Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

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Rahul’s Parents Visit Deshmukh House, Rahul’s Amma Says We Saw Pallavi’s Interview And Decided We Will Buy Saree For Mansi’s Wedding From Pallavi, Mansi Thanks Her, They Ask For Pallavi, Nikhil Walks In Talking About Police Station, Rahul’s Parents Ask Is Everything Fine, Sulochana Says He Has Applied For Passport So For Verification Police Station.
Raghav Drops Amma And Kirti, Amma’s Hanky Falls, Raghav Picks It And While Doing So Touches Her Feet, Amma Goes Inside. Kirti Asks How Much, Raghav Says Take Care Of Amma, Kirti And Leaves.
Raghav Sits In Car And Makes A Call Says His Work Is Done And On His Way. Pallavi Kidnapped And Tied In Warehouse, 3 Men Walk To Her, She Asks Them What Are They Doing And Why They Have Kidnapped Her, They Say They Are Paid For This, Pallavi Says You And Your Boss Are The Worst, One Of Them While Tying Up Pallavi Again Slowly Sneaks In Water Bottle, Pallavi Thinks Who Is He And Why Is He Helping Her.
Farhad Walks To Raghav With Food And Sees Him Drinking, Raghav Says Farhad I Was Waiting For You I Was Bored Alone, You Alone Are Mine, Others Dont Understand Me You Do, Farhad Says It Was Happy Day For Us Then Why All This, Raghav Says Amma Recognised Me But Didnt Say A Worx, I Could See Those Tears And Starts Crying, Farhad Asks Raghav What Had Actually Happened That Amma Hates Him.

Kirti Says To Amma That She Still Loves Raghav Then Why This Hatred, Amma Says I Do But I Am Yours And Rachits Mother Too And My Husband’s Wife I Can Never Forgive Him For What He Did That Day.
Raghav Says My One Mistake And I Became Permanant Villian In Amma’s Eyes, Farhad Says She Still Loves You, Don’t Take Her Anger To Heart, Raghav Says I Don’t Have Heart But Just Money.

Sharda Says I Will Go Find Pallavi, Mansi Says You Have Fever You Stay Here, Milind Tries To Stop Her, Sharda Stops Her, Vijay Tries To Stop Hurts His Leg. Nikhil Gets A Call And He Is Shocked.
Raghav Starts Cursing Pallavi, Raghav Says Farhad Lets Go To Amma I Want To Talk To Her.
The Man Who Helped Pallavi Earlier Comes To Help Her Again And Shows Her Way To Run, Other Men Return He Gets Into Fight With Them And Asks Pallavi To Run Away.
Pallavi While Running Away, Stumbles And Asks For Help And Faints.
Vijay Sees Nikhil Tensed And Asks Him What Is Wrong, Says I Know You Are Worried About Your Sister And Mother, Dont Worry Milind And Me Will Find Her Till Then You Take Care Here. Nikhil Thinks I Am Behind What Is Happening To Pallavi Didi.
Raghav Wakes Up Next Day, Farhad Says Are You Ready, Our Abroad Business Corporate Mr. Mehra Is Waiting, Raghav Says Also We Have Shivratri Pooja, Amma Is Shivaji’s Devotee. Farhad Says Mr. Mehra Is Specially Here For Pooja, Raghav Says He Is Biggest Collaborator Make Sure He Is Fine.
Raghav Looking For His Watch Reaches Guest Room And Finds Pallavi In Bed, Raghav Calls Farhad And Asks What Is She Doing Here, Farhad Asks Don’t You Remember Last Night, Raghav Says No, Farhad Tells Him Last Night You Were Drunk And We Were Going To Amma’s Home And We Found Pallavi On Road And So We Took Her Home Because You Didn’t Find It Safe To Let Her On Road And You Forced Me To Take Her Home.

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