Shakti 23rd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Virat And Heer Going In The Car. They Recalls Their Moments…Tu Hi Mera Khuda Plays….Virat Thinks Don’t Know Why He Is Recalling Every Moment Spent With Her. Heer Asks Him Not To Take Tension, Everything Will Be Fine. Virat Says I Am Not Scared. He Thinks He Is Feeling Restless Though. Angel Is Standing On The Road As An Old Lady. Virat Stops The Car. Angel Says She Needs To Go Home, As She Has To Give Medicine To Her Grand Son Else He Will Die. Heer Asks Virat To Drop Her. Virat Asks Her To Sit In The Car And Says They Will Drop Her. Angel Blesses Them And Sits In Their Car. She Asks Him To Take Straight From There. Rohan Gets A Call And Informs Harak Singh And Preeto That Angel Escaped From The PS Custody. He Says Virat Left His Phone At Home. They Rush Out. They Inform Akshay Also. Daljeet And Sant Baksh Leave Home In A Hurry.
Angel Takes Virat To Take To That Turn. Virat Comes There And Finds Road Close There. Harak Singh, Preeto And Others Are Coming There. Sant Baksh And Others Too Are Coming There. Angel Asks Them To Take U Turn And Drive To Her Village. Kinnars Move The Road Close Board And Keep It On Harak Singh, Sant Baksh And Others Way. They Turn The Car. Angel Takes Them To The Isolated Place, To The Cliff. Virat Says This Is Valley, There Is No Place Infront. Angel Says I Know…I Want To Send You Both There. Virat And Heer Looks At Her Surprisingly. Angel Looks At Her Specs, Fake Wig. She Points Gun At Them And Asks Them To Get Down From The Car. The Kinnars Come There Beating Dhol And Celebrating Holi With The Goons, They All Dance.
Angel Asks The Goon To Take The Car Away From There. The Goon Takes Virat’s Car From There. Angel Asks Heer To Celebrate With Their Real Family. She Says I Will Play Blood Holi With You, Neither You Nor Your Identity Will Be Saved. Angel And All Her Kinnars Color Their Faces With The Holi Colors. She Pushes Virat. Virat Asks Angel Not To Touch Them. Angel Says I Had Left You Because Of That Mad Doctor, But Now I Will Not Leave Him. She Says Because Of Heer, Her Hero Will Be Dead. Virat Walks Towards Angel. Angel Shoots At Virat’s Chest. Heer Shouts Virat…Virat Looks At The Blood On His Chest. He Falls.
Heer Holds Him. Angel Signs The Goon To Take Their Pic. Angel Says First She Will Kill Her Lover And Give Him Dog’s Death Then She Will Kill Heer, To Set An Example For Kinnars. Angel’s Goon Records Everything. Sant Baksh Asks Daljeet To Stop The Car Seeing The Sign Board. Harak Singh And Others Also Come There. Sant Baksh Sees Bike Riders Coming From The Closed Way And Asks Them. The Bikers Say That The Road Is Open. Harak Singh Says I Am Sure This Is Angel’s Work. He Asks Daljeet To Move The Boards. They Move The Boards And Sit In The Car Again. Sant Baksh Asks Daljeet To Drive Fast. Daljeet Drives Faster. They Reach There And See Kinnars Celebrating Holi. They Don’t See Virat And Heer Though. They Get Down From The Car. Sant Baksh Asks The Goon What Is Going On Here. The Kinnars Tell That They Are Playing Holi. Heer Looks At Harak Singh. Sant Baksh Asks Him To Go. Heer Shouts Papa Ji, Rohan Veer Ji..Preeto Hears Her. Harak Singh Says There Is Nobody Here. Preeto Calls Everyone, But Harak Singh Doesn’t Hear Her In The Dhol Sound. Preeto Still Hears The Sound. Rohan Says They Are Just Playing Holi And Asks Her To Calm Down. Heer Shouts Preeto, Stop As They Leave. Angel Laughs Happily.
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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