Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th March 2021 Written Episode Ful Episode

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th March 2021 Written Episode Ful Episode, Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye / Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16 March 2021 Written Episode, Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16 March 2021 Written Tellyupdate, Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16 March 2021 Written Update, Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Today Written Episode, Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Today Written Update, Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Wu, Written Episode, Written UpdateVashma Asking Amrit How Is Randhir. Amrit Says He Is Still Unconscious. Vashma Says Forgive Me, I Was Helpless To Lie. Amrit Says I Knew That There Is Some Reason Behind It. Vashma Says I Knew You Will Understand Me, Making Randhir Wear This Taweez. Amrit Hugs Her And Cries. Vashma Goes. Radha Applies The Lep To Her Leg. Brij Comes And Hurts Her More. He Says I Got To See Your True Face, You Got The Family In Your Control, Its Not Easy For Me To Make You Out, What Shall I Do, How Long Shall I Get Insulted, I Have To Find Some Cure For My Pain. Radha Asks What Can I Do For You To Lessen Your Pain. He Says Go Away From My House, Don’t Tell Anyone Where You Went, I Will Tell Them That You Went To Take Care Of Your Uncle, I Don’t Want To See Your Face From Now. Radha Gets Shocked. He Gives Her Some Money To Keep.

She Removes The Jewellery. She Takes Her Bag And Leaves. She Sees Uday Sleeping And Says Sorry, I Have To Go, Brij Asked Me Not To Meet Anyone And Just Leave. She Sees Amrit Praying And Thinks She Was My First Friend In This Haveli. She Hides From Amrit. She Recalls Everything That Happened In The Haveli. She Cries And Recalls The Memories. She Thinks I Have To Obey My Husband’s Command, Its My Dharm. She Wipes Her Tears And Leaves From The House. Its Morning, Rajrani Asks Brij Where Is Radha. Brij Says She Went To Meet Her Uncle, Someone Came From Her Place And Said Her Uncle Isn’t Fine, So She Went. Uday Asks How Did You Let Her Go Alone At Night. Rajrani Says You Should Have Sent Her In The Morning. Brij Says She Insisted That She Wants To Go. Uday Says Tell Me Where She Went, I Will Go And See Her. Brij Scolds Him.Amrit Takes Care Of Randhir. He Gets Conscious. Doctor Checks Him. Amrit Asks Is He Fine. Doctor Says I M Checking Him. Everyone Looks On. Randhir’s Parents Come. Amrit Says He Just Got Conscious. Savita Cries For Randhir. Randhir Says I M Fine. He Tries To Get Up. He Falls Back. He Asks Doctor What’s Happening. Doctor Asks Him To Try To Get Up. Randhir Fails And Says I Can’t Feel Any Sensation In The Left Side Of My Body. He Cries In Pain. Everyone Worries.

Doctor Says I Think He Has Partial Paralysis On The Left Side Of The Body. Bua Comes And Hears This. Everyone Gets Shocked. They Cry. Bua Says How Will He Get Married Now. She Comes To Taunt Randhir And His Parents. Savita Throws The Water. She Blames Lala Ji. Bhanu Says Its Not Dad’s Mistake, Randhir Came To Save Me. Randhir Says No, Its Not Your Fault, I Did That For Humanity. Bua Says Abrar Had Ignited The Fire, He Did This To Randhir, Its All His Deeds. Karam Says We Will File A Report Against Him. She Says Yes, Surely, What Do We Care If Abrar Goes To Jail, But Randhir Will Be Handicapped Now. She Says You Rejected My Girl, Now The World Will Reject Him, Now His Marriage Won’t Happen, Who Will Give Him The Girl, Amrit Won’t Marry Him. Savita Gets Angry. Amrit Asks Would I Leave Him If This Happened After Marriage, I Have Accepted Him, I Loved Him, I Can’t Step Back. Bua Asks Will You Still Marry Him. Amrit Says Yes, I Will Marry Him, Whatever Happens. Randhir Cries.She Gets The Shagun Chunri And Wears It. Uday Comes And Looks On. Amrit Says You Did The Roka And Accepted Me As Your Bahu, Bless Me That I Marry Randhir And Serve Him, Cure Him. Savita Thinks. Rajrani Says Their Pairing Won’t Break, Its Made In Heaven, Amrit’s Prayers Saved His Life. Savita Cries And Blesses Amrit. Savita Says We Want To Get Marriage Done Soon And Take Amrit Along, Get A New Date Soon. Rajrani Says We Will Decide It Soon. Lala Says Fine.

Uday Looks On And Thinks Amrit Knows To Keep Relations, On The Other Side, Vashma…. Vashma Comes And Stops Uday. She Says I M Going To Karachi, I Came To Meet You, I Came To Give A Gift, You Left Hockey, I Thought To Give This Lipstick Mark Kerchief, You Can Spend Life Seeing This, Its Farooq’s Kerchief, But Lip Marks Are Mine. She Flirts With Him. Uday Says I Will Play Hockey Again. Amrit Comes. He Scolds Vashma And Goes. Amrit Hugs Vashma. They Cry. Amrit Says Uday Can’t Understand You, You Made Uday Move On, You Are The Best Girl. Vashma Asks How Is Randhir. Amrit Says He Will Get Fine, Marriage’s New Date Will Be Fixed, Will You Come In My Marriage. Lala Says No Way, Now No One Will Come From Vashma’s Family, They Did Much Harm To Us, I Don’t Want To Talk To Them. Vashma Goes. Lala Stops Amrit.Brij Sits Drinking. Uday Comes. He Says I M Going To Camp To Play Hockey. Brij Says No. Uday Says Radha Didn’t Come, Its A Week Now, Is Everything Fine. Brij Says Her Uncle Isn’t Fine, It Will Take Time. Uday Says Give Me Her Uncle’s Address, I Will Go And Meet Her. Brij Asks Why. Uday Says I Care For Her. Brij Asks Why, She Is Fine There, I M Her Husband. Uday Says I M Her Son. Brij Gets Angry And Says Stop Nonsense, Get Out Of Here, You Are The Snake Who Cheated Me. Uday Says I Wish You Understand Someone’s Love, I Wish To Say That My Dad Loves Me. He Says When I Become A Big Hockey Player, You Will Be Proud And Call Me Son. He Cries And Goes. Brij Cries.

One Month Later, Radha Talks To Guddu. She Says The Nation Is Going To Get Divided, I Will Go To A Place From Where I Can See Brij. He Says He Ousted You, You Still Care For Him. Amrit Comes Wearing The Monkey Cap And Cheers Up Randhir. She Assists His Work. She Does The Shaving And Makes Him Laugh By Her Jokes. Lala And Rajrani Get Happy Seeing Amrit. Rajrani Says She Is Managing Everything So Well, She Has Grown Up. Lala Smiles. Brij Comes. Rajrani Asks Him When Will Radha Come, Its A Month. Brij Says She Wants To Stay There For More Time. Rajrani Says Uday Sent A Letter, He Was Asking About Her. Brij Says Reply Him That Radha Is Fine. Lala Asks Did You Send Money To Her. Brij Says Yes, I Met Her And Gave Money. Amrit Asks Randhir To Try To Walk. Bua Looks On. She Jokes On Randhir. Amrit Scolds Bua. Bua Says I M Staying Here With Rights, You Are Here As A Guest, You Will Go After The Marriage, Shall I Say What Will Happen Then. Lala Stops Bua. He Asks Amrit To Focus On Randhir. Amrit Takes Randhir. Lala Asks Bua To Control Her Tongue. Bua Says I Was Just Talking, Make The Papers Ready Before Marriage. Amrit Reads The News For Randhir. He Gets Sad Hearing About The Nation’s Partition. She Says These Letters Will Be Posted Tomorrow, Anything Else. He Feels Thankful For Her Love.Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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