Namak Ishq Ka 23rd February 2021 Written Episode

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Yug Rings The Bell. Lucky Opens The Door. He Says You.. Why Are You Here? Yug Says To Take You With Me. Your Didi Is At My Place. We Are Married Now. Lucky Says In Heart I Will Save Didi From Him Like I Saved Her From Thakur. He Says Help Me. Lucky Says You Are All Bad People And You Make My Didi’s Life Difficult. He Hits Yug. Yug Says What Are You Doing? He Says Saving My Didi From You. Yug Calls Kahani. She Says Not Done With Insults In Person That You’re Calling Me Now? Why Are You Silent Now? Lucky Says Insult? Your Beard Is So Weird. Kahani Says Lucky.. How Are? She Is Happy To Hear Their Voice. Kahani Says What Are You Doing With My Lucky And Rani? He Says I Am Going To Take Them. Kahani Says Kidnap Them? Lucky Says I Will Hit Him. Yug Says I Am Here To Bring Them To You. Ask Him To Pack The Bag. Lucky Says Rani Isn’t Home. She Went To The Shop. Yug Says We Will Get Her From There. Kahani Says If He Doesn’t Bring Them In 15 Minutes, I Will Go To Police.

Lucky Says He’s Here To Take Us To Didi. Rani Runs. She’s Scared Of Yug. Yug Says Why Is She Running From? He Says I Don’t Know. Kahani Calls Yug And Says Only 13 Minutes Are Left. He Says One Sister Ran, Other Is Threatening. They Run After Rani. Kahani Comes There. Rani Hugs Her. She Says Didi.. Rani Says Yug Wants To Kidnap Me. Lucky Says He’s Didi’s Husband Now. Right Didi? Kahani Says Yes. Rani Says Where Is Your Mangalsutra? Kahani Says In His House, The Bride Wears It After A Pooja After 15 Days. Rani Gives Them Garlands And Says We Couldn’t Be At The Wedding So Please Do It Again.

Kahani And Yug Recall Their Wedding And Fights. They Make Each Other Wear The Garlands. Lucky Ties Their Knot. Rani Says Now Sindur.. He Says No. Rani Says We Won’t Go Otherwise. Kahani Says You Already Did It Once. He Fills Her Hairline. The Kids Clap. Lucky Says Keep Them Together Always. Lucky Says Thank You Jeju. Lucky Says Hold Hands While Walking. We Will Throw Flowers On You. Kahani Says It’s Not Needed. Lucky Says We Have Only One Sister. We Had So Many Dreams Regarding Her Wedding. Yug Agrees. They Hold Hands And Walk. Lucky And Rani Throw Flowers On Them.

Iravati Says To Saroj Where Is Yug? Did He Forget The Route To The House As Well? Dadi Says This Isn’t Your House, I Will Handle Him. And This Saroj Has No Idea Of Her Husband, How Would She Know About Her Son. Saroj Says He Will Come. Kahani And Yug Come In With The Kids. Iravati Says What Is This? Yug Asks Kahani To Take The Kids To The Room. Ronak Says What Is He Doing In This House? Yug Says These Kids Would Live In This House. Saroj Says Are You Crazy? He Says I Don’t Want To Hear Anything. Dadi Says Can’t You See? Iravati Says He Is Losing His Heart. Yug Says You Can Think Whatever You Want. Yug Leaves.

Lucky Says Why Is Everyone Talking To You Like This? Rani Says I Was So Mad. Lucky Says Are You Happy Didi? Kahani Says Yes I Am Happy. Lucky Says Thank You Jeju For Keeping Our Didi Happy. Our Jeju Is The Best. Kahani Says You Both Sit, I Have To Talk To Him. Yug Says What? She Says Rani And Lucky Are Here, I Don’t Want The Same Drama In Front Of Them. I Will Leave With Them Tonight. He Says You Will Leave When I Decide. She Says Please Listen. He Says I Already Decided.

Lucky And Rani Look For The Washroom. Lucky Says This House Is So Big. What If I Get Lost? This House Is So Clean. Rani Says They Clean It Every Day. Don’t Touch Anything. Lucky Says Jeju Is Very Nice. He Will Get Me Treated As Well. Ronak Says Miss Me? Lucky Says We Are Not Scared Of You. This Is My Didi’s House. Rani Says Call Us By Our Names. Kahani Says Come With Me. Ronak Says Will They Sleep With You And Yug? She Says Mind Your Business. Ronak Calls Everyone And Says Now These Kids Will Sleep With Kahani And Yug? Gunjan Says Your Intentions Are Very Clear Yug. Break This House. He Says What Are You Saying? She Says Leave Her. Yug Says She’s My Wife. We Are Married, It Doesn’t Matter If We Live In The Same Room Or Not. Gunjan Says If You Consider Her Your Wife Take Her To Your Room Or Leave Her.

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