Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th February 2021 Written Episode

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Randhir Explaining Lala And Rajrani. He Says I Will Keep My Promise To Amrit, I Told Her That Her Marriage Will Happen When You Bless Her And Send Her With Me, I Love Her A Lot. Lala Says Enough, I Have A Problem To This Shamelessness. Bua Smiles Hearing Them. Lala Says How Dare You Say This, Our Generation Didn’t Do This, If You Kept Patience, You Would Have Fallen In Love With Kiran, But You Didn’t Think Of It. Amrit Hears Them. Lala Asks Him To Take Ranjhan’s Story Papers And Clean His Shoe By It. Randhir Is Shocked. Amrit Worries. Randhir Takes The Papers.

He Says No, Sorry, I Can Tolerate My Insult For Your Happiness, But I Can’t Insult Any Writer, Even If You Like The Writer Or Not. Bua Smiles. Lala Says Now You Know Why I Don’t Like You, Your And My Thinking Can Never Match. Randhir Says I Want To Prove Your Thinking Wrong, My Thoughts Are New, I Know To Respect Elders, I Want To Stay Here And Prove It To You. Lala Says Fine, If I Will Let You Stay Here, Even Then If You Don’t Win My Heart Then…. What Do You Have To Lose, Amrit’s Roka Is Done With You. Randhir Says I Want Your Blessings And Permission, I Want Amrit’s Happiness, I Can Do Anything For Her Happiness.

Lala Says If You Don’t Win My Heart Or Prove Yourself Good In My Eyes, Then I Will End Relation With Amrit. Randhir And Amrit Get Shocked. Lala Says I Will Get Amrit Married To You, Amrit Will Go To Sasural, But She Will End Her Ties With Her Maayka. Rajrani Cries. Lala Also Cries Sadly. Randhir Asks What’s This Condition. Lala Asks Why, You Trust Your Love, See The Power Of Your Love, Why Are You Afraid, You Should Be Happy With Amrit, You Want Blessings From Me, Why Are You Scared To Pay A Price.

Randhir Says Bless Me That I Get Amrit’s Happiness And Your Blessings For Her. He Takes Lala And Rajrani’s Blessings. He Leaves. Bua Hides. Amrit Cries And Goes. Bua Thinks I Will See How You Win Lala’s Heart, You Have To Lose The Bet. Randhir Gets His Bag To His Room. He Smiles And Asks Did I Say A Lot. Amrit Says No, I Didn’t Know That The Characters I Write In The Story Are Also In Real Life, You Were Talking Like A Hero. He Smiles. He Asks Her Not To Worry. He Jokes. Radha Gets A Kurta For Brij And Helps Him Wear It.

Brij Recalls The Ladies’ Taunts And Says Its Of Uday’s Measurements, It Makes Me Feel Inferior. She Says No, I Took The Measurements Myself. He Asks Whose. She Asks What. He Gets Angry On Her And Wears Other Clothes. He Says I Can Do My Work On My Own, Go And Give Kurta To Uday. She Says I Got This For You. Uday Comes And Says I Want Your Cupboard Keys, I Want Some Money To Buy Hockey. Brij Says I Have No Money For This Nonsense. Uday Says Give Me Some Money. Brij Says No, Go From Here. Uday Goes. Radha Asks Why Did You Refuse To Uday, You Have Much Money In The Cupboard. Brij Goes. Uday Comes Back And Asks Where Did Brij Go. She Says He Went Out. He Asks For Ration Card. She Says I Will Get It. She Gets The Keys And Opens The Cupboard. She Gives The Ration Card. Brij Looks On And Misunderstands Them.

Radha Asks What Will You Do Of This. Uday Says I Will Not Hide Anything From You, You Did A Lot For Me. She Smiles. He Thanks Her And Goes. The Girls Dance In Vashma’s Mehendi. Amrit Comes In The Mehendi Function. She Looks Upset. Vashma Asks Why Are You Upset, Its My Mehendi. Amrit Asks How Can You Be So Happy. Vashma Says I Have Mehendi Of Uday’s Name, I M Going To Elope With Him. Amrit Asks What About Your Parents, They Will Die. Vashma Cries And Says I Know They Will Be Much Upset, Once I Marry Uday, I Will Get A Chance To Convince Them. Amrit Asks Where Will You Run Away. Vashma Says We Will Handle It, Uday And I Have United, I Can’t Step Back Now. Zaheda Asks Amrit To Get Mehendi. Amrit Recalls Randhir’s Words. Vashma Recalls Uday’s Words.

Brij Dances With Some Poor Men. The Men Joke On Him. Lala Comes And Gets Angry. He Asks Brij To Stop It. He Finds Brij Drunk. Brij Says I Have Made A Joke Of Myself. Bua Looks On. Brij’s Hand Makes Lala’s Pagdi Fall Down. Randhir Comes And Holds The Pagdi. Lala Sees Randhir.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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