Pandya Store 26th February 2021 Written Episode

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Suman Warning Everyone That This Shouldn’t Happen Again. Dhara Recalls The Video And Hugs Shiva. They All Go Home. Dhara Sits Dad And Recalls The Kids. Gautam Puts The Kids To Sleep. He Finds Dhara Crying. He Says Dhara… She Asks Do You Want Anything. She Says I Just Said That For Shiva’s Future, If Anything Happened To Him, Then I Would Have Not Forgiven Myself. He Consoles And Hugs Her. Mila Jo Tu….Plays….

He Says Shiva Will Go To School And Study Well. She Says Suman Is Right, I Should Not Be Strict. He Says You Did Right, Because You Care For Him, Else You Would Have Stayed Away, A Mum Has To Become Strict To Bring Child On The Right Path. She Looks At Him. He Asks Her To Go And Sleep. She Smiles Seeing Gautam. Gautam Also Lies To Sleep. Dhara Goes To The Kids And Cries. She Caresses Them. She Says If Anything Happened To You Today, I Would Have Not Forgiven Myself. She Hugs Him And Cries.

Its Morning, Dhara Grinds Some Haldi And Chandan And Makes A Paste. She Recalls Gautam’s Wounds. She Comes To Gautam. He Asks What’s This. She Says Your Back Has Marks, This Haldi Chandan Lep Will Relieve You. He Asks Krish To Apply The Paste To Gautam’s Back. Gautam Says I M Fine, Don’t Worry. She Says Its Fine. Krish Applies The Paste And Says You Are Also Hurt, Right. Gautam Says No, Its Just The Marks. Krish Says My Hands Will Get Yellow, Everyone Will Tease Me In The School, You Apply It. He Runs Away. Dhara Applies The Paste On Gautam’s Back. Dehleez Pe Mere Dil Ki….Plays…

Shiva Comes And Sees Dhara Applying The Paste To Gautam’s Back. He Recalls Gautam Working Hard. She Says Its Done. Gautam Says My Friend Spoke About Shiva’s Admission, You Go There, I Will Handle The Shop. She Says Sure. Shiva Goes. Dhara And Gautam Have A Moment. Dhara And Shiva Reach The School For An Interview. Principal Says Shiva Can Get Admission Here, But What’s The Reason For His Removal From The Earlier School. Dhara Says He Wasn’t Showing Interest There. He Asks Her To Give Right Information, His TC Has Red Mark. Shiva Says I Had Pushed My Teacher, He Fell Down, I Get Angry Soon. Dhara Asks Him To Be Quiet. The Principal Says Its Tough To Get An Admission With This Attitude, Sorry, You Can Go. Shiva Thanks Him. He Thinks One Can Stop Me From Helping Gautam. Dhara Looks At Him.

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