Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd February 2021 Written Episode

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Mayura Asking A Guy If He Saw Omkar And Shows His Photo. The Guy Says He Went With A Lady Towards The Jungle. Mayura Gets Shocked. Neel Comes To The Room And Checks, Gets Upset As She Didn’t Sign On It. He Gets Mayura’s Call And She Tells That She Is Going To Search Omkar. Akhilesh Comes There. Neel Says Mayura Again Came In His Trick. Mayura Reaches The Jungle And Asks Driver To Stop The Car. She Gets Down And Shouts Omkar. She Finds A Similar Grave Like It Was When Omkar Was Buried By Aishwarya And Gets Shocked. She Shouts No And Starts Digging The Land. She Shouts Omkar And Digs The Land With The Stick, Says Your Mayura Has Come, And Will Not Let Anything Happen To You. She Finds Banners Inside And Says I Won’t Let Anything Happen To You. Omkar Comes There And Says When You Love Me So Much, Then Why Don’t You Accept It. He Tells Her Meeting Shankar, Who Asks Him To Do Something To Bring Mayura Out. Mayura Says Even Shankar Papa Ji Lied To Me And Tells That She Don’t Trust Him (Omkar). Omkar Asks Her To Listen. They Fall Down Together. Omkar Says Why Are You Doing This With Me, Don’t You Feel My Love For You. They Get Up. Omkar Says Only I Know, How I Lived Without You And Tells That He Lived In The Hope That She Is Alive And Asks Why Is She Doing This With Me. Mayura Asks Him To See What Is He Doing First. Omkar Leaves Her Hand And Says Sorry. Mayura Says You Don’t Know What Is Love? Omkar Says I Really Love You. Mayura Says I Hate You. Omkar Says I Know You Remember Everything. Mayura Says I Remember Everything, You Fooled Us By Making Us Believe That You Loves Me Qualities And Not My Face. She Says She Remembers How He Tortured Her Family And Her. She Says She Wants To Forget It, But Can’t. Omkar Says He Cursed Himself For All Those Moments And Tells That He Is Not That Cheap Omkar, But He Is The One Whom She Had Loved And The Way She Likes Him To Be. Mayura Pushes Him And Refuses To Believe Him, Says You Have Fooled Me To Get Me And Then Tortured Me. She Says My Past Will Remind Me That Person Like You, Can’t Change And I Shall Not Return To You. She Says You Can’t Love Anyone, Can Just Get Stubborn. She Says I Will Not Become Yours And Says I Promise That I Can’t Be Of Omkar. She Leaves. Omkar Sits Down Crying.

Neel Comes To Mayura As She Is Standing Somewhere. He Says Why Did You Call Me Suddenly? Mayura Says You Said Right That Omkar Can Just Give Me Pain And Nothing Else. She Says Time Has Come To Keep Him Out Of My Life For Forever. Neel Smiles And Asks What Do You Want? Mayura Says She Wants To Divorce Omkar Or Will Sign On The Annulment Papers. She Says Omkar And My Relation Will Just Hurt Me And That’s Why I Want To End This Relation. Neel Gives Her Marriage Annulment Papers. Mayura Cries And Signs On The Papers. She Gives The Papers To Neel And Goes. Neel Gets Happy.

Later He Shows The Marriage Annulment Papers To Someone And Tells That He Got Their Marriage Annulled. He Says Time Has Come To Take Revenge On Omkar. He Says Omkar’s Destruction Is Mayura’s Destructions And The Latter Has Stamped This. He Tells The Person On The Bed And Calls Him Kundan, His Brother. He Says You Was About To Marry Megha, When Omkar Sent A Fake Letter On Your Behalf That You Like Mayura And Not Megha. He Says His Cheap Conspiracy Ruined Your Life, He Tortured And Troubled You And You Had Lost Your Mental Stability. He Says He Will Take Revenge On Omkar.

Mayura Returns Home. Surekha Gets Worried. Mayura Tells That She Has Gone Out As Omkar Is Her Husband. Akhilesh Says He Had Lied About It. Mayura Says She Got Her Memory Back, But Acted To Know Omkar’s Truth. She Says She Has Signed The Marriage Annulment Papers And Gives To Neel. She Says Omkar And My Relation Is Over. Omkar Comes Infront Of Neel In The Hospital And Tells Him That Mayura Loves Him And Asks Why Are You Creating A Misunderstanding Between Husband And Wife, Don’t Do This. Neel Says Lets Talk Peacefully And Says I Will Not Leave Mayura And Says Once I Marry Her, Then You Will Understand Why I Have Done This And For Whom.

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