Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd March 2021 Written Episode

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Randhir Coming To Apologize To Amrit On Seeing Her Angry. He Looks For Something. She Asks What Are You Looking For. He Says Your Lost Voice. He Asks Why Are You Upset. She Asks Why Did Zohra Say That She Will Make You Forget Your Fiancee, Can This Really Happen, Will You Forget Me. Randhir Does Shayari To Express Love.
He Says I Can’t Forget You. She Smiles. She Goes. Uday Comes To Brij And Holds His Feet. He Cries. He Recalls Vashma. He Says Good You Aren’t Conscious, Else I Would Have Not Told This To You, I M Not Doing An Easy Thing, You Would Have Not Permitted Me, You Always Objected To Whatever I Did, What I M Doing Now Is For My Good, I Love You A Lot. Brij Wakes Up. He Says I Need To Talk To You, I M Ashamed To Have A Son Like You, Get Out Of Here, Don’t Show Me Your Face. He Sleeps Again. Radha Looks On. Uday Cries And Goes.
He Asks Radha To Take Care Of Brij And Serve Him The Same Way. He Says I Wish No Guy Has To Choose Between His True Love And Family. Radha Holds His Hands. Brij Turns And Sees This. He Gets Angry And Turns Away. Uday Leaves.
Lala Says Situation Is Changing Now, The News Was Coming, A Man Was Asking If We Will Sell Our Shop. Rajrani Asks Why Will We Sell Our Shop, Why Would We Leave Our Place. Uday Hears Them. Rajrani Asks Him To Come In. Uday Touches Their Feet. Lala Says The Youngsters Don’t Think So. He Asks Uday Will He Leave Lahore If He Gets A Good Opportunity Outside The City. Rajrani Says We Won’t Let Uday Go Anywhere By Leaving Us. Uday Thinks And Leaves. He Prays That He Is Taking A Big Step For The Sake Of His Love. He Prays For The Family. Amrit Comes There. She Says When All The Ways Get Shut And We See Darkness In Front Of Our Eyes, Just Lord Can Bring Us Back To The Lights And Show Me The Way.
She Says You Have Always Promised To Protect Me, I Have Promised The Same. He Hugs Her And Says We Will Inform You About Our Well Being. She Says Take Care Of Vashma, I M Going To Get Her, You Be Ready. He Nods.
Radha Scolds Brij For Visiting A Bad Place. She Asks What Can That Woman Do Which I Can’t Do. She Jumps Around And Shows Him. He Asks Her To Get Ready And Leaves. Radha Prays. Amrit Comes To Vashma’s House. Vashma Says I M Going To Amrit’s Place To Get Ready. She Hugs Zaheda And Cries. Iqbal Looks On. Zaheda Says Marriage Is Tomorrow, Why Are You Crying Now.
Vashma Gets Emotional. She Says If I Don’t Come For Some Reason, Then Don’t Think That I Don’t Love You. Iqbal Consoles Her. Zaheda Says You Will Always Be There In Our Heart, Stop Worrying, Go And Get Ready, Come Back Soon. She Hugs Vashma. Amrit And Vashma Come Home. Vashma Cries And Hugs Her. She Asks Her Not To Cry, Else She Can’t Live. Amrit Asks Her To Go. Radha Comes To Them. Vashma Says I Will Leave Now, Uday Is Waiting For Me. Radha Asks How Will You Go, Abrar Is Standing Outside. Amrit Gets An Idea. She Gets A Sack For Vashma. Radha Asks Vashma To Come Back, She Will Surely Accept Her. Vashma Cries And Hugs Her. Amrit Gives Vashma Her Bag. Vashma Sits Inside The Sack. Radha Says Don’t Know I M Doing Right Or Not, But Take Care Of Them. Amrit Says I Will Keep This Sack With Other Sacks, I Will Ask Uday To Take This Sack. Vashma Nods. Abdul And Uday Take The Sacks Outside. Uday Asks Vashma Are You Fine. She Says Yes. Abdul Asks What. Uday Says Its Good. He Makes An Excuse. Amrit Looks On. Abrar Comes. Uday Worries. He Asks Vashma Not To Move, Abrar Is In Front. Bhanu Says These Sacks Have The Masalas. Abdul Says Yes. Uday Says No. Amrit Worries. Abdul Says Lala Asked Me To Keep The Sack In Your House. Uday Says Lala Asked Me To Keep It In The Shop. He Asks Abrar To Help Abdul.
Abrar Goes. Rajrani Says Vashma Is Getting Ready, I Will Get Her. She Hears Vashma’s Voice And Looks Around. Uday Goes. Rajrani Says Its Vashma’s Voice. She Goes To Amrit’s Room. She Says Vashma, Everyone Is Waiting. She Asks Where Is Vashma. Amrit Says I M Also Thinking Where Is She. She Lies. Rajrani Says Fine, Tell Zara To Get This, We Will Make Vashma Ready, Come With Me.Zaheda Arranges The Jewellery. She Checks Vashma’s Cupboard. She Thinks Vashma Used To Collect Eidi In His Box. She Says She Could Have Asked Us For Money, Why Did She Need Money. She Says Her Clothes Aren’t Here. Rajrani Comes With Amrit. She Asks Where Is Vashma. Zaheda Says Her Clothes And Money Aren’t There. Rajrani And Zaheda Ask Do You Know Anything. Amrit Says I Took Her Kurti To Iron, She Wasn’t There When I Returned. Abrar Comes And Says We Got The Walnuts And Masala Sacks. He Asks Why Are You Looking Worried. Zaheda Says Vashma Isn’t Here. Rajrani Says She Didn’t Reach Here, When Uday Saved Me From Falling, I Heard Her Voice, I Think There Is Some Matter. Abrar Says It Means When Uday Was Taking A Sack On His Back. Rajrani Says Yes. Abrar Shouts Uday. Amrit Prays For Uday And Vashma. They Are On The Way. Uday Asks Vashma To Come Fast. They Leave In The Cart. Abrar Comes And Stops Them. He Shouts Vashma, Get Down. Uday Faces Abrar.
Uday Says We Love Each Other A Lot, Let Us Go. Bua Says Vashma And Her Mum Aren’t Here. She Asks Amrit Where Is Rajrani. Amrit Says I Don’t Know. Bua Says She Won’t Tell Me, Liar. Amrit Prays. Uday Stops Abrar And Fights. He Says Let Us Go, I Love Her A Lot. Abrar Says I Doubted You Before, I Will Beat You Fast. Rajrani And Zaheda Come. She Asks Abrar To Stop. Zaheda Slaps Vashma. Abrar Hits On Uday’s Head. Vashma Worries For Him And Cries. Rajrani Shouts.
Zohra Comes In The Jalsa To Perform. The Man Says Iqbal Has Kept This Jalsa On Farooq’s Saying. Randhir And Brij Get Shocked Seeing Zohra. Brij Thinks If Zohra Identifies Me, Lala Will Know About Me And Make Me Out Of The House. Amrit Thinks She Is Zohra Bai, How Did She Come Here, The Family Can Know That We Visited The Brothel. Radha Worries. Bua Smiles. Zohra Performs. She Flirts With Randhir. He Shouts Enough, You Came Here To Do Mujra, Not To Cross Limits. Zohra Says Good You Remember My Name, People Like You Refuse To Know Us After Visiting. Bua Asks Why Would Randhir Visit Your Brothel. Zohra Says Just Randhir Can Answer. Bua Says Maybe She Is Mistaken. Zohra Says You Left Your Belonging Yesterday. She Recalls Getting His Kerchief Left There. Amrit Recalls The Kerchief. Bua And Farooq Smile. Randhir Sees Lala. Radha Says Zohra Has Done A Big Drama, What Will Lala Do In Anger Now. Farooq Insults Randhir. He Says Now Lala Would Know Whose Fault It Was Yesterday. Bua Recalls Showing Zohra’s Pic To Farooq And Asking Him To Invite Her In The Jalsa.
Lala Scolds Randhir. He Decides To Break The Alliance. Radha Says I Should Tell The Truth. Amrit Says No. Randhir Is Silent To Save Brij, If We Talk In Between Then His Efforts Will Fail. Lala Says You Changed My Thoughts About You, No Need To Wait For One Month, I M Seeing Your New Face Every Day, Better Take Your Bags And Leave From Here. Randhir And Amrit Cry. Bua Gets Happy. Iqbal Says Such Mistakes Happen In Young Age. Lala Says Its A Sin In My Sight.

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