Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 25th February 2021 Written Episode

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Lala Saying Amrit And Randhir’s Roka Will Happen. Savita Says If The Misunderstanding Got Cleared Yesterday, Then This Would Have Not Happened. She Asks Rajrani To Make Amrit Ready And Get Her For Roka. Amrit Cries And Apologizes To Rajrani. Rajrani Scolds Her. Vashma Consoles Amrit And Says Parents’ Anger Goes Away Soon, Your Dad Agrees For Your Roka With Randhir. Amrit Says I Want To See Tears Of Happiness In My Dad’s Eyes During My Bidaai. She Goes And Sees Bua Asking Lala About Kiran’s Future. Lala Recalls Savita’s Words.

Lala Says You Should Have Thought Of This Before Lying, You Thought You Can Give Happiness To Kiran By Lies. Bua Says Forgive Me, Think About Kiran. Lala Says No Need Now, My Sister And My Daughter Have Ashamed Me Today. Amrit Cries. Bua Asks Him To Listen Once. Lala Goes. Brij Asks Bua To Go And Attend Guests. Bua Argues With Him. He Says We Can Go To The Room And Cry, There Is No One To Console Us. She Argues With Brij And Goes. He Asks Her To Listen. He Collides With Radha. The Earring Falls From Her Hand. She Says Sorry. He Recalls Uday.

She Says Its Vashma’s Earring, I M Finding It. He Recalls Vashma’s Words. Radha Says I M Not Getting It, I Will Find It Later. Brij Thinks Radha Is Saying Its Vashma’s Earring, What’s The Truth, Why Is Radha Lying About Uday. He Hears The Ladies Talking About The Family. He Sees Radha And Uday. He Gets Angry And Goes.

Amrit And Randhir’s Roka Rituals Are Done. Pandit Gives Them Mahurat Date Options For The Marriage. Lala Says Next Month Date Will Be Good, Daughter Has Become Of Others Now, We Will Hand Her Over To Randhir’s Family. Savita Says We Can’t Wait To Take Our Bahu Home. Karam Asks Them To Have Sweets. Lala Stops Karam. He Throws The Sweets. Iqbal Asks Vashma To Spend Time With Amrit. Bhanu Says Its A Month Now. Iqbal Says You Are Saying About Amrit, I M Talking About Vashma, We Kept Her Marriage After 2 Days. Uday, Radha And Vashma Get Shocked. Vashma Cries. Abrar Smiles.

Bhanu Says How Will Things Get Done Soon. Iqba Says Farooq Is Going Rangoon, He Wanted To Take Vashma Along. Zaheda Invites All Of Them In The Mehendi Function. Iqbal And Family Leave. Randhir And His Family Also Leave. Lala Stays Sad. Amrit Feels That Everything Is Snatched From Her. Brij Asks Where Is Radha. Abdul Says I Didn’t See Her. Brij Asks For Uday. Abdul Says Uday Isn’t In His Room.

Brij Gets Angry Recalling The Ladies Taunts. He Sees Radha And Uday Going. Brij Hides. Radha Says I Thought Someone Is Watching Us. Uday Says None Should See Us. She Stumbles. Uday Holds Her. Brij Comes And Shouts Radha. She Says You Can’t Even Handle Yourself. Uday Asks Why Did You Marry Her When You Can’t Take Care Of Her, I M There, I Will Do Your Work And Handle Her, You Go And Take Rest. They Laugh. Brij’s Imagination Ends. Radha Goes With Uday And Says I Can’t Lie To Brij If He Questions Me. Uday Asks Her To Go. Amrit Says I Will Take Kada For Dad. Abdul Gets The Food Plate Back.

Lala Says Amrit Got Me Ashamed. Vashma Meets Uday And Says I Will Not Marry Farooq. Uday Says No One Can Separate Us. She Says Wind Can Blow Off The Lamp. He Says We Will Go Away From Here, No One Will Know Us, Hockey Camp Will Be There In Delhi, Once We Reach There, None Can Separate Us. He Asks Her To Go Home, None Shall Doubt Her In Her House. She Nods And Hugs Him. She Cries. He Says Enough, Come. They Find The Door Locked. She Asks Him Not To Make Noise. Amrit Comes And Opens The Door. They Get Relieved. Amrit Cries And Hugs Vashma.

She Says Good Isn’t Happening With Us. She Asks Uday To Help Her. Savita And Karam Talk About The Happening. They See Randhir Upset And Ask What Happened. Randhir Says Lala Ji Isn’t Happy, He Agreed For The Alliance, But He Is Upset. Savita Says You Can End His Annoyance By Giving Him A Grandchild. Karam Says No Father Can Stay Angry On A Child, Maybe His Anger Has Calmed Down, He Maybe Coming To Hug You. Someone Knocks The Door. Karam Says Maybe I M Right. Randhir Checks And Sees Uday. Uday Takes Randhir To Meet Amrit. Uday Goes. Randhir Says If Anyone Knows About Our Meeting, Then…. Amrit Says It Was Imp To Talk, My Dad Is Angry On Me, Don’t Dream For Our Tomorrow. He Says I M Sure To Convince Him. She Says If Dad Isn’t Convinced, Then I Will Not Do This Marriage. Randhir Is Shocked.

Amrit Gets Sad And Says I M Losing In This Fight Always. He Says I Know Lala’s Place In Your Life. He Consoles Her And Wipes Her Tears. He Says I Promise, I Will Never Snatch Your Sky, I Will Convince Your Dad And Then Marry You. They Smile.

He Calls Uday. He Asks Uday To Take Amrit Home, He Will Marry Her After A Month. Amrit Smiles. Kiran Says You Told Me That My Roka Will Happen, Where Shall I Go Now. Bua Asks Her To Have Water. She Says Amrit Won’t Marry Randhir, If You Don’t Marry Him. She Plans Something. Amrit Takes Food For Lala Ji. Rajrani Gets Other Plate For Him. Randhir Comes And Greets Lala. He Says My Parents Went Back, I M Staying In Lahore, I Will Be Staying Here Till The Marriage. Lala Says You Are A Rich Man, You Can Stay Anywhere. Randhir Says I Have Come To Stay In Your Haveli And Heart, Can I Talk To You In Private. Lala Asks Why, You Wanted To Marry Amrit, Your Wish Got True. Randhir Says Just 5mins. He Asks Rajrani To Come Along. Randhir Signs Amrit And Goes. Bua Looks On.

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