Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 24th February 2021 Written Episode

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Lala Saying Your Alliance Will Happen With Kiran Or No One Else. He Thanks Karam’s Family For Coming And Asks Them To Leave. Savita Says You Have Said It As Your Wish, You Didn’t Ask Your Sister, Why Didn’t She Tell You About Our Wish. Karam Says We Didn’t Wish To Hurt Anyone So We Came To Talk To You, Bua Said She Will Talk And Asked Us To Leave. Bua Says Don’t Trap Me, What Did I Do. Lala Asks Bua To Swear On Kiran And Say, Is He Saying The Truth.

Bua Signs No. She Says What Could I Do, They Were Breaking The Promise To My Late Husband, I M A Widow, I Stay At Your House, I M Also A Mum, I Did What I Felt Right At That Time, Its Amrit’s Mistake, She Knew That Randhir’s Alliance Came For Kiran, Even Then She Had Trapped Him In Love. Brij Asks What Happened Are You Saying. Bua Says Ask Amrit, Look At Her Handwriting, Her Letter. She Shows The Letter Amrit Had Written For Randhir. Lala Gets Shocked. Bua Asks Him To Read It. Lala Asks Brij To Read It Aloud. Brij Reads. Bua Says Ask Amrit, If She Has Written The Letter Or Not. Randhir Looks At Amrit. They All Bow Down. Lala Gets His Pic And Says Spit On This Pic, Amrit, You Crush This Ancestor’s Pic Under Your Feet. He Scolds Amrit. Rajrani Says She Wrote The Letter To Clear The Misunderstanding. She Asks Amrit To Tell Them That She Doesn’t Want To Marry Randhir. Amrit Recalls Randhir’s Love Confession. She Cries. She Keeps The Pic Back And Says Yes, I Want To Marry Randhir. Rajrani And Lala Get Shocked.

Randhir And His Parents Smile. Amrit Says But Not Without Your Blessings. Rajrani Holds Lala. Amrit Says Its True That I Like Randhir, But I Have Never Tried To Get Kiran’s Right, I Really Felt That You Agreed, Else I Had Stepped Back Much Before. Bua Says She Is Lying, The Day She Knew That Kiran’s Alliance Came For Kiran, She Got Jealous And Trapped Randhir. Randhir Says Stop It, Amrit Has Always Stopped Me By Telling About The Elders’ Promise, It Was My Decision To Talk To Elders And Convince Them, Amrit Wasn’t Involved, Amrit And Her Words Have Impressed Me, I Fell In Love With Her, I Spoke To My Family. Bua Says When The Kids Can Talk About Love In Front Of Elders, Then Its Totally Wrong. She Says Amrit Has Done Magic On You, We All Were Here, Did Anyone Know Amrit’s Heart. Uday Comes And Says I Knew It, I Knew That Amrit Loves Randhir, I Have Heard About The Alliance And Thought Its Amrit And Randhir’s Alliance, I Went To Amrit And Gave The Good News, I M Sorry, I M The Reason For The Misunderstanding, Amrit Isn’t At Fault. Lala Says You All Want To Prove My Faith Wrong, Why. He Cries. Brij Says I Agree With Uday, Just He Can Do This Big Mistake. Bua Says Amrit Has Played The Real Game, She Knew Everything, See What She Is Doing, My Kiran Is Crying, She Got Insulted, She Has No Father, Amrit Is At Fault. She Cries And Goes Upstairs. The Ladies Say Maybe Roka Won’t Happen Today.

Lala Sits In Shock. Amrit Says Trust Me, I Didn’t Play Any Game. Lala Says I Told You That This Alliance Is For Kiran, Even Then You Fell In Love With Randhir, Right. Amrit Cries And Nods. Lala Says Its The Mistake Of My Upbringing, I Have No Right To Wear This Pagdi. He Removes His Pagdi. He Gets Emotional. He Says You Told Me That You Won’t Do Anything Like The Girls In Ranjhan’s Story, You Lied To Keep My Heart. He Says I Don’t Permit What You Have Thought Of. Karam And Savita Worry. Randhir Says Sorry Lala Ji, What’s The Problem, I Like Your Daughter, She Likes Me, Our Families Like Each Other, I Will Keep Her Happy, Is Promise Imp Than Her Happiness. Lala Says Promise Is Part Of Our Shastra, You Will Not Understand This. Randhir Says I Will Respect The Seven Vows, I Would Be Giving Those Promises, It Won’t Be Forced On Me. Randhir Explains Lala And Says Just Think Of Amrit’s Happiness Once, She Loves You A Lot, If Love Was Wrong, Then People Would Have Never Worshipped Radha And Krishna. Bhanu Asks How Dare You Talk To Dad Like This. Brij Stops Bhanu. Rajrani Asks Vashma To Take Amrit. Vashma Takes Amrit With Her. Brij Signs Radha To Go. Radha Goes. Uday Stops Amrit And Says Forgive Me, I Didn’t Know Your Problems, I Was Just Thinking Of Myself.

Bua Goes To Kiran And Explains Her How To Get Randhir. She Says After My Husband Died, I Came To Stay With My Brothers, My Sasural Made Me Leave, Where Could I Take You, I Started Staying Here And Obeyed Them, You Won’t Do This, You Will Rule, Your Dad Did A Good Thing Before Dying, He Fixed Your Marriage With Randhir, You Won’t Cry, Amrit Will Cry, Randhir Will Be Yours. Kiran Cries And Asks How. Bua Says You Will Get Defamed To Marry Him. She Throws Kiran’s Dupatta. She Says Some Times A Stain On The Forehead Becomes Sindoor, What Will Randhir Do If Your Dupatta Falls Down. Kiran Says He Won’t Let This Happen. Bua Says Randhir Is Too Good, Its His Weakness, He Will Support You When He Gets Defamed, You Have To Lose Something To Get Something, Randhir Will Pay A Price For His Goodness, Even If He Doesn’t Keep His Promise. She Smiles. She Goes To Randhir.

She Says Its Good I Got You Here, I Want Your Help, Listen To Me, Kiran Is Crying A Lot, Don’t Marry Her, Fine, But Explain Her Once, She Can Do Anything Wrong, Save Her. He Nods And Goes To Talk To Kiran. Amrit Throws Things And Says I Had Let Down My Dad. She Cries. Vashma Tries To Console Her. She Says There Is Nothing Imp Than Family. Vashma Asks Her To Listen. Amrit Says Ranjhan Can’t Win, I Have To Apologize To Dad. Vashma Says He Is Angry, He Won’t Listen To You. Amrit Says I Just Want To See Him Happy. Vashma Says I Will Get Water For You. Randhir Sees Amrit Feeling Dizzy. He Runs To Her. Kiran Says I Will Act To Fall In Randhir’s Arms….

Randhir Holds Amrit In Arms And Asks Her To Open Eyes. Vashma Asks Him To Take Amrit To The Room. He Takes Amrit To Her Room And Makes Her Lie Down On The Bed. Her Dupatta Falls Down. He Asks Amrit Is She Okay. He Sprinkles Water On Her Face. Amrit Gets Conscious. Randhir Gets Her Diary. He Reads It And Smiles. She Thinks Randhir Will Know That I M Ranjhan, I Have To Stop Him. He Recalls And Says Its The Same Diary Which I Got Before, Ranjhan. He Recalls Her Words.

He Says You Are Ranjhan, I M Fan Of Your Writings, I M Impressed By Your Courage, Kiran Lied That She Is Ranjhan, You Kept Silent Because My Alliance Came For Her. He Holds Amrit And Says Its Imp For Me To Get You, You Are My Love And Ranjhan Also. He Holds Her Hands. Kuch Na Kaho….Plays….

Brij Defends Amrit In Front Of Lala. He Says Give Her Happiness, Randhir Is A Nice Guy, Amrit And He Love Each Other, Its About Respect, Let The Roka Happen. Rajrani Says Everyone Knows That Randhir Likes Amrit, Her Name Will Spoil. Bua Asks Them To Come And See What’s Happening, She Asked Randhir Not To Go Upstairs. Randhir Says Amrit, Everything Will Be Fine. Amrit Says No, Forget Me, Everything Is Over. Randhir Says I Can’t Forget You, I Love You.

The Lady Says Amrit And Randhir Are Together. Everyone Looks On Shocked. The Lady Asks What Is Randhir Doing In Amrit’s Room. Randhir And Amrit See Everyone. Amrit Picks Her Dupatta. The Ladies Taunt. Randhir Says Amrit Fainted. Rajrani Goes To Slap Amrit. Lala Comes And Stops Rajrani. He Says Roka Will Happen Of Amrit And Randhir. Everyone Gets Shocked.

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