Namak Ishq Ka 23rd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Yug Shakes Hand With Kahani And Proposes To Become Friends. Kahani Accepts His Hand And Says Yes. Rupa Tells Iravati To Leave As Everyone Is Waiting For Her. She Says That She Will Call Her If She Will Need Any Help. Iravati Tells Rupa To Think About What Would Have Made Ravikant Take A Step Like This. Think About It, She Says Or You Know My Nature.
Kahani Tells Yug That Ravikant Told Her That He And Her Father Were Friends. Kahani Thinks That Right Now She Won’t Be Able To Tell The Entire Truth To Yug But One Day She Will Tell Him Everything. He Asks Yug To Go And Talk To Her Mother And She Must Be Upset With Him.
Dadi Welcomes Iravat And Saroj Into The House With Taunts. Iravat Tells Saroj That She Should Have Said Something When It Was Required. She Adds That She Should Have Stopped Yug From Saving That Dancer. Saroj Says That She Never Knew That Kahani Will Become Dearer To Yug Than Her. Dadi Taunts Saroj And Says Kudos To You For Being So Naive. She Further Scolds Her For Neither Being Able To Control Her Husband Nor Sons. Iravat Asks Saroj To Stop Him Before She Brings Kahani Home. Raunak Tells Everyone That Yug Sold His Car Worth 60 Lakhs For Just 6 Lakhs To Save Kahani.
Yug And Kahani Come Home But They Are Stopped At The Gate By Saroj. She Warns Them Not To Enter The House. She Brings Her Luggage And Kahani’s Luggage To The Doorstep And Says Either She Leaves The House Or I. With Emotional Music Playing In The Background She Says That There Is No Place For A Dancer In This House. Yug Calls Gunjan And Says That Kahani Will Stay In The House Because She Is Married To Me And My Mother Will Also Stay In The House. He Adds The Gunjan And I Will Stay In The House Opposite Our House. Yug Says That You All Can Plan To Throw Kahani Out Of The House If You Want But I Have Made Up My Mind And My Decision Is Final That Kahani Will Stay Here.
Iravat Tells Saroj To Find A Way To Throw Kahani Out Of The House. Raunak Asks Kahani That She Must Be Very Upset After Yug Left Him Here. He Adds That Gunjan Is Most Dearer To Him Than Her. He Says That Today Yug Saved Him But Who Will Protect Her In Future. Kahani Says That She Knows That Raunak Kidnapped Her And That Both Yug And She Know About It. She Says That Now Yug Is More Concerned About Her Than Ever. She Asks Him To Leave Immediately.
Yug Calls Kahani To Know If She Is Fine. Kahani Asks Why Is He So Worried About Her. Yug Says You Are My Friend And I Have All The Rights To Care For You. Kahani Agrees. She Overhears Gunjan Telling Yug To Enter The House With Rituals. This Breaks Kahani’s Heart But She Is Glad To Be Friends With Yug. She Dances In Joy And Asks Rani To Join Her In Her Happiness. They Both Dance Together With A Broad Smile On Their Face.
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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