Pratigya 2 22nd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Krishna Slapping Pratigya In Front Of The Villagers. He Starts Scolding Her. She Goes Inside The House. Krishna Asks The Villagers To Leave. His Daughter Says You Didn’t Do This Right. He Asks Her Not To Teach Him, He Is Already Worried. He Also Goes Home. Everyone Sees Pratigya And Krishna With Upset Faces. Sajjan Asks Krishna What Happened To His Wife. Krishna Asks Him Not To Bother. Sajjan Says Now He Will Answer Me. Pratigya Recalls Her Relation With Krishna. She Gets A Work Call. Sajjan Looks For The Remote. His Wife Gives It. She Jokes That He Is Scared Of The Needle. Sajjan Flirts With His Wife.
Pratigya Says I Got A Call From The Police Station, I Have To Go. She Leaves. Her Daughter Says Sorry. Pratigya Says Its Not Your Mistake, Don’t Worry, Go. Krishna Sees Pratigya Leaving In The Car. He Says I Couldn’t Get Any Info From Pratigya, If Police Caught Any Proof, Then The News Would Have Come Out, I Have To Go To Balwant’s House Now. Pratigya Comes To Meet Balwant. His Wife Says Its The First Time That A Woman Has Come Here. She Asks Pratigya To Remember, She Lost Her Young Son, Its A Big Thing, Balwant Has His Own Law To Decide. She Says We Don’t Need You, Just Leave.
Pratigya Says I Can Understand What You Are Going Through, I M Also A Mother. The Lady Asks Can You Get Blood For Blood, Can You Kill That Culprit, If No, Then You Can’t Understand What I M Going Through. Balwant Comes. His Wife Steps Behind. Balwant Says I Don’t Know You, But Your Law, I Don’t Need You, Why Do You Want To Get Involved In This Case, You Don’t Know Anything More Than Us About The Case. Krishna Comes To Meet Balwant.
Balwant’s Brother Says Wait Here, Balwant Is Busy With The Prosecutor Lawyer. Krishna Asks Who Is Fighting The Case, I Will Wait Here. The Men Leave From There. Krishna Looks For Some Evidence. A Vase Falls Down. Balwant Turns To See. Guard Comes. Krishna Worries. Balwant Asks What Do You Know What I Don’t Know. Pratigya Says That Car Is Of My Neighbor, That Guy Was Out Of The City, We Asked Him To Return To The City, We Will Start Investigating. Balwant Says You Have Found Out So Much Alone, I M Glad To Meet A Smart Woman. She Says You Don’t Have Faith In Law, Its Fine, We Promise To Get Justice For You And Your Son. Krishna Hides Behind The Cupboard. Guard Goes. Krishna Starts Searching Again.
Balwant Says We Will See If We Can Work Together. His Wife Says But…. Balwant Says I Met A Similar Person Like You, Someone From Prayagraj’s Dabangg Family, You Can Take His Help, What Was His Name. Krishna Gets A Bag And Checks. He Gets The Glasses. Balwant Says He Is Waiting Outside, Come And Meet Him. Pratigya Says Permit Me To Leave Today, I Need To Rush, I Will Meet Him If Needed. Balwant Says Fine. Krishna Leaves. Pratigya Also Leaves. Krishna Sees Her And Hides. Balwant Asks Are You Going Without Meeting Me, Sorry, I Forgot Your Name, Tell Me Your Name Again, I M Getting Old. Krishna Says I M Krishna Singh, I Came To Ask About Your Case.
Balwant Says Pratigya Singh Is A Prosecutor Lawyer, She Will Fight The Case Well, She Is Very Smart And Honest, I Heard A Lot About Her. Krishna Says I Will Meet You Later. He Thinks I Can’t Let Pratigya Take This Case. Pratigya Is At The Temple. Krishna Comes To Her. He Asks Why Did You Not Take My Advice, You Took Balwant’s Case, Am I Imp To You. She Asks How Can You Slap Me. He Says Don’t Become A Lawyer In Front Of Me, Don’t Take The Case, Balwant Is A Goon, How Can You Make Such A Big Mistake To Take His Case. He Holds Her Hand And Says Answer Me. She Leaves. He Shouts Pratigya, Listen To Me.
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