Mobile phones and their respected lit on our lives

Mobile phones and their respected lit on our lives

As new generation grows rapidly the usage of electronic gadgets is up surging very high. Old people now
only uses for their respective errands, but new babies are seeing these gadgets when they born. Recent
researches show that using mobile phones have a great effect on people who use them blatantly. Tey
become psycho.
This new technology changed the lives of persons. People think it as a new era in the world which
changed their lives completely. If people are much far from their parents or relatives, this machinery
comes forward and lessens the distance. So, when you are in hurry and want to tell office boy to make a
task about your work, you would give him instructions on your mobile without any hurry and blind. This
is completely a new era to prove yourself a forward person but with a work of haste. When we see it in
the hands of little lads it means it is ruining their lives as they are fond of games and much extra
curriculum exercises.
So they waste their time on these machineries. I would not give you any allowance to carte blanche.
Giving lads a carte blanche means they are mad on games and you are involving them. Be aware of it
and do not allow them on little heeds in respect of their fighting with you. I am here to counsel you.
Irrespective of this, they have much more vital importance in our lives.
For instance, to lessen the distance, to keep your errands in right way, to be safe in your daily life
making you beware about the hurdles.
Let bygone be bygone, but from now on keep you vigil eye on your babies. It does not ever mean to not
let them using a mobile but with a time table; otherwise they would use them blatantly.
Not availability any such gadgets to them it also ruins their lives because they would never meet their
goals with this forward world. And in this respect they would remain backward and people would go
Anything if a man has, he will take care of it, never let anyone to ruin it.
The most disadvantage of it is to numbering of mobiles in your home. Everyone has its own. Have you
ever experienced it that you are at home and everyone who has a mobile in his hand is using mobiles
with different corners. Yes!
But why? Never think about it? Yes!
From now on think about it, you would understand that having a mobile means you are in trouble if you
are not using it. It has an attraction like a magnet which attracts you towards itself. A compelling gadget
for everyone.
Instructions for those who have elders, some are here.
Never use it in front of elders as it creates problems for them, it’s a nature that everyone make sure to
make a interest in him. When you do like a busy person in front of them creates a problem for them
which means making a problem for yourself. Such a harsh situation it is!
During completing a task there will be problems getting touch with your handy mobile. One task can be
completed at a time. So use this machine or complete you task more efficiently. One task will be done.
Choice is yours and you know work comes first.
Stay low key, that your mobile would not go anywhere. Instead of this, without any usage you will prove
yourself a better person to fulfill your errands. Errands in office or at home always have problems in
Be at your work place when you are working. Heed of your tasks and be attentive to it.
My prayers are with you. God helps you.

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