Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st March 2021 Written Episode Written Episode

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Abrar Saying Farooq Is Saying The Truth. Farooq Apologizes To Lala. Lala Apologizes To Him From Randhir And Uday’s Sides. Farooq Holds His Hand. Lala Says Don’t Get Angry, Forget Everything. Iqbal Says Come Home, We Will Talk Calmly. He Takes Farooq Home. Randhir Says Lala Ji…. Lala Goes.

Randhir Goes After Him And Says Give Me A Chance To Explain. Bua Says Lala Is Upset, Why Are You Coming. Lala Warns Him. Bua Smiles. Randhir Says But… Lala Signs Him To Stop. Amrit Comes And Looks On. Lala Says You Came Here To Prove Yourself Right, You Couldn’t Even Control Your Anger And Fought On The Road. Amrit Leaves A Letter For Randhir. He Reads The Encouraging Words And Smiles. Uday Packs His Bags. He Worries And Hides The Bag. Radha Comes And Says Brij Got Upset With Me. Uday Says Its Fine, He Gets Upset And Then Comes Back In A Day, He Will Come
Brij Goes To The Brothel And Talks To A Dancer Zohra Bai. He Complains About Radha And Uday. She Serves Him Drinks And Hears His Sorrowful Story. Radha Worries For Brij. Uday Says You Always Think Of Him So Much. She Says Brij Is My Husband And Lord, I M Not Upset With Him. Uday Says If He Is Lord, Then You Are Devi. He Touches Her Feet. She Blesses Her And Asks Why Are You Touching My Feet. He Says I Understood Real Service To Someone By Seeing You, I Will Bring Brij To You. She Asks Really. He Says Yes, I Will Find Him. She Smiles And Says Bless You. Randhir Comes To Help Lala And Asks For A Chance. Lala Asks What Do You Know About Betel, Make A Good Betel For Me If You Can. Randhir Sits To Make A Betel For Him To Impress Him. Amrit Looks On And Signs Him To Guide. He Sees Her And Adds The Things She Signs Him. Randhir Smiles. He Makes The Betel As She Guides. Bua Sees Amrit Hiding And Signalling Him.

She Catches Amrit And Asks Her To Come Out To Tell Randhir. Lala Says You Can Write Few Books On Cheating, You Wanted To Become A Good Person. He Sees Amrit And Gets Angry. He Goes. Bua Smiles. Randhir Says I Don’t Know Making Paan, But I Read About It. He Taunts Bua. Bua Eats The Paan And Spits. She Goes.
Randhir Asks Amrit To Take Care, He Has To Go Out. Uday Asks About Brij. He Says I Tried To Find Him, He Is Nowhere. Lala Says Check At The Bus Station. Bhanu Says He Isn’t Anywhere Around. Lala Says I M Worried For Him. Radha Cries And Says Brij Didn’t Tell Me Anything. Abdul Says The Situation Is Tense Outside, They Are Saying That Punjab Will Be Divided Now. They All Get Worried.

Radha Comes To Amrit And Asks What’s Shahi Mohalla, My Uncle Came And Informed Me That Brij Has Gone There. Amrit Says Its A Place For The Tawaif. Radha Says I Heard That Strange Women Are There. Amrit Says Yes, I Heard That Its Not A Good Place, If Dad Knows This, Then He Will Be Angry On Brij. Radha Says I Will Go And Get Brij. Amrit Says I Will Go With You, Uday Isn’t At Home, I Can Trust Randhir, We Shall Wait. Radha Says No, We Can’t Wait, Come Else I Will Go. Amrit Says Fine, I Will Write A Note For Randhir, I Will Write Why And Where Are We Going. She Writes A Note. She Hides The Note In His Kerchief. She Says Now No One Will See This Note, He Will Get The Note. Radha And Amrit Come To The Brothel Area. They Ask A Lady For Brij And Show The Pic.
Radha And Amrit Go To Zohra’s Place. They Ask For Brij. They See Brij. Radha Says I Want To Take Him. Zohra Asks How Will You Take Him, Pay A Price First. Radha Says I Don’t Have Money. Zohra Says If You Don’t Have Money, Then Stay Back At Night To Earn. She Says You Give The Jewellery And Take Brij. Radha Says Rajrani Has Given Me These Jewellery, I Can’t Give It. Amrit Argues With Her. She Says Better Let Us Go, We Will Send The Money Till Evening. Zohra Asks Her To Show Her Face. She Likes Her Voice. Randhir Comes And Stops Zohra From Seeing Amrit’s Face.

Randhir Warns Zohra. He Says You Want Money, Right, He Gives His Wallet. Zohra Asks Is This Enough. He Gives His Watch And Bracelet. She Says Its Not Enough. He Gives His Gold Chain As Well. She Says Its Not Enough. Randhir Removes His Coat As Well. She Smiles. He Removes His Shirt And Gives It To Her. She Stares At Him. Amrit Feels Bad. Radha Tries To Take Brij. Zohra Says Let It Be Now, No Need To Remove The Shirt To Show The Love, I Have Seen The World. Randhir Wears His Shirt Back. Zohra Says This Money Will Be Enough, You Keep The Respect. They Take Brij With Them. Zohra Smiles. Randhir Says Listen To Me, I Will Take Brij By The Door, You Enter The House From The Back Door, No One Will Know Where Did Brij Go. Radha Says Fine. Randhir Brings Brij Home. Radha And Amrit Hide And See Him. Randhir Signs Them To Go. Everyone Sees Brij Drunk. Lala Asks Where Did You Get Him. Randhir Says I Found Him Near The Market, I Stopped The Car And Got Him. Uday Says Thanks A Lot. Lala Says Thank God, He Didn’t Go To Any Wrong Place, Take Him Inside. A Paper Falls Down. Bua Sees It And Picks. She Reads About Zohra’s Locality. She Smiles.

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