Shakti 22nd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Heer And Virat Come To Dr. Akshay. She Asks What Happened, Why Are You Standing Alone. Akshay Says I Am Fine. Heer Asks If He Is Missing Kuhu. She Says If God Separates Us From Our Loved Ones Then Unites Us With Them Soon. She Sas Maa Will Call You Soon. Virat Asks Dr. Akshay Not To Worry And Says Very Soon Everything Will Be Fine. He Says I Am Telling From My Personal Experience. Preeto Asks Them To Come And Celebrate The Lohri Function. Virat Hopes That They Will Have Just Happiness In Their Lives. Tu Hi Mera Khuda Plays As They Take Round Around The Lohri Fire And Put Something In The Fire. He Promises Her That He Will Be Always With Her In Every Moment Of Life. Everyone Smiles. Heer Promises Him That She Will Walk Holding His Hand Always And Will Face The Trouble Whatever Comes In Their Way. Virat Says There Will Be No Trouble From Now Onwards, But There Will Be Only Happiness. They Smile. Preeto Takes The Red Chillies And Takes Off Their Bad Sight Off Them, Puts It In The Fire. Parmeet Says Once The Operation Is Successful, Heer’s Identity Will Be Changed And We Will Get Our Son Back. They All Dance.
Later Virat Tells Heer That She Will Only Decide About Their Room. Heer Says Everything Is Fine. Virat Says He Wants Everything New In The Room. She Says She Wants Everything Old And His Old Same Love. He Says He Is Lucky Husband. Heer Says She Is A Lucky Wife. They Hug. Virat Says I Will Make You Have Color First. She Says I Will Make You Have Color First, Says She Didn’t Lose In The Challenge Till Now. Next Day, Virat And Heer’s Families Gather Together And Make Each Other Apply Holi Color. Heer And Virat Come There. Virat Leaves Her Hand And Goes. They Celebrate Holi. Angel Kinnars Take The Weapons From Their Home. Virat Takes Color And Tries To Color Heer, But The Latter Hide Behind Him. Angel Is On The Way To The Prison. The Kinnars Aim Gun At The Bus. Her Takes Colors And Apply To His Face. He Holds Her And Rubs His Cheeks On Hers And Also Applies Color To Her Face. Heer Also Applies Color To His Face. They Dance. Rohan Uses Pichkari And Put Colors On Akshay. The Kinnar Shoots At The Bus And The Bullets Hits The Tyre, And It Stops. The Driver Gets Down. The Kinnar Shoots Him. Other Police Officers Come Out, Whom Angel’s Kinnars Kill One By One. Angel Smiles.
Parmeet Prays That The Operation Shall Be Successful Then Everything Will Be Fine. Heer Says Yes, It Will Be Success. She Takes Their Blessings. Sant Baksh And Parmeet Bless Them. Virat Tells Them That He Will Call Them And Asks Them To Come Then To The Hospital. Virat And Heer Walk Outside Holding Their Hands.
The Kinnars Come To Angel And Smiles. Sant Baksh Tells Parmeet That Nothing Will Happen Now, As Angel Is In Jail Now. Daljeet Comes There And Says The Bus Was Attacked And All The Constables Are Killed, And Angel Escaped. Sant Baksh Asks Him To Call Virat, But His Phone Is There Itself. All The Kinnars Make Their Sound. Angel Signs Kinnars To Open The Hand Cuff. Kinnar Takes The Keys From Dead Constable And Opens Her Hand Cuff. She Jumps Over The Dead Bodies Of The Constables And Claps.
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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