Molkki 22nd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Purvi Picks A Laddoo With Shaking Hands. Virender Looks Tensed. Purvi Requests Kanha Ji To Protect Her As She Is Innocent. Everyone Looks On With Bated Breath. Purvi Feels Dizzy And Drops The Plate. Sudha Holds Her Just In Time. Look What Has Happened To Her. Prakashi Tells Anjali To Bring Water For Her.
Virender Is Taking Purvi Home In The Car. Why Am I Pained To See You In This Condition, Bawari? Why Do Your Tears Melt Me Down? Why Am I Not Ready To Believe What I Saw? I Feel That My Bawari Cannot Do This.
Doc Says She Has Passed Out Due To Mental Stress And Exhaustion. I Have Given Her An Injection. There Is Nothing To Worry About. She Will Be Conscious Soon. Prakashi Nods. Doc Takes Virender Outside. Prakashi Tells Anjali To Ask Preeti To Make Something For Purvi That She Likes. Sudha Will Give It To Her When She Wakes Up. I Will Be With The Kids. Sudha Nods. Prakashi And Anjali Leave.
Sudha Calls Out To Purvi Who Opens Her Eyes Immediately. Purvi Sits Up. What Is Happening? I Cannot Understand Anything. Sudha Tells Her Not To Worry. I Am With You. Stop Crying. Purvi Is Still Distraught But Sudha Tells Her To Listen To Her. We Still Have 12 Hours To Prove You Innocent. We Can Find A Proof. Think Of Finding A Proof To Prove Your Innocence And Truth Instead Of Crying. You Must Find For Your Dignity. I Am Positive That You Will Win. Truth Will Win. I Am With You In This Fight. You Will Fight, Right? Purvi Agrees With Her. I Cannot Just Give Up. I Must Find Out The Truth Somehow. I Know A Way Through Which I Can Prove My Innocence. She Tells Sudha A Plan (In Mute).
Purvi Slaps Karan. How Dare You Stoop So Low? Karan Says I Dint Do Anything Alone. We Were In This Together. Did You Forget? How Can You Forget That Night So Soon? Purvi Tells Him To Stop It. You Know It Wasn’t Me. It Was Just My Clothes That I Had Given To Naina. I Was A Fool To Trust A Guy Like You. I Should Have Listened To Mukhi Ji. A Snake’s Son Can Be Nothing But A Snake! You Bit Me When You Got A Chance. Karan Says Haven’t You Heard That You Must Not Leave The Snake Injured. You Spared Me. You Mistook Your Enemy To Be Your Friend And Vice Versa. You Got Cheated In Return. You Acted Like A Fool By Trusting Me. I Dint Do Anything Wrong By Taking Advantage Of A Fool Like You! I Dint Do Anything Wrong. Purvi Says You Ruined My Life For Your Own Sake. You Have Framed Me Falsely In Front Of Everyone. People Are Questioning My Character. I Was Proved Guilty In Front Of My Husband, Family And Entire Village. How Dare You Stoop So Low? I Haven’t Seen A Cheapster Like You. He Holds Her Hand When She Tries To Slap Him. Sudha Questions Him But Karan Warns Them To Leave. Your Video Has Become Viral In The Town. Why Have You Come Here? Do You Want To Be Insulted More? Get Out Of Here! Sudha And Purvi Walk Out Of There.
Sudha Knocks At Virender’s Room’s Door. He Tells Her To Come Inside. I Know You Came Here To Save Your Friend But The Tradition Remains Same For Everyone. I Cannot Change It Even After Being The Mukhi. Sudha Requests Him To Hear Her Out. I Trust Purvi Completely. She Wont Do Anything Like This. She Is Innocent. She Cannot Even Imagine Holding Anyone Other Than You. Virender Says I Have Heard These Statements Many Times. You Are Wasting Your And My Time. I Cannot Change This Decision Either. Purvi Must Prove Herself Innocent In Front Of The Entire Village! Sudha Says I Know You Have Been Alone Since Years. A Lonely Man Has Needs. I Will Do Anything For You Only If You Can Save Purvi. Virender Asks Her If She Has Lost Her Mind. What Are You Saying? Leave. Sudha Hugs Him From Behind. I Will Make You Happy Only If You Can Save Purvi. He Tries To Push Her Away But She Keeps Holding Him Close. He Tells Her To Let Go Of Him. Sudha Is Relentless. He Ends Up Scolding Her. Aren’t You Ashamed Of Doing This To Your Friend Just Because You Want To Save Her? Is This How You Save Friends? Leave Before I Slap You. She Apologizes To Him. I Could Only Think Of This Alternative To Save Purvi. He Tells Her To Leave Quietly. She Complies.
Prakashi Asks The Mystery Woman To Sign Some Papers. She Refuses (By Her Actions) But Prakashi Vows To Make Her Sign At Any Cost. I Will Make Sure You Sign Those Papers One Day. Do It As Till Then I Will Neither Let You Live Or Die In Peace. You Will Spend Your Life In These Chains Till Then! The Mystery Woman Runs Inside. Bhuri Says She Isn’t Willing To Sign The Papers At All. What Should We Do? Prakashi Says She Will Have To Do It Sooner Or Later. Hide Her Back There. I Have To First Take Care Of That Molkki. We Can Make Her Sign The Papers Any Day!
Anjali, Karan And Naina Are Celebrating Purvi’s Defeat. Anjali Says Purvi Cannot Show Her Face Anywhere Now. Your Girlfriend Naina Has Executed This Task Well. Kudos! Karan Asks For Money. Anjali Shows The Bag To Him. Karan Takes The Bag From Her. The Fun Doubles When One Receives Money For Doing Nothing. Anjali Leaves. Naina Reminds Karan They Are Partners. Karan Says This Is Mine. Naina Says Everything Could Work Out Only Because Of Her Idea. I Planned And Executed Everything. You Are Refusing To Give Me Money Now? Karan Says I Can Do Anything As I Am Karan. You Got Your Share By Sleeping With Me. Girls Die For That. I Gave You That Chance. You Should Forget About The Money. Naina Calls It Wrong. You Must Give Me My Share Or I Will Tell The Truth To Everyone. Karan Asks Her What She Will Tell. She Ends Up Repeating Their Plan In Detail. You Morphed Her Photo In The Video To Badmouth Her. Karan Slaps Her. I Agree Doing That. You Must Not Think About Money Or About Our Plan Or I Will Make Your Video Viral In Rewari. You Will Be Insulted And So Will Be Your Family! You Have Only One Option – To Remain Silent! Naina Cries.
Prakashi Is Trying To Break A Log Of Ice. See What Gift Tomorrow Will Bring For You, Purvi. Your Days In The Haveli Are Over. Pack Your Bags And Be Ready To Leave Tomorrow!
It Is Early Morning. Prakashi Wakes Up Purvi And Takes Her Outside With Her. Purvi Asks Her What’s Happening. Purvi Says These Pots Contain Gangajal. Pundit Ji Had Said That One Must Bathe In Gangajal. You Will Get Rid Of All The Evil And Even The Poisoned Laddoo. Anjali And Bhuri Make Purvi Sit. She Folds Her Hand With Reverence. Prakashi Pours A Pot Of Cold Water On Purvi. Purvi Says This Is Very Cold. Prakashi Says You Will Be Able To Do Ram Ji’s Puja After Bathing In Gangajal. Anjali, Bhuri And Prakashi Take Turns To Pour Cold Water Over Purvi. She Is Shaking Profusely By The End.
Panch Gather Once Again To Resolve The Matter. Virender Looks At The Plate Of Laddoos As He Takes His Seat. Let’s Begin! Purvi Steps Forward. I Want To Say Something Before Eating This Laddoo. Panch Agree. Purvi Says I Want To See That Video Again. Anjali Asks Her Why She Wants To See It Again. Our Family Has Been Insulted Because Of That Video. It Isn’t Some Movie That You Can Watch Again And Again. Purvi Insists. Virender Asks Her Why She Wants To Embarrass Herself And Him Again. Purvi Says You Can Consider It My Last Wish. Virender Complies. The Video Is Played Again. This Time They See A Lady (In Place Of Sudha) Trying To Get Cosy With Virender. Everyone Is Stunned Including Virender. Purvi Pretends To Be Shocked As Well. Virender Stops The Video. Who Has Made This Fake Video? Purvi Asks Him How It Can Be Fake. This Is Your Room. We Can See You With A Girl. It Cannot Be Fake! Prakashi Glares At Her. Virender Says I Don’t Know Who The Girl Is. Someone Is Trying To Frame Me. I Don’t Know Who Has Made It And How. I Have Proof As Well. He Turns To Sudha. She Came To My Room Last Night And She Tried To Get Close To Me. Sudha Asks Him Why He Is Framing Her While Trying To Save Himself. He Says You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself. Who Is Framing Whom? Purvi Says Even You Should Be Ashamed. You Questioned My Character In Front Of Everyone And Framed Me Falsely. You Even Gave Me The Punishment To Eat Poisoned Laddoos! Just Like Sudha Tried To Lure You In Your Room And We Morphed Her Face Here, Similarly, My Face Has Been Morphed With Someone Else. It Was Some Other Girl With Karan In The Video, Not Me!
Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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