Namak Ishq Ka 19th February 2021 Written Episode

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Iravati Says To Saroj There Are Ghungro In My Feet, Dadi Has It Too, Gunjan As Well, Juhi Too. Dolly And Rupa Have Them Too. She Screams. Everyone Is Still There. Dadi Says What Did You Expect By Having A Dancer Here In This House? All Women Are Stained Because Of You. Iravati Says Your Son Took My Daughter’s Happiness And Respect Your DIL. Dadi Says This Is What Happens When You Do Munh Dikhai Of Dancers. Saroj Says You Don’t Do Munh Dikhai Of Someone Who Is Exposed Already. Kahani Says Maa Ji Let’s Go In. Saroj Says As Long As You Are Here, No One Can Live In Peace. Get Out Of My House. Yug Says Ma.. She Says Step Back. I Was Ready To Accept You But That Ghungro’s Noise, It Woke Me Up. My Rupa Had To Wear Them. I Know Yug Married You But Dignity And Family Is Above Everything. I Respected Your Sindur, No You Get Out And Respect Our Dignity.

Kahani Says Maa.. Saroj Slaps Her. Yug Says What Are You Doing Ma? Saroj Says I Forgot People Like You Don’t Have Mothers Or Families. You Have Managers Who Arrange Money For You. You Have No House Or Family. You Have Men After You Who Leave Their Wives And Kids For Them. Dancers Like You Wreck Homes. You Wreck My Home, Rupa’s Home. I Won’t Tolerate Anything. Amma You Were Right. If This Dancer Stays In This House It Will Become A Bad Place. I Made A Mistake. You Can’t Become A Wife. Get Out Of Here. Forgive Me, My Yug. Please Go From Here, She Cries. Kahani Says I Will Leave You And Yug. I Also Made A Mistake. I Thought I Got Support And A Chance In Life For The First Time But I Forgot A Dancer Is Only A Toy. People Living In These Big Houses Can Only Give Us Gold But Not Respect. You Have This World Of Fake Dignity. Ronak Says Amma, I Will Handle It.

Ronak Says To Kahani, You’re Going? I Will See How Will This Sindur Save You And Your Siblings? She Says I Am Your Brother’s Wife. Have Some Shame. He Says It’s Gravity So I Fall Down. I Will Get You At Any Cost. Kahani Says I Will Fight The Whole World For Me And My Siblings.

Iravati Says Very Sadly For Her? Will You Drop Her Home? She Shoves Kahani. Yug Holds Her. Yug Says Kahani Will Stay In This House. Dadi Says Are You Out Of Your Mind? Rupa Says Can’t You See What Happened? Saroj Says Are You In Love With This Dancer? Yug Says I Remember Everything But She Will Still Stay In This House. Ronak Says Stop Acting Like Her Husband. Yug Says I Am Her Husband. I Will Never Be Able To Love Her But The Relationship Is There. Kahani Says Let Me Go. He Says Go Inside. Iravati Says To Ask Everyone In This House If They Want Her Here. At Least Two People Have To Say Yes To Her Staying Here. Ronak Says Who Wants Kahani To Stay? No One Raises A Hand Except For Yug. Ronak Says No One Wants Her Here, Get Out. Ravi Raises His Hand. Everyone Is Shocked. Yug Says You Spoke Too Early Ronak. Two People Want Kahani In This House, She Will Stay Here. Kahani Says I Don’t Stay Here. Yug Says You Will Not Go Anywhere. He Drags Her Inside.

Yug Shoves Kahani Into The Room. She Says Why Are You Stopping Me? Want To Insult Me More? He Says You Don’t Have Respect Anyway. She Says Then Let Me Go. He Says I Will Decide The Way And Date. Kahani Says Your Brother Has Already Ruined The Lives Of My Siblings. He Says I Will Take Care Of Rani And Lucky. He Leaves. Kahani Says To Open The Door. I Don’t Want To Stay Here.

Gunjan Brings Ravi To The Room And Says Papa You, Rupa, And I Vowed For My Marriage With Yug. We Prayed Here. Why Did You Stop That Kahani? Is She More Important Than Me? Iravati Says Answer Her. Gunjan Says Yug Is My Dream, If It Shatters, You Will Be Responsible For It. She Leaves. Iravati Says Can’t Face Me Anymore Right? You’re With That Dancer Now? I Will Punish You Now. She Shoves Him Off The Wheelchair. She Says I Can Break Your Breaths Too.

Everyone Knocks Saroj’s Door And Ask Her To Come Out. Dolly Says What Happened? Dolly Says Mummy Ji Has Locked Herself In The Room. Dadi Says It’s A Drama. She Didn’t Do Anything All These Years. Saroj Looks At Her Husband’s Photo And Says A Woman Is Always Helpless. If You Were Here, All My Decisions Would Be Right. Now You’re Not Here So Even If I Do Right It Will Be Wrong. You Are Responsible For All This. Iravati Says Saroj Open The Door, I Will Break It. Dadi Says Did You Even Buy A Bulb Once? Do You Even Know The Cost Of This Door? Iravati Says Juhi Your Dadi Cares More About The Door More Than Your Mom. Juhi Says Dadi You’re Impossible. Dadi Says To Open The Door. You Used To Do This Drama, That’s Why Your Husband Left. Ronak Says Control Your Language Dadi. Yug Says What Happened To Ma? Ronak Says Because Of The Pain You Gave Her. Iravati Says Saroj Open The Door. Everyone Is Busy There, Ronak Comes In Kahani’s Room And Locks The Door.

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