Pandya Store 2nd April 2021 Written Full Episode

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Rishita Getting Ready In The Bridal Wear. Dev’s Baraat Passes. She Hears The Sound And Goes To See. She Cries And Shouts To Dev. Shiva Says It Should Be So Loud Sound That Everyone Knows. He Enters The House And Plays Dhol. Shiva Asks Janardhan To Come And See Dev’s Baraat. Bua Stops Janardhan. Gautam Comes There. Rishita Says Dev Is Mine, He Can’t Marry Anyone Else. She Sits Crying. Raavi Comes. Anita Says Raavi Left Her Phone In The Room. Raavi Says I Had Gone To Meet Dev, I Look Very Beautiful Right, I Went To Show My Beauty To Dev. Prafulla Holds Her Head. She Says You Lost Your Mind, Did You Show Your Face To Dev. Raavi Says No, I Met Shiva. Jagat Says Come, Its Time For Baraat.
The Baraat Comes. Everyone Gets Welcomed By Prafulla And Jagat. Raavi Sees Dev And Compliments. She Asks Them To Play Dhol, The Bride Will Dance. Raavi Plays The Dhol And Dances. She Hugs Dhara. She Thanks Dhara. She Says I Had A Dream To Marry Dev Since Childhood, Its Going To Get Fulfilled Because Of You, I Love You. Raavi Asks Shiva To Dance With Her. Prafulla Asks Raavi To Just Go Inside The House Now. Raavi Says Get Dev Soon. Dev Comes There. Anita Asks Raavi To Get Make Up Touch Up, Come. Raavi Goes.
Jagat And Prafulla Do Dev’s Tilak. Shiva Stops Prafulla From Catching Dev’s Nose. Rishita Asks Kirti To Help Her Please. She Cries. Dev Sits In The Mandap. Kirti Says Stop Crying, It Won’t Help. Rishita Says I Have A Last Option, Go And Get Poison For You, I Don’t Want This Life Without Dev. Kirti Says Dev Took His Baraat From This Lane, Call Him And Hear His Refusal Again, Get Ready To Come In Mandap. Shiva Checks Her Call. He Gives Phone To Dev. Gautam And Dhara Look On. Dev Doesn’t Answer. Rishita Says I Will Die If He Marries Someone Else. Hardik Gets Suman There. Banno Se Banno….Plays…. Prafulla Gets Raavi. Raavi Hugs Dhara. Raavi Says You Look Very Handsome. She Applies Black Dot To His Face. She Says Compliment Me Also, How Do I Look, I Knew It, You Have No Words To Express. She Applies Black Dot To Herself. Rishita Says Let Me Go To Dev. Kirti Says You Don’t Care For Your Self Respect, I Will Not Help You. She Locks Up The Door And Goes. Rishita Cries. Dev And Raavi Exchange Garlands. Shiva Argues With Raavi. Rishita Opens The Window And Goes Out.

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