Misogynists and Gynophobia

In Pakistan, this native land has two types of lives like the others; pastoral life the one where
countrymen live in conjunction, maximum know everyone, people embrace each other’s intense
happiness and hue and cry; the metropolis life leads to complexity ; mass earn more and more sum of
cash but from it they cannot find tranquility.
My main topic is to discuss the word “feminine” and their relations with bozos who never want to
interpret their lasses and matron. Our backward areas never listen to damsels like tribal areas of the
country, in this respect city life is better than bucolic.
I would say that like my D-ex area of Dera Ghazi Khan, where much more misogynists can be find who
disesteem their ladies. Lads always frighten their ladies without any shrugging and also put many
forgoes on them to not let to go outside. They can only get permission when to make their cattle
toward the meadows.
Girls can never take part in those styles where elders feel shame. Only men are elders and can do
anything they want to do. A bitter reality. Honor killings are in headlines. All human problems are due
to women, gold and wealth (Zan, Zar and Zameen), everyone should be afraid of these.
Our women harvest the crops, bring water from the wells, feed cattle and do all the tasks of the
whole family. In spare time, dressing up the clothes and making ropes for their cattle and washing
clothes pass their time. No time can be spared to take care for their babies in little age, financially
they are weak.
That’s why about 20m children are out of school due to not reaching up their ideas and finances from
their family. Family cannot afford school books and bags as their main earning is to feed up the cattle
and to harvest the crops and live in simplicity. They have nothing more than this. I also hailed from
such an area of D-ex area where no perks and privileges available there for any person despite of
being in the memory that our ancestors had been lived here.
Malnutrition is on high level in wee-bairns. No roads to transport from one position to another.
My discussion has gone towards my oppressed people as I feel sorrow for them when I look at them
upon their plight. Now turning it back, depressed never get their rights. Men cannot get their rights
from the feudal lords so how we can expect that women in such like culture of big and little but not
equal system they can get their rights from their men. So misogynists in my area become heartened.
But women life in skyscrapers is much different from the rustic lasses. Modern fashion and design
overwhelm and see each other’s life-style. Mentors do their jobs well, drive well, work with their
partners and their husbands never mind. But one thing in city which is on summit I noticed that they
have a phobia of their wives. This is called the fear of women “Gynophobia”. Men live in fear of shrug
but live a lush life. Here are two perspectives one is fear of women and the others do not.

Despite scores of supremacy, here dilemma of lasses never gone toward solutions. Getting marriage
means to earn cash for their lads to save their respect in the society. New generation only spare cash
on dwindling. One thing I would say living in cities mean to mitigate love and affection with the
congested areas. I had been lived Lahore for 5 years at Gulberg; it’s my experience that two locally
neighbors do not know much about each other. Everyone has its own life; no one has the right to
meddle with any affair of other families; only on nuptial ceremonies but never take part in hue and
cry except for some.
Our clergy system always dominates our society, when people attend their sermons they only talk
about Islamism not to make a better Muslim society and never give a sermon for the rights and
wrongs. Government has not fully controlled upon the sermons literature. What they want they made
a speech.
We are Muslims by name not by our words and acts. We are against other religions like Qadyanis,
Jews and Christians. Irrespective of their religion they are human being, first of all we are human then
we are Muslims.
My main point is that our Molvis should make sermons on misogynists and a bit on gynophobia.
Allah is the Greatest!

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