Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th March 2021 Written Episode Full Update

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Rajrani Saying Bua Should Respect Randhir From Now. She Gets Angry And Goes. Bua Makes A Face. Bua Says You Don’t Think I Will Do This, Amrit And Rajrani Can Do Any Drama, But I Will Not Let Randhir Marry Amrit. Amrit Goes To See Randhir. She Says He Isn’t Anywhere. She Goes Hearing Him Play The Mouth Organ. She Goes And Holds Him. Kyun Uthe…Plays… He Says I Thought To Apologize To Bua Once. She Says I Feel Love For You, I Didn’t Do Any Mistake. He Says Love Ends All The Wounds. She Says Rajrani Has Agreed For Our Alliance, I Think Lala Will Also Agree Soon. She Goes Away And Looks At Him. He Encourages Her. They Smile.

Bua Goes To Buy Some Drugs From The Hakeem. He Says Its Dangerous, Use It Carefully. She Nods. She Says I Won’t Let Amrit Stay Happily, I Won’t Let The Marriage Happen. Its Morning, Kiran Apologizes To Amrit On Bua’s Behalf. She Says I Also Didn’t Like That. Amrit Says It Happened, What Can We Do. Kiran Offers Help. Amrit Says Vashma Is Coming For Breakfast With Her Husband. Kiran Helps Her. Bua Comes There And Sees Amrit. She Sees Kiran Getting The Drugs Bottle. She Gets Shocked.
Bua Asks Did You Apply It Somewhere. Kiran Says No. Bua Says Its Hakeem’s Drugs, One Can Get Mad By Eating This, I Want To Make Randhir Mad, I Will Add This Medicine In His Food And Then It Will Do Its Work. Kiran Asks What’s The Need. Bua Says Lala Will Agree Some Day, I Won’t Let The Marriage Happen.

Abrar And Farooq Come Home With Vashma. Abrar Says Dad Has Gone Out For Some Work. Randhir Greets Them. He Asks How Are You Vashma. She Says I M Fine. Lala Asks Amrit To Play Radio. They Hear About The Riots And The Number Of People Killed. Lala Asks Her To Shut The Unlucky Radio, It Just Gives Bad News. Radha Says I Couldn’t Drop My Chunri, I Fell Asleep, Brij Also Slept, I Will Do This Tonight. Rajrani Smiles. Amrit Comes. Rajrani Asks Is Uday At Home. Amrit Says Yes. Uday Comes With Dhol And Behaves Weird Once Again. He Gives Dhol To Abdul.
He Asks Randhir To Come And Help. Lala Says They Have Come For Breakfast. Uday Says I Arranged Their Entertainment For Free. Rajrani Asks Radha To Take Sweets And Feed Them. Bua Says I Will Do This. Uday Dances In Front Of Vashma. He Asks Vashma To Dance. Farooq Gets Angry. He Says Their Friendship Looks Strong. Abrar Says They Are Friends Since Childhood. Amrit Says Yes, We Are Dancing Like This Since Childhood, Right Vashma. Bua Adds Drugs In The Sweet Dish. She Serves The Sweets To Randhir. Randhir Smiles Seeing Amrit.
Uday Holds Vashma’s Hands And Dances. Farooq Shouts Stop, Enough. Randhir Doesn’t Eat The Sweets. Farooq Says Childhood Has Ended, Now She Isn’t Your Friend, But My Wife, I Don’t Like Anyone Dancing With Her. Abrar Scolds Vashma. Farooq Asks Him To Scold Uday. Uday Hugs Farooq And Says Its Your Marriage Celebration, Its Fine, We Will Dance. Farooq Pushes Uday. Randhir’s Sweet Dish Falls Down. Bua Worries. Uday Gets A Wound.
Farooq Gets Upset And Takes Vashma With Him. Lala Scolds Uday For His Joke And Raises Hand. Randhir Moves Uday Away And Gets Slapped By Lala. Lala Asks Why Did You Come In Between, You Got Slapped. Randhir Says Its Fine, I M Also Your Son, Elders’ Beating Is Good, Its Not Uday’s Mistake, He Is Kiddish. Lala Says Its My Mistake That I Didn’t Put Any Responsibility On Him, He Will Come With Me To The Shop Every Day Now. Uday Agrees. Abrar Looks On. He Tells His Friends That They Have To End Uday’s Story, Burn The Shop, So That Uday Dies, Lala Will Go Home In Afternoon To Have Food, Nothing Should Happen To Him. The Man Says We Have To End All Of Them Soon, Else We Will Lose Lahore.
Lala Asks Why Is Uday Doing This, I M Worried For Him. She Says Its His Kiddishness. He Gets Up And Stumbles. Randhir Holds Him. Lala Says I Got Dizzy. Amrit Asks What Happened. Lala Says I Have Much Work At The Shop Now. Randhir Says I Will Go With Uday And Do The Work. Lala Says Its Different Work. Randhir Says I Will Handle It, Don’t Worry, Give Me A Chance Once. Rajrani Says He Is Right, He Will Manage The Shop, Take Rest, Trust Him. Lala Says Nothing Shall Go Wrong. Randhir Promises. He Says I Will Get Ready And Come. He Smiles Seeing Amrit. He Gets Ready. Amrit Comes. Randhir Says I Can Become A Labourer For You. Amrit Says Mum Will Convince Dad Gradually, Not Everyone Gets A Good Son-In-Law Like You. He Says You Are Learning From Ghalib, I M Learning From Ranjhan, Marriage Isn’t Done With The Girl, But Her Entire Family, She Also Said That A Girl Should Never Get Tears In Her Eyes. She Smiles. She Holds His Hand And Kisses. He Smiles. Bua Looks On. Randhir Meets Uday. He Asks Him Not To Keep Anything In His Heart And Vent Out, Shout. Uday Shouts. Randhir Smiles.
Uday Consoles Him. Randhir Asks Uday To Cope Up, Its Not Easy, Its Tough, Forget Her, Just Remember The Good Memories Spent With Her And Move On, Else You Will Make Troubles For Yourself. Randhir Goes. Vashma Comes To Meet Uday. He Sees Her Hurt And Asks Her To Forget That She Is Married. She Asks Him To Understand That She Is Someone Else’s Wife. She Scolds Him. He Says I Will Keep You Happy, We Have Time, We Will Go Away, Forget Everything. She Recalls Rajrani’s Words. Uday Cries And Says If I Get You, I Will Get Fine, We Will Go Away From Here. She Slaps Him. Uday Sadly Leaves. Bua Says You Are Taking Food For Randhir At The Shop. Amrit Smiles. Bua Says I Have Much Headache, Can You Get The Balm. Abdul Goes. Bua Adds The Drugs In The Food. She Thinks None Can Save Randhir Now.
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