Namak Ishq Ka 1st March 2021 Written Episode

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Kahani Slaps Gunjan But When Gunjan Tries To Hit Her, Kahani Grabs Her Hand And Says You Have Lost Blood Already So Don’t Burn It More. Iravati Charges At Her But Kahani Says I Am A Ticking Bomb. Iravati Says I Will Break Your Stubborness. Kahani Says This Is My Right, Yug Has Applied Sindoor To Me So I Have Right On Him First. Yug Shouts At Her. Kahani Says I Didn’t Know You Are So Weak, You Can’t Divide Marriage Between Two Women Like This, You Are Like Ronak Too, He Tried To Marry Me While Hiding It From His Wife And Yug Has Forcefully Applied Sindoor To Me. Saroj Tells Kahani That I Can Do Anything For My Family So I Am Requesting You To Remove Yug’s Sindoor From Your Forehead, Don’t Forget That I Can Give You All The Money You Want But Leave Him And My Family Alone. Kahani Says What If Someone Says The Same Thing To You? You Know That Sindoor Is A Soul Of A Woman And I Can’t Sell It Like This, I Didn’t Expect This From You. Saroj Looks Away. Kahani Tells The Family That You People Can Try Anything But I Am Not Leaving This House At Any Cost. Dadi Says This Dancer Is Blabbering Too Much. Kahani Tells Yug That I Am A Dancer But I Am A Woman Who Respects Your Sindoor So I Can’t Share You With Someone Else. Gunjan Holds Yug’s Hand And Says He Is My Love. Kahan Holds Yug’s Other Hand And Says He Is My Husband, You Can’t Separate Me From Him. Yug Looks On And Says You Are Doing All This For Money And Luxuries Right? You Wanted To Marry Ronak First And Now Promising On This Sindoor? You Wanted To Leave So What Happened Now? Kahani Says I Told You Many Times That I Never Wanted To Marry Ronak, He Kidnapped Rani And Lucky. Ronak Says She Keeps Lying. Rani Says She Is Not Lying, You Kidnapped Me And Lucky. Ronak Says Even The Kid Is Lying. Rani Says I Am Not A Puppy That Can Be Trained To Lie. Kahani Says I Am Not Lying.. Yug Says Enough, You Will Always Be A Liar. He Leaves From There. Kahani Looks On. Rani Hugs Kahani.

Yug Is Driving In His Car And Recalls The Incident. He Comes To A Mandir And Sits There Sadly. A Priest Comes To Him And Says Your Eyes Are Showing Your Pain, You Are Lucky So Pray To God. Another Man Comes There And Offers Him Parsad As He Got Married. He Gives Him Thandai, Yug Drinks It And Says Someone Is Happy After Marrying At Least. He Takes The Whole Jug And Drinks It.

Kahani Comes To The Mandir In The House And Says Why Does This Family Not See My Truth? They Keep Calling Me Greedy But I Am Not, I Don’t Need Their Money. I Am Here Just For My Family. I Won’t Leave Till I Find Out About My Family. A Servant Brings Ravi There. Kahani Says I Couldn’t Get Love In Life But I Won’t Snatch Gunjan’s Love From Her, I Just Want To Find My Parents And Nothing Else. I Am Not A Liar And It Will Be Proved To Yug Someday.

Yug Tells Lord That I Am Miffed With You. He Is Drunk And Tells The Priest That She Is A Cheater, You Don’t Know Her But I Know Her Well. She Tried To Break A Happily Married Life, She Is Forcefully Staying In A House. She Has A Fair Complexion But Her Heart Is Dark. She Says The Lie In Such A Way That I Want To Believe Her. He Prays To The Lord.

Kahani Tells The Lord That My Self-Respect Is Important So I Won’t Tell Yug About My Childhood To Him Right Now But When I Leave Here, I Will Prove All His Blames To Be Wrong. Rani Comes There And Says I Will Find Proof To Tell Yug That Ronak Did Kidnap Us. Kahani Says You Don’t Need To Do Or Say Anything To Anyone, The Lord Will Make Everything Fine.

Kahani Wakes Up After Some Hours. All Family Members Are Worried About Yug. Kahani Is Leaving The House, Saroj Asks Where She Is Going? Kahani Says To Find Yug. Iravati Says Gunjan Will Go To Find Him As She Is Wearing His Mangalsutra. Kahani Says We Can Do This Fight Later On. Rani Says Both Can Go To Find Yug, We Will See Who Will Win. Dadi Says Even This Small Packet Has A Long Tongue. Iravati Asks Gunjan To Go And Find Yug. Kahani And Gunjan Leave The House.

Yug Is Drunk And Blabbers That Her Big Eyes Are Pretty But They Just Cheater Others, They Hold Lies Of The World, She Can Hide It All She Wants But I Can See Right Through Her.

Kahani Is Looking Around For Yug. Gunjan Comes To The Market And Looks Around For Him. Kahani Thinks That I Feel He Would Come To A Quiet Place After That Incident. She Recalls How She Found Yug In The Mandir Many Times. Kahani Says What If Yug Went There? Other Side Gunjan Says I Should Check The Coffee Shop.

Rani Tells The Family That I Bet Kahani Will Win. She Asks Ronak To Bet With Her. Ronak Says You Think I Am A Gambler? Rani Says You Sent Gunjan To Make Kahani Lose But If My Sister Wins Then You Will Have To Tell The Truth To Everyone But If Gunjan Wins Then I Will Be Silent And Accept Whatever You Say. Ronak Looks On. Rani Asks Why He Is Silent? Saroj Says She Talks Too Much. Iravati Tells Rani That I Am Sure Gunjan Will Win. Saroj Asks Rani To Be Silent Otherwise I Will Throw You Out. Rani Says You Can’t, This Is My Brother-In-Law’s House. Dadi Says I Just Want To Go Away From Here. She Leaves From There.

Kahani Comes To The Mandir And Finds Yug Lying There. More Piya Plays. Kahani Rushes To Him And Asks Him To Wake Up. Yug Murmurs That She Is A Liar, I Wish I Could See The Truth In Her Eyes. Kahani Lifts Him Up. He Says Leave Me Alone, I Am Fine. Kahani Says If I Leave You Then You Will Fall Down, Let’s Go Home. Yug Says That’s My House, Not Yours, Who Are You? Kahani Says I Am The One Who You Think Hold Lies In Her Eyes. Yug Looks Into Her Eyes And Says Your Eyes Are Very Pretty But No Good Man Would Look In Them And You Know Why? Because You Have Chosen Ghungroos. Why Are You Like This? You Are A Fake Story That I Don’t Want To Know About. Kahani Says Let’s Go Home. Yug Says You Will Force Me? Kahani Says Yes Like You Keep Forcing Me. Yug Says Don’t Scold Me. Kahani Says Why Only You Can Scold Me? You Married Me So It’s My Right To Take Care Of You, Let’s Go Home Now. She Lifts Him, He Is About To Fall Down But She Pulls Him Closer. Yug Says I Love You. Kahani Is Stunned And Looks In His Eyes.

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