Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 23rd February 2021 Written Episode

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Farooq Coming In The Function. Lala Takes Him To Randhir. Rajrani Asks Amrit To Go. Abdul Comes. Amrit Keeps The Note Under The Drink Glass. Bua Looks On. Amrit Asks Abdul To Give The Note To Randhir, None Should Know. Bua Thinks What New Drama Will She Do Now, I Have To Take The Chit. Bua Gets Kiran. Kiran Greets Savita. Savita Says When Randhir Told Us About Her, We Liked Her Name. Kiran Thinks It Will Be Tough If She Takes Amrit’s Name. She Acts To Get Hurt And Stops Her. Bua Asks Abdul To Give Her The Glass. Abdul Says No, I Have Made This For Randhir. She Makes Him Turn And Takes The Note.

She Goes. Abdul Gives The Drink To Randhir. Abdul Looks For The Note And Checks The Glass. Randhir Asks Is Everything Fine. Abdul Says Yes, Have The Drink. Bua Reads The Note. She Tears It And Throws. Amrit Waits For Randhir. Abrar Asks Farooq To Have A Drink, Until Then He Will Call Vashma.

Uday And Vashma Exchange Marriage Vows. They Exchange Garlands And Accept Each Other. He Says None Can Separate Us. Abrar Calls Her Out. Uday Says I Heard That Person Can Cross Any Such Limit In Love, We Didn’t Let Any Wall Create Between Us, We Will Explain The Elders, But None Can Separate Us. Vashma Says We Will Never Get Separated. They Hug. Abrar Calls Her. Vashma Asks Uday To Remove The Garlands, They Can’t Stay Back For Long. Uday Says No One Will See Us. Vashma Asks Him To Hide Fast. Uday Hides. She Acts To Help In The Work. Abrar Asks What Are You Doing. Vashma Says I M Tired Breaking The Ice. He Says Let Me Do It. He Stabs On The Ice Bricks. She Says Enough, I Will Ask Zara To Take The Ice Pieces. He Says You Are Here For These Ice. She Says Yes, I Don’t Have Power Like You. He Says Fine. He Asks Her To Come. She Leaves With Him.

Uday Gets Up To Go. He Has Vashma’s Earring Stuck On His Kurta. Vashma Thinks Amrit Got A Chance To Tell Randhir Or Not That He Is Getting Engaged To Kiran. Randhir Goes To Clean His Kurta. Amrit Comes To Help Him. Kyun Uthe…Plays… He Says Its Not Bad If Groom And Bride Meet Before Marriage. He Laughs. She Gets Sad.

He Sees Her Face And The Moon In The Water Bowl. He Stops Her And Asks Her To See It. He Compliments Her. She Cries. He Asks What Happened, Why Are You Crying. Bhanu Comes To Call Him For Rasam. He Asks Why Are You Crying. Amrit Says Something Went In My Eyes, I Came To Wash It Off. Bhanu Says Fine. Randhir Goes With Him. The Function Goes On. Ladies Sing. Farooq Stops Vashma And Apologizes. He Says I Was Afraid That I Will Lose You, Forget All That, I Promise You I Will Keep You Safe, You Will Never Be Hurt. He Shows The Gift For Her, Hijaab.

Farooq Says Truth Is I Can See My Wife In You, I Have Come To Take You, Keep This Gift. He Hands Over The Gift And Goes. Everyone Dances. Kiran Sits In The Engagement. Rajrani Asks Where Are Vashma And Amrit. Zaheda Says I Will See Vashma And Come. Vashma Throws The Gift. Zaheda Asks Her To Come, Did Farooq Apologize To Her, What Happened, Is Everything Fine. Zaheda Says Yes, I Was Running Around For Work. Zaheda Asks How Did Your Hair Get Loose. Vashma Says I Was Taking Something From Amrit’s Cupboard, My Hair Got Stuck. Zaheda Asks Where Is Your Other Earring. Vashma Says It Broke, So I Kept It Safe. Zaheda Says Then Remove The Other One Also. Vashma Asks Her To Go. Radha Comes And Asks What Happened. Vashma Says My Earring Fell Somewhere, Can You Find It. Radha Says Fine. Brij Asks Uday Where Was He, Its Kiran’s Roka Today. Uday Gets The Gifts.

Brij Gets An Earring Stuck On Uday’s Kurta. He Asks How Did This Come On Your Kurta. Vashma Looks On And Says Its Radha’s Earring, She Was Finding It. She Goes. Uday Also Goes. Brij Thinks Radha’s Earring On His Clothes.

Zaheda Asks Shall We Start The Rasams, Savita Ji. Savita Says Sure. She Does Aarti Of Kiran. Amrit Cries. Randhir Is Away With The Men. Lala Feeds Him The Laddoo. Savita And Randhir Hear Kiran Bala’s Name In The Song And Stop The Rituals. Randhir Stops Lala Ji. Savita Turns Thinking Kiran’s Roka With Randhir, It Had To Happen With Amrit. Randhir Looks At Karamchand. Lala Asks What Happened, Did We Do A Mistake. Karamchand Says We Will Go Aside And Talk. Rajrani Asks What Happened. Savita Keeps The Chunri And Goes. She Tears Down The Curtain. She Gets Angry. Kiran Thinks Biji Thought She Will Create The Misunderstanding And Roka Will Happen.

Randhir Sees Amrit. The Ladies Gossip About The Family. Kiran Cries And Runs Away. Radha Follows. Lala Asks Them To Explain. Karam Says We Came To Get Randhir Engaged To Amrit, Don’t You Know, We Told This To Bua. Bua Says I Thought Its About Dowry. Savita Says We Have Clearly Told Her That We Want To Get Randhir Married To Amrit, She Said She Will Talk To Her Brother And We Believed Her. Lala Says But We Had Decided To Get Randhir And Kiran Engaged. Randhir Says I Love Amrit.

Lala Gets Angry. Randhir Says I Told This To My Dad And He Came Home To Talk To You. Randhir Says If I Marry Kiran, Then We Won’t Be Happy, Because I Like Amrit. Vashma Smiles. Randhir Says I Want To…. Lala Shouts Enough. Bua Asks Who Will Marry Kiran If She Gets Insulted Today. She Cries. Kiran Cries And Goes.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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