Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Pallavi Wakes Up, Sharda Asks What Happened, And Scolds Vijay, Pallavi Says To Sharda To Not Come In Between Her And Vijay And Says I Was Dehyderated, Sharda Says You Will Visit Doctor, Sulochana Says You Should There Are Many Reasons To Faint, S
Pallavi Says That I Will Rest Later I Will Be Fine, Sharda Says Just Shut Up And Go. Sulochana See RR Inititals On Pallavi’s Hand.
Nikhil Asks Pallavi To Wait And He Will Get Car Keys. Pallavi Sees Raghav Serving Guests Food And Gets Angry, Kirti And Amma Watching Him, Kirti Says Amma He Is Doing This For You, Amma Says I Know And Let Him For A Change, Or Else He Os Always Busy Troubling People, Anyways Why Is He Here, Kirti Says He Is Pallavi’s Shop Owner, Amma Says Look At His Face So Dull, Kirti Says Farhad Told Me He Is Always Behind Protein Shakes As There Is No One To Scold Him And Give Food. Raghav Thinks God Knows What Are They Talking About Me I Am Just Happy Amma Is Here.
Amruta Asks Jaya To Apply Mehndi, Kirti Forces Too.
Pallavi Stops Raghav, Both Start Arguing, Raghav Says I Am Your Special Guest, Pallavi Says Then Act Like One, Raghav Says I Will Do What I Want To, Raghav Asks Pallavi To Leave And Not Annoy Him, Nikhil Calls Pallavi And Says We Have To Go To Doctor, Raghav Says People Need Doctor After Seeing Me, Pallavi Scolds Him Says One Day There Will Be News That You Are Serving In Central Jail, Raghav Says I Don’t Care About You, Pallavi Says If You Are So Interested Wash Utensils Too, Raghav Says I Will Wash You Away, Only 26 Days Left Remember That, Pallavi Says In Your Dreams, My Shop Won’t Go From There.
Nikhil And Pallavi At Doctors, Nikhil Gets Call From Harish To Pic Consignment, Nikhil Says Okay Will Reach In 20. Nikhil Tells Pallavi He Has Call From His Boss And Has To Leave, Pallavi Says There Is No Time For You, Nikhil Says These Boss Just Needs To Complete Targets, Pallavi Says Okay I Am Proud Of You But Don’t Forget Your Studies I Will Manage Till Then, Nikhil Remembers Pallavi Hiding Things And Hugs Her And Leaves.
Pallavi Visits Doctor, Pallavi Sees Doctors Diary And Takes Picture If It AsShe Finds The Design Very Unique.
Raghav Sees Amma Applying Mehndi And Very Happy, Amma Looking For Kirti, A Man Walks To Her With Kaju Katli, Amma Says I Will Have It Later When Kirti Comes Now I Hace Mehndi On My Hand, Raghav Says Wait And Gets Kaju Katli And Says Have Now And Gives Her, Amma Looks At Him In Anger And Leaves, Amma Comes Back And Says I Shouldn’t Have Insulted Food And Takes A Bite, Raghav Very Happy.
Milind Walks To Vijay And Says Gents Party All Arrangements Are Done, Vijay Says Look At Raghav Acting Like He Is Some Family Member, Ask Him To Leave, Milind Says He Is Our Shop Owner, He Will Leave On His Own Relax.
Sulochana Applying Mehndi Says Like Pallavi Has RR Initials On Her Hand, Similarly Make A M On My Hand, Vijay Gets Angry And Leaves.
Pallavi Gets The Design Printed. Milind Sees The Design, Pallavi Talks To Him About Shop In Mall, And Then Shows Him New Design, Milind Says Stay Happy Like This, God Has Blessings On You, Pallavi Says I Am Worried About This 26 Days, Milind Asks What 26 Days, Pallavi Says Forget That Tell Me Why Are You, Milind Says Come Stop Sulochana She Is Dancing On Alia’s Song In Sangeet. Pallavi Smiles And Says Let’s Go.
Raghav Seeing Traditional Outfits, Farhad Asks Where Is He Going, Raghav Tells Him In Pallavi’s House, Amma Comes And She Was Happy That I Was Serving People And Amma Likes To See Me Dressed In Traditional Outfit.
Deshmukh’s Practicing For Sangeet, Sharda Walks To Pallavi And Asks Her What Did Doctor Say, Pallavi Says Stomach Infection, Sharda Says Its Stress, Sharda Sees RR Initials On The Hand And Asks What Is This, And Takes Her Away And Gives Her Vinger Haldi Etc And Asks Her To Show Her How To Dye A Saree, Pallavi Shows Her, Pallavi Says Here Is Your Saree All Dyed. Sharda Asks Pallavi To Check Her Hand And Shows That Initials Are Gone, And Vijay Won’t Bother Her Too, Pallavi Says You Could Tell Me Directly Too And These Initials Mean Nothing And My And Vijay’s Relation Is Not That Weak And He Knows Me Better Than You Do. Sharda Says Okay.
Amruta Calls Pallavi Says Mansi Is Looking For Her. Mansi Tells Pallavi They Have To Win Sangeet, Rahul’s Family Has Challenged Them A Face Off Between Maharashtra And South Indian And I Want To Win, Amruta Says Dont Worry I Am Here I Am Best Dancer And See No One Will Challenge Me, Milind Says You Dance Your Bollywood And Pallavi Will Do Her Kathak Performance, Mansi Says Then We Will Win For Sure, Because On Rahul’s Side No One Knows Bharatnatyam, Pallavi Says But There Is One Man And He Might Challenge And That Would Be Tough Competition.
Raghav Gets Dressed For Sangeet And Says Amma I Am Coming For You.

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