Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th February 2021 Written Episode

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Gehna Walks Towards Dashrath’s Room Seeing Its Light On. Hema Invites Her For Party. Gehna Looks At Whole Team And Says She Has Work. Hema Asks If She To Stitch Clothes, She Has Become Yogya Bahu Now. Kanak Asks Her To Go If She Has Work. Gehna Leaves. Hema Then Invites Hiral For Party And Offers Her Cold Drinks And Chips. Hiral If She Will Give Her Share In Property Or Only In Chips. Team Is Shocked To Hear That. Anant Sees Gehna Studying Tying Her Hair To A Window And Asks Reason. She Says To Keep Herself Awake. He Offers Her Coffee And Frees Her Hair. He Asks If He Is Still Angry On Her. He Says Yes As Others Take Advantage Of Her And She Lets Them Do So. She Says Kanak Told She Will Give Medicine To Bapuji. He Asks How Can She Trust Kanak And Gave Dad’s Responsibility To Them, They Don’t Care About Her Goodness Or Anyone’s Health; She Should Forget All This, Have Coffee And Study. She Takes Coffee Mug. He Feels Her Hand And Says She Is Having High Fever. She Says She Is Fine And Needs To Study. He Insists And Takes Her Along.

Dashrath Asks Chetan If He Is Ready For Tomorrow’s Drama, Praful’s Whole Property’s Worth Is 30 Crores. Hema Is Amazed To Hear That. Dashtrath Says They All 3 Will Get 10 Cores Each, What Will They Say Now. Pankaj And Chetan Says They Will Speak To Bapuji Tomorrow. Bapuji Wakes Up From Sleep After Having A Bad Dream. Baa Worriedly Wakes Up And Offering Him Water Says She Will Call Family And Take Him To Hospital. Bapuji Says He Is Fine And Dreamt Of Children Seeking Partition. Baa Says She Trust Her Upbringing And Her Children Will Not Seek Partition, So He Need Not Worry.

Anant Applies Cold Cloth On Gehna’s Forehead. She Says She Needs To Study. He Asks Her To Keep Lying, He Will Teach Her. He Brings Her Books And Teaches Her. She Silently Listens To Him. He Says If She Forgets Anything In Test, She Should Remember Him As He Taught Her. In The Morning, Anant Wakes Up When Gehna Sprinkles Water On Him While Drying Her Hair And Asks What Is She Doing. She Apologizes. He Sees Time And Says They Are Getting Late For Her Test. She Asks Him To Get Ready And Smiles Looking At His Gifted 1 Rs Shagun. He Returns And Asks If Shagun Coin Is Her Lucky Charm. She Says Yes And Asks Him To Get Ready While She Takes Kanhaji’s Blessings.

Kanak While Having Breakfast With Her Team Rejoices Thinking Their Plan Will Succeed Today. Dashrath Sees Anant With Gehna Walking Towards Door And Asks Where Is He Going Early Morning. Anant Says There Shouldn’t Be Any Shortfall In Dashrath’s Service, He Is Going To Get Grocery. Dashrath Says He Is Taunting Him And Joking With Him. Anant Leaves. Dashrat Tells Team That Today God Is In His Favor, Already Rahu And Ketu Are Going, So They Can Start Their Drama. Baa And Bapuji Sit For Breakfast. Pankaj Nervously Says He Will Go To Washroom. Kanak Warns Him To Sit And Speak To His Parents. Pankaj Tells Bapuji That He Needs Calculation. Bapuji Asks What Calculation. Pankaj Says His Medicine. Bapuji Says Gehna Gave It. Chetan Asks Him To Give Him Money For Medicines. Paresh Asks Why He Thinks They Want To Say Something. Baa Also Insists. Pankaj Starts Coughing. Baa Hurriedly Gives Him Water.

Gehna Reaches School For Test. Teacher Gives Her Test Paper And Wishes Her All The Best. Gehna Reads Question How Many There In Gurjrath. She Reminisces Anant’s Words And Writes 33. She Answers Next Question And Reads Third Question Which Movie Broke Record By Running Continuously For 5 Years, Thinks She Didn’t Read In Book But Has Seen It. She Imagines Anant Mimicking SRK And Asking If She Remembers Anything Now. She Excitedly Says Shahrukh Khan. Teacher Asks If She Is Fine. She Smiles And Writes Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge, SRK.

Kanak Scolds Pankaj That He Is Waste And Couldn’t Even Speak In Front Of His Parents. Dashrath And Hema Also Taunt Him. Kanak Warns If He Doesn’t Speak To His Father At 5 P.M. During Tea Time, She Will Make Him Wear Her Bangles. After Test, Anant Asks If She Wrote All Answers Right. She Says Yes And Smiles. Teacher Informs That She Cleared The Test With Good Numbers. Anant Congratulates Her.

In The Evening, Kanak And Her Team Walks Down Towards Baa And Bapuji. Anant Returns And Asks Pankaj To Sign His Office Free Health Checkup Form. Pankaj Agrees. Dashrath Asks Him To Read The Documents Before Signing. Anant Says Its An Issue Between Him And His Brothers And Asks Pankaj To Sign. Gehna Brings Coffee For Ananth. Pankaj Acts As Angry And Asks What About Their Tea. Chetan Says Coffee For Anant, But Tea For Them; They Were Sent To Government College, But Anant Was Sent To Harvard. Baa, Bapuji, And Paresh Sit Shocked Hearing That. Chetan Says Anant God A Good Job With Good Studies, Pankaj Says Bapuji Sent Him To A Bakery To Make Pav, Bapuji Gave Anant Right To FD 1 Crore But Didn’t Even Ask Him Once What He Wants. Chetan Says Sometimes They Feel That They Are Not Bapuji’s Sons. Anant Says They Are Mistaken. Bapuji Says He Loves Them All Equally. They Both Say He Showered His Love Only On Anant Since Childhood. Bapuji Asks What Do They Need. Pankaj Says Partition Of This House. Bapuji And Team Are Shocked To Hear That While Kanak’s Team Smirks.

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