Shakti 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Virat Pushing Heer To The Door And Then On The Sofa. Dr. Akshay And Sant Baksh Break The Door And Get Inside. They See Virat Hitting Heer. Dr. Akshay And Sant Baksh Hold Virat. Virat Says Your Heer Died Due To You, You Didn’t Let Me Save Her, I Will Kill You. Heer Comes To Virat And Says Its Okay, If You Couldn’t Identify Me. Virat Says I Will Kill You. Heer Says If You Kill Me Then You Will Be Punished, So It Is Better If I Kill Myself. She Says I Will Go From Your Life For Forever. She Says Just Like You Couldn’t Save Me That Day, You Can’t Save Me Even This Time. Dr. Akshay Asks Her To Stop. Heer Stands On The Window Railing And Asks Akshay Not To Interfere. She Tells Virat That She Is Going Away From Him Forever. She Is About To Fall Down From The Window, When Akshay Holds Her Hand And Stops Her From Falling Down. Everyone Is Shocked. Heer Says Virat…I Knew That You Will. Dr. Akshay Takes Her Back To The Room And Asks Have You Gone Mad? He Takes Her From There To The Hall. He Makes Her Sit.

Servant Brings The First Aid Box. Dr. Akshay Bandages Her Hand And Says If I Had Not Hold Your Hand, Then You Would Have Fell Down. He Says He Is Not The Same Virat, Whom You Had Left. Heer Says This Is My Penance, I Heard Everyone, But Didn’t Hear My Virat’s Heart And Left Him. She Says I Had Accepted That He Will Be Happy Without Me, But See His Condition. She Says I Will Bear His Punishment And Will Die For Him Happily To Save Him. Servant Brings Tea And Gives To Them. Dr. Akshay Asks Her To Drink Tea And Says It Seems Virat Is Given Sedatives. He Asks Her To Drink Tea And Gets Up Thinking. He Says I Am Sorry Heer…I Couldn’t Identify You And Your Love. He Says I Asked You To Leave From My House, But Now I Am With You And We Both Will Make Virat Fine. Heer Thanks Him And Says Your Words Are So Much For Me. Heer Lights Diya And Prays To Mata Rani, Asking Her To Give Her Strength To Make Him Fine. She Says Now We Will Never Separate. Isha Gets Shocked. Parmeet Thinks How Virat Will Become Fine. Isha Comes To Her And Says Didn’t You Hear, What Heer Said. She Says If She Don’t Go, Then How He Will Become Mine. She Says What Will Happen With Me, I Have Seen Here Since 6 Months And Living Fake Life, Now Heer Came And Showing Her Rights On Him. Parmeet Asks Her To Handle Herself And Says You Had Only Said That Heer Can Treat Him. She Says Why Do You Think That I Will Change My Words. Heer And Akshay Come Are Going To Virat’s Room, When They Hear Parmeet Promising Isha That She Will Never Accept Kinnar As Her Bahu. Heer Goes. Akshay Asks Heer Why You Didn’t Tell Her Anything. Heer Says What To Say, I Have Been Hearing This Since Long. And Tells That Just One Person Has Accepted Me With My Identity And He Is The Best Human Of My Life, For Loving And Marrying Me. She Tells Akshay That Her Identity Never Came Between His Love. She Says She Can Stay With Her Identity Truth, But Will Never Leave Virat.

Akshay Asks Heer If She Will Befriend Him. He Says You Are Staying In My House Since 6 Months, You Became My Mother’s Daughter And Never Made Kuhu Miss Her Mom. He Says I Feel Proud To Be Your Friend And Says Just Like You Trust Virat, You Can Trust Me Too And Gives Guarantee. Heer Accepts His Friendship Proposal And Says Friends. He Says Another Thing, And Tells That If She Wants To End This Kinnar Problem For Forever And Wants To Change Her Identity, Then There Is A Way. He Says This Community Believes A Girl And A Boy Normal, And You Can Become A Girl By Getting Your Surgery Done, And I Will Help You In This. Heer Is Shocked. Dr. Akshay Asks Her To Say, If She Gets A Chance To Change Herself Then Will She Accept This To Lead A Normal Life. Heer Is Surprised And Asks Can I Become A Woman From Kinnar, And Can Have A Normal Married Life. Dr. Akshay Says Yes And Says It Is Upto You To Decide, If You Want To Become A Woman. Heer Gets Hopeful And Recalls Virat And Her Marriage. She Says 1 Min And Thanks Mata Rani. She Comes To Akshay And Says Society Acknowledge Men And Women. She Says If She Will Become A Normal Woman And Can Lead A Normal Life Then She Is Ready For The Operation. She Says She Wants To Do This For Her Husband Virat, As He Suffered A Lot And Heard Many People’s Taunts. She Says I Am Ready And Asks Him To Say What She Shall Do. Akshay Says I Adviced You As A Friend, Now I Will Tell You As A Doctor. He Says The Surgery Is Difficult, Your Body Will Have Many Changes And For This, You Have To Gather Courage And Keep Patience. Heer Says I Stayed Away From Virat For 6 Months, And Was Dead For Them. She Says I Am Ready For Surgery. Dr. Akshay Says I Will Take Advice From Expert. Shakti Song Plays….Heer Smiles.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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