Namak Ishq Ka 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Lucky Tells Kahani That Hash Pushed Me, He Cries So Kahani Consoles Him. All Look On. Iravati Says These Kids Deserved To Be Pushed. Kahani Says What Are You Saying? Dadi Says You Are A Dancer And Teaching Us How To Behave With Kids? Yug Asks Dadi To Not Drag This Anymore, He Asks Kahani To Take The Kids Away. Gunjan Says Wait, She Says Why Did These Kids Bring Flowers Here In The First Place? Lucky Says We Wanted To Make Everyone Smile With Flowers So They Wouldn’t Scold You Anymore. Kahani Tells The Family That You People Don’t Listen To Others, You Just Insult People Without Talking To Them. She Asks Lucky And Rani To Go To Their Rooms. They Pick Up Their Flowers And Leave. Lucky Says We Brought Such Beautiful Flowers But Our Plan Failed. Ravi Sees Them And Hints To Come Near. Rani Says Please Don’t Scold Us, We Will Throw The Flowers Away. Ravi Shakes His Head And Raises His Hand. Rani Gives Him The Flowers And He Smiles. He Blesses Them Both.

Saroj Tells Yug That This Drama Will Keep Happening In The House If Kahani Stays Here. You Should Clean Up This Mess, Send Kahani And Her Siblings Away In 10 Days. Yug Says Okay. Kahani Hears It And Thinks Yug Won’t Force Me To Stay In The House After 10 Days.. She Tries To Be Happy About It But Then Says That I Have 10 Days To Find About My Parents Then I Will Be Out Of Yug’s Life.

Kahani Comes To Ravi. Rani Says He Is A Very Nice Man. Lucky Says He Took All Our Flowers. Kahani Says Very Well, She Asks Them To Go And Have Breakfast. Kahani Brings Ravi To Her Room And Locks The Door. She Says You Said That My Father Was Your Friend So Tell Me His Name, Please Tell Me, It’s Important For Me. Ravi Tries To Talk But Can’t. Kahani Gives Him A Notepad And Asks Him To Write It Down, She Says This Is The Most Important Question Of My Life. I Don’t Have Much Time So Just Write It Down. Ravi Starts Writing His Name On The Notepad.

Yug Is Looking Around For Kahani. Gunjan Comes To Him And Says You Keep Looking For Kahani? Did You Cheat Me For A Dancer? Lucky Comes There And Says Why Are You Calling Him A Cheater? He Is Looking For His Wife. Gunjan Angrily Leaves From There. Yug Asks Where Is Kahani? Lucky Looks On.

Ravi Is Trying To Write The Name. Kahani Looks On And Writes ‘I’. She Says What Do You Mean? Ravi Thinks How To Tell Her That I Am Her Father Only. Kahani Asks Him To Try And Write Again, If You Can’t Write Then Make Some Hand Gesture. Yug Knocks On The Door And Asks Her To Open The Door. Kahani Asks Him To Write Her Mother’s Name, Write Something And Give Me A Hint. Ravi Recalls The Accident And Gets Agitated. Yug Enters The Room With Iravati And Saroj. They Glare At Kahani. Iravati Slaps Kahani And Says You Wanted To Irritate My Husband? You Know My Nature. Yug Asks Why Did She Leave The Room? Iravati Says She Is Here Because Of Yug So She Shouldn’t Mingle With Other Family Members. Iravati Says Why Did You Lock Yourself With My Husband? Get Lost. She Pushes Her, Kahani Is About To Fall Down But Yug Holds Her. Saroj Asks Kahani How Dare She Enter Ravi’s Room? Kahan Says Why? Do I Need Permission To Enter The Rooms? Saroj Says I Can Raise My Hand Too, Stay Within Your Limits Otherwise I Won’t Spare You. Iravati Says If I Cross My Limit Then You Won’t Be Here. Kahani Says What Did You.. Yug Stops Her And Says Didn’t You Hear Them? Kahani Says Look At How She Is Talking To Me. Yug Says You Deserve It. Iravati Tells Ravi That If Kahani Tries To Talk To Him Again Then He Should Ring The Bell On His Wheelchair. Saroj Tells Him That He Shouldn’t Get Worried Because Of Kahani, She Is A Cheap Girl So Ignore Her. Yug Tells Kahani To Stay In Their Room Only, He Asks Her To Get Ready As They Are Going Out With Lucky And Rani. He Leaves. Kahani Is Hurt.

Kahani Says To Herself That I Used To Dream About Palaces But Now I Don’t Want To Live Here. I Am Here Just To Know About My Parents. If Someone Scolds Me Again Then I Will Break Their Hands. Yug Comes There And Hears Her Venting. Kahani Says That Yug Keeps Picking Me Up And Scolding Me. Don’t Know Why Everyone Is Behind Me. Yug Comes In Front Of Her And Asks Why She Is Crying? Kahani Says Your Whole Family Can Taunt Me, Slap Me But I Can’t Even Cry? I Am Not Going Anywhere With You, I Am Not Your Wife. Yug Says Thank God. He Asks Her To Get Ready. He Asks Where Are Changu-Mangu? Lucky And Rani Come There. He Asks Them To Get Ready. Rani Says Let Her Get Ready And You Can Help Her. Yug Says I Am Not Going To Do Help Her, I Don’t Know How To. Lucky Says It’s Easy. Rani Says We Will Not Go With You If You Don’t Help Kahani. Kahani Asks Yug To Help Her With The Poor Kids. She Nods At Them. Yug Looks On.

Iravati Says Why Was Kahani With Ravi? What Was She Talking About? She Calls The Servant And Says You Are The Eyes And Ears Of This House, What Was Kahani Talking About With Ravi? The Servant Says I Don’t Know. Iravati Says Then Find Out. Gunjan Comes There And Asks What Happened? Iravati Asks How Much She Loves Yug? Gunjan Says A Lot. Iravati Says Your Power Of Love Won’t Win Him Back. Rupa Comes There And Says It’s Not Gunjan’s Fault. Iravati Says It’s My Mistake To Not Teach You How To Keep A Man Trapped, She Says Love Is About Sacrifice And Selfishness. She Tells Gunjan To Implement Both On Yug. She Tells Rupa That Yug Saved Your Marriage But Now Prove That You Are My Daughters, You Both Should Be Stubborn In Love Now. She Leaves From There. The Servant Tells Them That They Have To Cage Their Men. Saroj Hears All That And Thinks Maybe These Girls Will Save This House.

Yug Is Helping Kahani In Hairdo. Sajanwa Plays. Kahani Hints At Her Jewelry And He Makes Her Wear The Necklace. They Both Share An Eye Lock. He Puts Bindi On Her Forehead. Gunjan Sees It And Gets Angry.

Gunjan Comes To Her Room And Brings Out A Knife. She Recalls Yug And Kahani Together. She Cuts Her Wrist.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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