Shaadi Mubarak 7th March 2021 Written Episode

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Preeti Praying. KT Comes To Her And Says It Was A Big Sacrifice, I Know You Filed The Complaint Against Yourself And Gave That Trophy Back, Just For Phurti’s Sake, So That We Don’t Need To Go To London And Stay Back. She Says I M Doing This For Our Child, I Want To Be With Phurti And Take Care Of Her. Kushala Hears The Dogs Barking. She Asks The Servants To Find Out. Everyone Comes. KT And Preeti Say Everyone Has Come Out, Except Phurti. Preeti Says She Will Not Get The Dogs Along. KT Says Maybe She Is Doing This. They Go And See Phurti Sleeping, Playing The Dogs Barking Sound On The Audio Player. Preeti Switches Off The Player.

Phurti Wakes Up. Preeti Says I Had Switched It Off. Phurti Says I Don’t Get Sleep Without The Dogs Barking Sound. KT Says She Has Ruined Everyone’s Sleep. Phurti Says Don’t Argue At Mind, I M Sleeping With The Baby. Preeti Says Wait, She Is Saying Right, I Will Sleep Here And Make You Sleep. KT Asks What. Preeti Says Its A New Place, She Isn’t Habitual, We Have To Think Of Her. KT Asks What About Me, I Can’t Sleep Without Seeing You, I Want You First And Then Others.
She Says Fine, If The Baby Is Irritated, Then I Will Say That You Can’t Make Any Sacrifice. He Says Fine, I Will Go. She Kisses On His Cheek. He Smiles And Asks For Another Kiss. She Kisses Him And Asks Him To Go. She Asks Him Not To Worry, She Will Take Care. Phurti Doesn’t Let Preeti Sleep. Preeti Takes Care Of Her. She Sleeps On The Ground. Its Morning, Kushala Comes There. KT Comes And Stops Her From Seeing Preeti. Preeti Wakes Up And Sees Them At The Window. Kushala Asks How Did You Wake Up So Soon. Preeti Says He Is Changing, He Woke Up Early For The Sake Of His Kid. Kushala Says He Will Be The Best Dad. She Gives Her Raksha Kawach For The Baby’s Protection. She Goes. KT Says Phurti Can Get Us Caught One Day. KT Makes Beetroot Juice. She Says Its Really Good, Make One More Glass. He Says I Feel Strange Seeing This, How Are You Drinking It. She Says Give A Glass Of Juice To Phurti Also. He Jokes And Acts Like Phurti. She Says You Act Well.

He Says I Can’t Go. She Kisses Him And Asks Will You Go Now. He Says Fine, I Will Go. He Goes. Preeti Takes Her Medicines. KT Comes And Says I Knew It, I Trusted You, See What Happened, Phurti Has Run Away With Our Child. She Asks What. He Shows Her Letter. She Worries. She Says We Will Find Her. They Look For Phurti. Phurti Scares KT By Getting On The Car Top. Preeti Asks Her To Get Down. Phurti Says You Got So Scared.He Asks Her Not To Joke, Preeti Is Pregnant, Even If The Baby Is In Her Womb. He Says Control Your Pranks, Stop Troubling Her. Phurti Says I Did This To Trouble You. Preeti Smiles. Phurti Jokes On KT. She Says I Knew He Will Come To Find Me With Preeti’s Lipstick Marks On The Cheek. Preeti Cleans The Mark. KT Says Don’t Play Such Pranks, Else I Will Not Tolerate It. They Argue.

KT Says The Baby Is Our Dream, I Never Felt Fatherhood, So Its Very Imp., Preeti Doesn’t Like To Lie, But She Is Lying, Just Have Some Control On Your Jokes. Phurti Laughs And Says You Have Said Good Dialogues. He Asks Where Did You Go, Did You Get Drunk, I Will Check. Phurti Says Don’t Be Traffic Police In Front Of Me. Preeti Says Stop It Now. She Makes Phurti Wear The Raksha Kawach For Baby’s Sake. She Asks Her To Cover It Up.

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