Molkki 23rd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Purvi Telling Virender That She Is Also Innocent Like Him. I Have Been Cheated As Well. Someone Made That Video To Tarnish My Image In Front Of Everyone! This Drama Was Done Because You All Are Still Living In The Past. You May Have Progressed But You Haven’t Progressed Mentally. People Can Do A Lot Using Computers, Photoshop These Days! You Are Still Very Orthodox In Your Approach. You Give Punishments Like Throwing Someone In Front Of Dogs, Forcing Someone To Eat Poisoned Laddoos And You Think Women Can Be Bossed Over! You Guys Haven’t Progressed Mentally. You Don’t Want To Grow. World Has Progressed Yet You Are Being Orthodox. I Proved My Innocence Back Then And I Proved My Innocence Today As Well! Anjali Says Your Innocence Cannot Be Proved Because Of Your Lecture. We Accept That Jeth Ji’s Video Is Fake But How Has It Been Proved That Your Video Is Fake Too? I Think You Are Using Jeth Ji As Your Pawn To Cover Your Sins! Say Something! Do You Have Any Proof? Naina Says Purvi Is Telling The Truth. I Am A Living Proof Of That. Anjali And Prakashi Are Shocked To See Naina.
Flashback Shows Purvi Telling Sudha About Naina. The Clothes That The Girl Was Wearing In The Video Were Mine And I Had Given Them To Naina That Night. It Clearly Proves That That Was Done To Tarnish My Image. I Am Sure It Was Naina! They Decide To Meet Naina.
Purvi Offers Tissues To Naina While She Is Crying. Naina Asks Her What She Is Doing Here. Purvi Asks Her Why She Did All This When She Was Trying To Help Her. Naina Says I Love Karan Very Much So I Did That. Purvi Reasons That Men Like Karan Only Know How To Play With A Girl’s Dignity. He Is Trying To Take Advantage Of That. You Should Teach Him A Lesson So He Wont Do That To Anyone. Sudha Reasons That Karan Has Her Video. He Might Try To Blackmail You Some Day And He Might Do It To Some Other Girl In The Future As Well. It Is Important To Teach Him A Lesson. Naina Agrees. What Should I Do? Purvi Requests Her To Come To Panchayat Tomorrow. We Will Expose Karan In Front Of Everyone Today.
Naina Gets Inside Karan’s Room Stealthily At Night. She Steals His Phone And Finds The Original Video. She Sends It To Purvi. Purvi Covers Her Phone As The Phone Beeps. She Thanks Naina For Helping Her. I Will Show The Original Video To Everyone In Panchayat And Prove My Truth. Flashback Ends.
Naina Gives Her Phone To Virender. This Is The Actual Video In Which You Can See Me With Karan. It Isn’t Purvi! Karan Has Morphed Her Face Over Mine. Purvi Is Innocent. A Servant Shows The Video To Everyone. Anjali Tells Prakashi They Are Doomed. We Were About To Win But Then We Lost The Chance!
Purvi Tells Virender That She Did Point Out That He Will Regret His Words And Actions One Day. I Begged You And Requested You To Let Me Prove My Innocence But You Dint Pay Heed To Me. You Pronounced Me Guilty And Even Chose A Punishment For Me. Truth Might Have Come Out But Remember That You Can Do Anything But You Will Have To Admit That I Am Not Characterless. I Will Make Sure You Will Do It! One More Thing, If Your Trust On Your Wife Is So Feeble Then You Are The Weakest Man In This World! You Will Get Trust In Return Only If You Will Have Faith In Someone. You Will Have To Become A Good Husband If You Want A Good Wife! She Walks Away Teary-Eyed.
Virender Vows To Teach A Lesson To Karan. He Tells His Servant To Find Out Where He Is. Servant Shares That Karan Has Left Town. Virender Says It Is Good That He Ran Away. I Wont Spare Him If I Catch Him Now. He Tarnished My Bawari’s Image In Front Of The Entire Village! He Tried To Create A Rift Between Me And Bawari! I Don’t Want To See Him In This Village Again!
Purvi Is On The Terrace And Is Crying. She Thinks Of Her Happy Moments With Virender And Of The Change In His Attitude Recently.
Prakashi Is Speaking To Anjali About Purvi. Virender Asks His Mother About Purvi. Prakashi Says I Saw Her Going To Terrace A While Ago. She Was Crying. You Dint Treat Her Nicely. We All Know Her And That She Cannot Do Something Like This Yet You Punished Her. Do You Have A Heart Or Stone Inside You? Any Other Girl Would Have Committed Suicide By Now! Go And Try To Pacify Her. Virender Leaves. Anjali Asks Prakashi What She Is Doing. We Created Rift Between Them With So Much Difficulty While That Molkki Turned The Table Around. Why Are You Creating Problems For Us? Prakashi Gives Her A Cheque. I Think Well Before Doing Something. I Sent Virender To That Molkki After Thinking Things Through. Molkki Is No Less Than A Wounded Tigress Right Now. She Will Attack Virender The Moment He Will Try To Approach Her. I Sent Virender Upstairs To Mess Things Further. That Molkki’s Heart Is Filled With Hatred Right Now. She Wont Let Him Patch Things Up. The Game Has Just Begun!
Virender Calls Out To Purvi. She Turns Around. Virender Feels Bad To See Her Thus And Wipes Her Tears. What You Went Through In Front Of Everyone Was The Biggest Mistake Of My Life! It Is The Most Unfortunate Day Of My Life Today. I Am Responsible For These Tears And For Your Pain. Please Forgive Me. I Could Neither Trust You Nor Could I Stop Those Panch From Punishing You. I Am The Real Culprit Here. I Am The One Who Has Committed A Sin Here. Please Forgive Me. He Folds His Hands But She Holds His Hands. Please Don’t Blame Yourself. You Were Not At Fault. It Was My Destiny And Circumstances That Were To Be Blamed. Anyone Else, Even I Would Have Reacted In The Same Manner Too. I Really Liked The Way You Got Upset With Me. It Made Me Realise How Much You Care About Me. I Was Insulted In Front Of Everyone But I Felt Proud Of You Today. You Are A Great Panch And A Great Husband. You Really Don’t Think Of Relations When It Comes To Justice. You Treat Everyone Equally, Even If That Is Your Wife. I Am Not Upset With You. He Wipes Her Tears And Cups Her Face. She Kisses On His Hand And Hugs Him. He Requests Her To Stop Crying Now. She Smiles. It Turns Out To Be Virender’s Imagination.
Purvi Asks Virender To Leave. I Told You I Don’t Want To Talk To You! I Am Telling You For The Last Time! Please Leave. Virender Still Approaches Her. I Know That Your Anger Is Justified. I Was Wrong. I Made A Grave Mistake But Please Listen To Me Once. I Only Came To Apologize To You Once. I Did That Unknowingly. God Knows That It Was All Unintentional. I Really Dint Know All This Is Possible In This Age. You Were Right. One Should Become Advanced Too. You Had To Go Through All That Because Of My Lack Of Awareness. She Moves Towards The Edge Of The Terrace Angrily. Don’t Step Forward Or I Will Jump From Here! Virender Stops In His Tracks Helplessly. Purvi Cries. How Many Times Will You Not Trust Me? How Many Times Will You Apologize To Me? It Is Called A Mistake If It Happens Once But It Becomes A Crime When You Do It Repeatedly. One Gets Punished For Committing Crimes! I Beg You! Please Leave As I Wont Forgive You This Time! Will You Go Or Should I Jump From Here? Virender Admits That He Made A Mistake But It Really Was Unintentional. Please Forgive Me For The Last Time. Purvi Replies That She Wont Forgive Him In This Birth. I Am Telling You For The Last Time. Please Go Away From Me! I Don’t Want To See You. Virender Says I Am Not Saying Anything Against Your Reaction As Your Anger Is Justified. Think Once Please. She Asks Him Why He Is Giving So Much Explanation To A Molkki. It Does Not Suit You. Mukhi Virender Pratap Singh Should Not Commit A Sin By Giving So Much Footage To A Molkki. You Paid A Price For Me. I Am Your Servant. Servants Must Obey Every Order Of Their Owners. Owners Have Respect But Molkki’s And Servants Have No Respect!

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