Namak Ishq Ka 3rd March 2021 Written Episode

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Ronak Comes To The Room And Sees Rupa Sleeping There. He Touches Her Feet, She Wakes Up And Asks What He Is Doing? Ronak Says You Are A Devi And I Am A Sinner, I Had A Problem With Your Scar But I Never Saw Your Golden Heart That’s Why I Ended Up Cheating You. I Can’t Even Look At Myself Now. Rupa Starts Leaving But He Stops Her And Says I Deserve This Treatment But I Will Keep Trying To Pacify You. Rupa Says What You Want To Say? Ronak Says Since You Have Thrown Me Out Of This Room, I Am In A Trouble, I Did A Mistake But I Am Your Husband. I Just Want To Stay In This Room. Rupa Says Now You Have The Guts To Talk? Ronak Says I Am Not Scared Of Dying But Scared Of Dying Before You Forgave Me. Rupa Starts Leaving But He Holds Her Hand And Asks Her To Listen To Him. Rupa Pushes His Hand Away. Ronak Says Couples Fight But We Can Become Habituated To Live With Each Other. Rupa Says If You Had Broken My Heart Then I Would Have Stayed With You But You Have Broken My Trust. She Tells Him That He Won’t Die As She Prays For Him, She Leaves From There. Ronak Says Rupa Is My Protection Kit, If She Talks In My Favor Then No One Will Listen To Rani And Lucky, I Just Have To Win Her Back.

In The Morning, Gunjan Is Having Breakfast. Dadi Comes There And Says You Didn’t Even Pray To God. Gunjan Says I Am Hungry So Let Me Be, I Don’t Want To Argue With You. Dadi Says You Don’t Listen To Me. Saroj Comes There And Asks Dadi To Leave Her Alone. Dadi Says You Couldn’t Handle Your Husband And Now Your Sons, You Have Made This House A Hell Because You Don’t Pray To God. Saroj Asks Her To Just Go And Do Her Pooja. Dadi Says Now Even Goat Will Answer Me Back? You Are My Daughter In Law So Don’t Even Try To Talk. Kahani Comes There And Says Why? Nobody Can Give Their Opinions To You? Why Do You Keep Scolding Saroj When It’s Yug/Ronak/Your Son’s Fault? Why Do You Keep Taunting Saroj? When Your Son Left His Wife And Kids, He Didn’t Even Look Back At Them While Saroj Is Still Living With You And Taking Care Of You. Saroj Tells Kahani That She Is My Mother In Law So She Can Taunt Me, You Are A Dancer So You Have No Right To Tell Us Anything. Kahani Says Yes Because You People Think Women Are Slippers Of Men, She Tells Dadi To Start Respecting Women And She Asks Saroj To Stop Getting Disrespected. Saroj Shouts At Her And Tries To Slap Her But Kahani Holds Her Hand And Says I Know You Are Angry, You Should Hold Onto This Anger As It Will Work For You At The Right Time. She Leaves From There. Dadi Says This Girl Is Shameless, She Leaves From There. Saroj Tells Gunjan That I Will Throw This Dancer Out Of The House Soon. Gunjan Says I Can’t Handle Her Sleeping In Yug’s Room For Much Time, Just Throw Her Out Soon.
Yug Wakes Up And Says Kahani? Kahani Comes There And Says I Didn’t Run Away. He Says I Told You Will Sleep On The Bed. Kahani Says I Had To Drag You In This Room So I Realized You Have Gained Weight, You Should Be Thankful To Me For Bringing You Here And Making You Lie On The Bed. Yug Says You Helped Yourself By Bringing Me Home As You Are A Greedy Woman. Kahani Asks Him To Smile. Yug Says You Are In Front Of Me So I Can’t. Kahani Says You Are Not As Bad As You Try To Be. Yug Says Yes I Am Worst For People Like You, He Tries To Leave But Kahani Holds His Hand And Says Usually Husbands Confess Their Love For Their Wives But You Can Tell Me How Much You Hate Me? Yug Glares At Her And Says So Much That I Want To Kill You. Kahani Says Really? She Brings A Knife And Records A Video That She Is Responsible For Her Own Death. She Tells Yug That Now He Can Kill Her And The Police Won’t Question Him. She Asks Him To Come And Kill Her. Kahani Thinks That Yug Attacking Her Last Night Was Not My Yug, He Can’t Use This. Kahani Tells Yug To Stab Her. Yug Comes Near Her, Kahani Says Just Attack Me. Yug Looks At The Knife And Then At Her, He Brings It Near Her But Just Stabs The Wall Behind Her. Kahani Sighs. Yug Says I Don’t Want My Hands To Be Dirty, I Will Get Your Passport In 3-4 Days Then You Will Go Away. Kahani Says Even Then I Won’t Go Away And You Won’t Be Able To Kill Me Even Then As Your Hands Are Clean, It’s Someone Else That Keeps Their Hands Dirty.
Patanga Makes A Plate For Kahani. Saroj Asks Where Is He Going? Yug Comes There. Patanga Says I Am Taking Food For Kahani. Saroj Says That The Dancer Will Not Get Any Food Or Water From Now On. Kahani Comes There And Says It Will Be A Domestic Violence Case Then. Yug Says Go Ahead And Do A Case Against Us, We Are Ready To Go To Jail. Iravati Says We Won’t Let Her Eat Our Food Now. Lucky Says We Can Use Food Ingredients Right? Rupa Tells Lucky To Not Talk Back To The Elders. Yug Tells Them To Leave The House, We Will Give Them Money So They Can Eat Anything They Want To. Gunjan Gets A Call And Tells Kahani That There Is Some Paperwork To Be Done Then You Can Leave. Gunjan Brings A Lawyer And Calls Yug. She Tells Yug That You Love Me And You Married Kahani By Mistake So Just Write It Here And Sign It. She Gives Yug Divorce Papers. Yug Is Stunned. Ronak Thinks That Now Things Are Going Well. Yug Looks At Kahani And Takes The Divorce Papers. Iravati Tells The Lawyer To Rid Them Of This Kahani And Don’t Worry About Money. The Lawyer Says Once The Papers Are Signed Then The Court Will Order Kahani To Leave The House Till The Evening. Yug Signs Divorce Papers While Looking At Kahani. Kahani Is Hurt Seeing All That. Dadi Comes There And Asks What Is Going On? Gunjan Gives The Divorce Papers To The Lawyer, He Tells Kahani To Pack Her Bags Now. All Smirk. Gunjan Asks Kahani Why She Is Not Saying Anything? Kahani Asks The Lawyer To Show The Papers, He Gives Them To Her. Kahani Goes And Burns The Papers. All Are Stunned. The Lawyer Records Her Video. Kahani Tells Gunjan Why She Is Not Talking Now? The Lawyer Says I Have Proof Against You So I Will Bring You To The Court. Kahani Says Fine Ajiv Ji, He Says How Do You Know My Name? Kahani Says We Have Met Before, Do You Remember The Dancer Champa? You Were So Drunk That Night And Danced So Well. The Lawyer Gets Embarrassed Hearing That. Kahani Says The Lawyer Was Crying That Night At The Dancer’s Feet, I Have Some Videos Too So I Will Send Them To You, I Have Heard Many Things Against You So When You Call Me To The Court Then I Will Call The Media To Tell About Your Truth. What Will Happen To Your Family And Reputation? Just Think About It. The Lawyer Says Please Don’t Do That. Kahani Says Then Bring An Order From The Court That Nobody Can Throw Me Out Of This House. The Lawyer Says I Will Do As You Say, He Leaves From There. Saroj Says You Are Showing Your Character. Kahani Says You Are Forcing Me, You Don’t Have To Accept Me In This House But You Bring The Court Topic Again Then I Will Fight Back. She Says If Someone Tries To Throw Me Out Of The House Again Then I Can Bring Up Some Secrets Of This House Too. Kahani Asks Yug To Give Money To Her, She Has To Bring Some Groceries For The Kids. Saroj Says You Are So Shameless. Kahani Says I Have The Right To My Husband’s Money, She Tells Yug To Give Her Money As The Kids Are Hungry.

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