Molkki 19th March 2021 Written Episode Full Episode

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Prakashi Suggesting Virender To Call Panchayat. Panch And Sarpanch Can Make A Decision On This Matter. He Refuses To Take His Family Matter Outside But She Reasons That Entire Village Was Here. They Think Purvi Is Guilty. She Should Get A Chance To Give Her Side Of The Story. What Is Your Problem With That? Virender Says She Should Neither Get A Chance Nor Respect From The Family Members. I Regret Marrying Her And Giving Her The Place Of Mukhiyayini! He Does Not Let Prakashi Say Anything. My Biggest Mistake Was To Marry This Molkki And Bring Her Here! Purvi Shouts That He Is Crossing His Limit. You Are Saying Anything That Is Coming To Your Mind. Respect A Woman’s Dignity Atleast. Who Gave You The Right To Insult A Woman Without A Proof? You Have Said A Lot. It Is My Turn Now. What If It Was Sakshi Ji In That Video In My Place? Would You Have Believed Her Or Would Have Treated Her The Same Way Like You Are Treating Me? Would You Have Called Characterless Too? He Raises His Hand To Slap Her But Stops. She Tells Him To Slap Her. You Are Hurting Me With Your Words Already. You Can Also Use Your Hands If You Please. I Swear Upon Kanha Ji. A Day Will Come When You Will Really Regret Your Actions And Words. He Asks Her How She Dare Take Sakshi’s Name. She Is Not Like You. She Couldn’t Even Think About It. She Was A Woman With Good Character. Forget About You, I Wouldn’t Even Believe God If He Said Anything Against Sakshi. I Trust Her Completely. She Couldn’t Have Done It Ever. Purvi Says You Don’t Trust Me At All As I Am Not Your Wife Like Sakshi Ji. I Am A Molkki After All. This Is Not A Personal Matter Anymore But Of A Molkki. This Matter Will Not Be Handled In Front Of Everyone In Panchayat. Molkki’s Have No Respect. They Are Only A Thing To Be Used By The Rich And They Get Thrown Away Later On. We Will Now Meet In Panchayat Only. I Will Do Everything There Only. Kanha Ji Knows That I Am Honest And Pure. You Will Regret Your Words And Actions Your Entire Life If I Am Proved Innocent In Panchayat! They Head In Opposite Directions.
Next Morning, Panchayat Has Gathered To Discuss The Matter. Virender Requests Panch To Handle This Matter. No One Should Think I Act Leniently With My Wife In Future. Panch Will Take It Forward From Here. Prakashi Tells Purvi To Step Forward And Share Her Side Of The Story. Sudha Nods At Purvi. She Folds Her Hands To Greet The Panch. Why Should I Beg For Justice Form Humans When My God Knows That I Am Innocent? I Will Stick To My Words. I Haven’t Cheated My Husband. I Don’t Know Who Made That Recording And How But It Is Fake. I Haven’t Done Anything Like That. I Have No Proof And I Don’t Want To Say Anything Further To Prove My Innocence. A Guy Says No Court Or Panchayat Can Forgive Anyone In The Absence Of Proof. Words Are Baseless And Cannot Be Trusted. Panch Have Decided That You Should Give An Exam To Prove Your Innocence. Prakashi Requests Them To Spare Purvi. She Is Innocent. Anjali Says She Has Sinned And Should Be Punished. Purvi Wonders What Exam They Are Speaking About. Purvi Asks The Panch What She Has To Do To Prove Her Innocence. A Guy Asks A Servant To Bring A Plate. The Servant Brings A Plate Of Laddoos. Panch Tells Purvi That 3 Laddoos Are Fine Whereas 17 Laddoos Have Been Poisoned. If You Are Honest And Haven’t Cheated Your Husband Then You Must Eat The Laddoos Which Are Not Poisoned. Another Panch Says If You Eat A Poisoned Laddoo Then We Will Understand That You Have Sinned And That God Has Punished You For Your Mistake. If You Get Out Of This Alive Then You Will Be Proved Innocent. Virender’s Eyes Widen In Shock. He Tries To Say Something When Prakashi Says I Know You Don’t Think Of Relations When It Comes To Justice. You Wanted To Punish Vaibhav As He Was Guilty. You Will Do The Same With Purvi. Panch Are Like God. Their Decision Will Be The Last One. God Will Help Purvi If She Is Innocent. You Are Her Husband. You Could Have Saved Her From This Punishment If You Were Only Her Husband But You Are Also The Mukhiya. You Will Have To Let Her Go Through This Punishment. You Will Have To Listen To Panch. She Must Give This Test. Virender Thinks I Cannot Let Bawari Die Like This Which Is Why He Dint Let Anyone Add Poison To The Laddoos. They Are All Fine.
Flashback Shows Virender Telling Panch That He Did Not Want The Matter To Go To Panchayat But Mukhiyayini Is Very Stubborn. She Wants To Prove Herself Right. Let’s Keep This Test For Her Sake. Panch Asks Him What Purvi Should Do. Virender Tells Them The Plan.
Anjali Tells Prakashi She Has Seen Many Smart People In Life But You Are Ahead Them All. You Convinced That Molkki To Go To Panchayat So Easily. Now Her And Virender’s Respect Is At Stake. I Don’t Understand What You Will Do With These Poisoned Laddoos.
Virender Explains The Plan Of Action To Panch.
Prakashi Mixes Poison In The Batter. Virender Has Filled Poison In That Molkki’s Life. I Will Do The Rest. I Will Be At Peace When I Will See Her Writhing In Pain.
Panch Asks Virender What If Purvi Dies After Eating That Laddoo. Virender Says It Wont Happen As This Will Just Be A Rumour To Scare Her. She Will Accept Her Mistake If She Is Indeed Guilty. We Have To Figure Out The Truth By Her Demeanour. I Would Never Any Anything To Happen To Her. We Have To Only Use This As A Bait To Find The Truth. Bhuri Has Overheard Everything And Informs Prakashi. Prakashi Says It Is Good. Virender Will Think The Laddoos Are Harmless Whereas I Have Added Poison In Every Laddoo. Virender Will Be Relieved While Molkki Will Die. No One Will Doubt Us. Flashback Ends.
Prakashi Thinks You (Virender) Look So Relieved As You Think That These Laddoos Aren’t Poisonous But I Have Turned Things Around. This Molkki Will Die.
Panch Asks Purvi If She Is Ready. Prakashi Asks Virender If He Knows That Purvi Can Even Lose Her Life In The Process. Virender Says So Many Tests Have Been Given In The Past By Our Ancestors. This Is Nothing In Front Of That. Purvi Must Accept His Decision. Purvi Agrees. I Will See If I Will Be Proved Innocent In Front Of Everyone Or If Kanha Ji Has Decided That Today Is The Last Day Of My Life. I Am Ready For This Challenge. Sudha Is In Tears.
Purvi Thinks Of All The Happier Times As She Walks Towards The Plate Of Laddoos. She Takes The Plate From The Servant. All Eyes Are Glued On Purvi. Purvi Thinks I Don’t Know Why You (Virender) Don’t Trust Me. I Thought What I Did For You And Your Family In The Past Has Made You Trust Me. You Have Said That To Me In The Past Many Times Yet Your Attitude Says Something Else. You Did Call Me Your Wife But You Have Only Thought Of Me As Molkki. That’s Why You Don’t Care About My Respect And Life At All. Virender Thinks I Used To Think Of You As A Very Important Part Of My Family And Me. I Used To Enjoy Sharing My Sorrows And Happiness With You Since Sakshi Left Me. It Was Only You Who I Gave So Much Right On Me After Sakshi. It Was Only You, Bawari. Anjali Asks Purvi If She Will Eat It Herself Or If Kanha Ji Will Do The Honours. You Dint Do Your Duty As Mukhiya Ji’s Wife. Atleast Respect His Words Now. Eat A Laddoo. Prakashi Says She Will. You Keep Talking All The Time. She Is On The Verge Of Death And You Wont Stop Taunting Her. Be Quiet!
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