shockingly And Says You Are Standing Infront Of Me In Reality. Virat Says Yes, As This Is My House And Asks Her To Tell Who Is She And What Is She Doing Here. Sant Baksh And Parmeet Come There.

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