Shakti 19th February 2021 Written Episode

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Dr. Akshay Telling Beeji That Heer Shall Take Rest And Shall Not Take Up Such A Big Responsibility. Heer Says Yes, She Is Here For Kuhu And Tells That She Can’t Take Up Big Responsibility. She Says Bhaiyya Will Handle Factory Work And Asks Her To Hand Over House Responsibilities To Bhabhi. Parmeet Applies Ointment To Virat’s Legs And Says Don’t You Feel Pain Seeing Your Mother Crying And Tells That She Can’t See Him In This Condition And Asks Him To Get Up. Sant Baksh Gets A Call And He Tells The Goon That He Wants Heer At Any Cost. He Says If He Takes Time To Search Her, Then He Will Not Take Time To Do Encounter. Beeji Keeps Keys In Archana’s Hand. Archana Asks Her To Hand Over The Responsibilities To Heer And Tells That She Can’t Take Up This Responsibility. Beeji Says Ok, Decision Is Taken. Dr. Akshay Asks Her To Give Keys And Says I Will Handle. Beeji Looks At Him.

The Goons Search For Heer By Showing Her Pics To Everyone On Road. They Ask Munna. Munna Gets Tensed. Dr. Akshay Tells That He Will Do The Duty. Beeji Says You Had Ran Away From Here, Now I Have My Daughter With Me, You Don’t Need To Worry. She Gives Her Keys And Goes. Dr. Akshay Looks At Heer Angrily. Heer Goes Behind Her. Jaggi Asks Archana Why She Refused To Take The Keys. Munna Looks At The Goon’s Gun And Tells That He Didn’t See Her. He Thinks Heer Didi Is In Danger, Drops His Bag On The Ground And Runs To Inform Heer. Archana Tells Jaggi That She Has Seen Akshay Signing Heer Not To Take The Keys And Tells That Something Is Related To Heer’s Past. She Sees Munna Comes Running There. Archana Sees Him. Heer Tells Dr. Akshay That She Didn’t Want To Take The Keys And Asks Him To Take. Dr. Akshay Says I Have Nothing To Do With The Keys And Asks Her To Leave From There Before Beeji Returns. Heer Asks Dr. Akshay If He Hates Her After Knowing Her Truth. Archana Stops Munna And Asks Him To Say Why He Came. Munna Says He Don’t Want To Tell Her, But Archana Says Beeji Is With Heer. Munna Stops And Tells Her About The Goons.

Dr. Akshay Tells Heer That He Is Not Affected With Her Kinnar Truth As He Is A Doctor. He Tells That He Is Worried For Beeji, And Don’t Know How She Will Handle. Heer Says I Am Thankful To You As You Are Same As I Thought. She Says She Will Leave Soon. Dr. Akshay Asks Why Don’t You Return To Virat? Archana Sends Munna Out And Thinks She Don’t Have To Know Her Past Now. Heer Tells Dr. Akshay That Even Though Virat And I Love Each Other, But Can’t Stay Together. She Says She Will Leave After Beeji Comes And Asks If You Would Have Affected If Not Being A Doctor. Archana Calls Her. Heer Goes. Archana Asks Her To Get The Books From Sadar Bazaar And Thinks Someone Is Waiting For You There. Heer Goes There In Auto. Archana Comes There In Auto. Heer Comes To The Book Stall And Asks To Give The Books. Archana Thinks Where Did The Goons Go? If They Ran Away. Preeto Is Also There In A Car. Heer Buys The Books And Collides With Someone. The Books Fall Down From Her Hand. Archana Asks Mata Rani To Send The Goons. Preeto Looks At Heer. The Goons Search For Heer And Find Her Standing On The Road. They Kidnap And Take Her Inside The Van. Archana Gets Happy, But Preeto Gets Shocked Seeing The Fallen Books And Find Heer Taken By The Goons. She Asks Driver To Follow The Van. Rohan Comes There And Asks About Nani. Harak Singh Says She Has Gone Out. Rohan Says He Wants To Ask Her About Her Medicine. Preeto Calls Harak Singh And Tells That Someone Kidnapped Heer And Asks Him To Come To The Sadar Market.

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