Molkki 3rd March 2021 Written Episode

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Prakashi Is In Her Room. Anjali Tells Her That She Maybe Praying Here But Mukhiyayin Is Teaching A Different Chapter To Virender Altogether. He Is Doing Exactly What She Is Telling Him To. He Has Been Listening To A Molkki! Its Been 7 Days Since Vaibhav’s Death. Even Priyu Is Home Now. No One Care About What Happened With Vaibhav. They Aren’t Bothered. It’s Just The 2 Of Us Who Have Been Affected Because Of His Death. Prakashi Asks Her What She Is Bothered About. Are You Feeling Bad That Vaibhav Dint Get Punished Or That I Am Not Falling In Your Trap? Anjali Looks At Her In Shock. Prakashi Says I Miss My Son A Lot So I Am Shifting My Focus. Why Do You Come Here Again And Trouble Me? Virender Did The Right Thing. He Did Justice. He Would Have Done The Same Thing To Anyone Else. You Were There Too. You Saw How Vaibhav Was Threatening To Kill Manas And Purvi. God Has Punshed Him For His Misdeeds. Don’t Try To Instigate Me Again And Again. This Wont Work On Me. Anjali Leaves Quietly.
Anjali Fumes In The Corridor. This Oldie Has Lost Her Mind! She Will Make Me Go Crazy Too. She Meets Bhuri On The Way. When Are You Going Back To Village? Its Been Too Long. Bhuri Requests Her To Speak Slowly. You Know Purvi Is Watching Me. How Can I Go Then? Anjali Says Its Been Too Long. You Must Go Anyhow. Bhuri Says I Understand. What To Do About Purvi Though? Anjali Assures Her That She Will Distract Purvi At Night. You Can Leave Stealthily Then. Bhuri Agrees.
Purvi And Virender Are Sleeping. Purvi Wakes Up As She Is Feeling Thirsty. She Notices Something And Goe Outside. She Notices A Shadow And Starts Following It. Who Is There? Another Shadow Passes From Another Direction. She Starts Chasing The Shadows. She Turns And Finds An Imprint Of Blood-Soaked Hand On One Of The Walls. She Realizes That She Is Standing Next To Sakshi’s Room Only. She Collides With Anjali And Fumbles. Purvi Takes Her To The Wall Where She Had Seen Blood But There Is Nothing Now. Purvi Insists She Isn’t Lying But Anjali Says You Might Have Seen A Bad Dream. Sleep And Let Me Sleep Too. She Goes. Purvi Is Sure She Saw The Mark. How Can It Disappear Suddenly? She Leaves.
Purvi And Sudha Check The Notice Board. Exam Dates Are Out And Are Happening A Month In Advance. Purvi Reads It As Well. She Tells Sudha That The Exams Will Start Next Week. I Haven’t Studied Too. What If I Fail? Karan Gives Notes To Purvi. You Will Pass With Distinction If You Will Study These. She Refuses But He Says I Am Doing My Duty As A Senior. Please Accept This. I Will Feel Less Guilty For Everything I Have Put You Through. She Refuses Politely Again But Sudha Accepts The Notes. Purvi Tells Her To Return Them But Sudha Refuses. Why Are You Taking Out Your Anger On The Notes? Why Do We Care As To Whose Notes Are They? We Haven’t Studied Properly Yet. Purvi Is Still Unconvinced Though.
Everyone Is Sitting Quietly At Home. Purvi Brings Water For Virender. He Asks Her Why Everyone Is So Silent And Sad. She Says They Are Shaken By What Happened Recently. They Will Take Some Time To Recover. He Asks Everyone To Get Ready. We Will Go Outside. Prakashi Is Not In A Mood To Go But He Convinces Her. Entire Family Has Come Out To Watch A Movie. Purvi Looks At Virender Sweetly And Imagines Herself And Virender In The Scene Where Virender Confesses His Love To Purvi / Bawari. She Kisses On His Hand Emotionally. I Wanted To Hear This Since Long. You Might Have Been Upset With Me From Day 1 But I Had Faith That You Will Be Mine One Day. She Rests Her Head On His Shoulder As She Holds His Hand. She Is Shaken Out Of Her Reverie Because Of The Claps. She Realizes That She Is Actually Resting Her Head On His Shoulder And Is Also Holding His Hand. She Sits Upright Awkwardly. He Asks Her If She Came To See The Movie Or Dream Here. Purvi Says I Dint Understand Anything. He Says I Have Been Watching You Since We Came Here. You Have Been Lost In Your Own World. She Says How Does It Matter What I See. Why Have You Been Keeping An Eye On Me? Did You Come Here To Watch The Movie Or Me? Virender Says I Was Watching The Movie. I Glanced In Your Direction Once Or Twice When I Noticed You Thus. Why Will I Look At You Instead Of The Movie? The Weather Changes. They Head To The Car.
At Night, The Window Opens Because Of The Strong Wind. Purvi Gets Up To Close It When She Notices Bhuri Leaving House Stealthily. She Lied To Me The Other Day But Now I Know The Truth. Where Is She Off To At This Hour? I Will Find Out Today! She Starts Following Bhuri. She Hides When Bhuri Turns To See If Someone Is Following Her. Bhuri Reaches The Place. Purvi Wonders If She Should Follow Bhuri Inside. Bhuri Locks The Door From Outside Once She Goes In. Purvi Decides To Find Out The Truth. Why Does Bhuri Come Here At All? She Opens The Doors. Someone Taps On Her Shoulder Just When She Is About To Go In. It Is An Old Man. She Gets Afraid. What Are You Doing Here At This Hour? She Asks Him Who He Is. He Says I Am The Guard Here. She Asks Him If Someone Came Here. He Denies. No One Has Come Here Since Years. I Haven’t Seen Anyone Come Here. She Takes Bhuri’s Name But He Tells Her She Is Mistaken. There Are Many Poisonous Animals Here. You Shouldn’t Be Here. Let Me Take You Home. He Closes The Door Again. Purvi Wonders How Bhuri Disappeared Suddenly. I Saw Her Coming Here

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