Shakti 22nd February 2021 Written Episode

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The Goon Informs Sant Baksh On Call That They Have Kidnapped The Girl And Is Bringing Her There. Heer Thinks Who Knows That I Am Alive. Sant Baksh Calls Parmeet And Tells That Virat Will Be Fine Soon. He Tells That His Goons Kidnapped Heer. Parmeet Gets Happy. Sant Baksh Says Lets Go And Bring Her, Virat Will Be Fine. Parmeet Goes To Virat And Kisses On His Forehead. She Says I Am Going Out And Asks Isha To Take Care Of Him. Isha Says Ok.

Heer Fights With The Goons In The Godown And Is About To Run Away. The Goon Shouts Asking Other Goons To Catch Her. Many Goons Come There. Heer Gets Shocked And Runs Inside The Factory. They Run Behind Her. Heer Runs Towards Outside. She Sees The Light Button And Switches It Off. She Runs. The Goon Comes There From Outside. Heer Gets Shocked Seeing Him And Is Running Inside, When Preeto Comes There And Hits On The Goon’s Head. Heer Sees The Goon Fallen Down, But Goes Inside. Shakti Song Plays….Other Goon Catches Heer. Preeto Comes There And Hits The Goon. The Goon Asks Who Is She, And Why She Came To Rescue The Girl. They Switch On The Lights. Heer Looks At Preeto And Cries. Preeto Also Looks At Her And Cries. She Looks At The Cartoons And Tells That All Goons Can’t Do Anything Together. Heer Pushes The Cartoons And Make Them Fall On The Goons. Preeto And Heer Run, But Other Goons Come There And Asks Now Where Will They Go? Harak Singh Comes There And Beats The Goons. Heer Looks On Emotionally At Him.

Harak Says My Heer Is Alive And Goes To Her, When Sant Baksh Comes There And Asks Everyone To Stop. Sant Baksh Slaps The Goons And Says I Told That Heer Shall Not Get Even A Scratch Then What Is All This? Harak Singh, Preeto And Heer Are Shocked. Preeto Says This Means That You…Sant Baksh Says I Got Her Kidnapped As You People Didn’t Leave Any Way Infront Of Me. He Asks The Goons To Go And Says I Will Meet You Later. Harak Singh Says I Asked You All To Stay Away From Heer. Heer Says You All Know That I Am Alive. Parmeet Says Yes, We Know. Heer Asks Why Nobody Came In Front Of Me Then? Preeto Says We Don’t Want You To Return Back In The Past, Which You Had Left. She Says We Have Stopped Seeing That Family Giving You A Daughter’s Place And Let You Stay There. Parmeet Asks If Heer Was Not With Kinnars? Preeto Says Due To Good Karma, Mata Rani’s Hand Is On Her And Tells That She Made Heer Meet Such A Family Who Respected Her, Loved Her And Valued Her Which You Couldn’t Give, And Not Even Us. Heer Is Shocked And Asks Her Not To Say This. Preeto Says I Told You Not To Look At My Heer. Harak Singh Says We Will Talk Later, Lets Go Home. Preeto Says Yes. Parmeet Asks Them To Stop And Says Not Today, You Can’t Take Heer From Here. She Says A Mother Is Standing Infront Of Heer And Not Parmeet Singh, Whose Son’s Life Is In Her Hands Today. She Says She Will Take Her With Her. Preeto Says A Dadi Is Standing Infront Of You, Whose Life’s Mission Is Her Happiness. I Will Take Her, Where She Was Staying Since 6 Months. Parmeet Says If We Can Do All This To Bring Her Here Then She Has To Come With Us, To Return In Virat’s Life. Heer Is Shocked.

Archana Is Happy And Gives Sweets To Jaggi. She Says She Made Heer Get Out From The House. Jaggi Asks How? Archana Tells That Munna Came Here And Told That Some Goons Are Searching Heer, So I Sent Her To Market And The Goons Kidnapped Her And Took Her From There. She Asks Him To Appreciate Her. Jaggi Says You Have Created Trouble And Says Akshay Will Go To PS, And He Will Call Beeji. He Says If The Kidnappers Kidnapped Her For Ransom Then Beeji Will Give All The Property To Them. He Says Munna Will Tell Everyone That You Knew About It And Sent Her There Intentionally. Archana Gets Shocked And Tells That She Wants To Know Her Past And The Goons Was Searching Her For The Past. Akshay Calls Him.

Heer Asks Parmeet Why You Want Me To Return, When Everything Happened As Per Your Wish. She Recalls Seeing Isha With Virat. She Says I Will Not Go Again In Virat’s Life.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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