Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th March 2021 Written Episode Full Update

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Rajrani Saying Lala Took Medicines And Went To Sleep, He Is Fine. Bua Acts Sweet. Amrit Asks Abdul To Give The Food To Randhir. Rajrani Asks Amrit To Go Along. Amrit Asks Really. Rajrani Hugs Her. Amrit Goes. Bua Says I Have To Add The Medicine Today Itself, I Have To Go There. Radha Comes To Brij. She Says You Got Scolded Because Of Me, I Have To Rectify My Mistake. She Drops Her Dupatta And Smiles. Brij Gets Surprised. He Signs What. She Asks Him To Sit. She Signs. He Holds Her Hand And Smiles. She Gets Shy. He Gets A Jerk And Falls Down. She Asks Where Did You Go. He Says I M Here. She Asks Shall I Call Uday If You Can’t Get Up. He Gets Angry On Her And Leaves. She Asks What Did I Do Now. Uday Hits The Stick And Recalls Vashma’s Words. Brij Comes And Asks Uday To Vent Anger On Him. Brij Slaps Him. Vashma Looks On. Uday Asks What Happened. Brij Says Come On, Slap Me, You Think You Can See Anyone’s Wife, No One Will Understand. He Recalls Uday And Radha. Radha Comes And Stops Brij. Vashma Cries. Farooq Comes. Radha Shouts To Lala. Brij Scolds Her And Goes.
Uday Asks Radha Did She Tell Brij About Vashma. Radha Says No, I Don’t Know. He Goes. Farooq Tries To Kiss Vashma. She Struggles And Gets Away. She Faints. He Shouts To Zubeda. Abrar Is On The Way. He Sees Some People Protesting. He Thinks Uday Will Die Today. Amrit And Abdul Go To The Shop. Bua Looks On. Amrit Stands Outside And Hears Randhir Wishing For Her To Get Homemade Food For Him. She Asks Him To Have Food. He Smiles. Bua Hides. Abdul Jokes. He Asks Randhir To Have Food, He Will Get Lassi. He Goes. Bua Thinks Once I Put This Medicine, Then… Amrit Serves The Food. Randhir Asks Did You Make This Food. Amrit Says Yes, You Have To Eat This Food All Life, Get Habitual. They Smile. Abrar Says I Think Uday Isn’t Alone Inside.
Randhir Says I M Ready To Sit At The Shop All Life To Get This Food. Lala Wakes Up. Rajrani Says I Have Sent Amrit To The Shop To Give Randhir’s Food. He Says Its Not Right. She Says No, Its Right. He Says You Got On Their Side. She Says No. He Says I Got Old, Better I Die. She Says No, What Will I Do Without You, How Will I Live, I Feel We Are Doing Injustice With Amrit. He Says I Also Love Her, She Is My Daughter. She Says She Is My Daughter, She Is Your Life. She Praises Randhir And Asks Him To Accept Him. He Asks How Shall I Forget That Randhir Broke Kiran’s Heart And Chose Amrit, No. Abdul Gets Lassi. Randhir Says I Will Drink It And Return The Glass. He Asks Amrit To Go Home, He Has Much Work. Amrit Asks Him To Have Sweets, She Has Made It Herself. Randhir Says Great. She Asks Him To Have It After Sometime, He Just Had Food. Randhir Says As You Say. She Says But Have It Surely. He Says Sure. Bua Says Surely Have It. Amrit And Abdul Leave.
Abrar Says I Think Uday Is Inside, Its Time To Do This. Randhir Gets Amrit’s Note In The Sweet Box. Abrar Throws The Kerosene On The Shop. Randhir Reads The Love Letter. He Leaves The Shop And Goes After Amrit. Abrar Lights The Fire. He Says I Will Burn The Shop, Uday Will Die Now. Bua Thinks Randhir Will Get Mad Having This Medicine, Then He Can’t Marry Amrit. She Adds The Medicine In The Sweets. Abrar Says Uday This Is Your Punishment For Ruining My Family Respect, Die Now. He Leaves. Bua Sees The Fire And Screams. Amrit Says I Think I Forgot Something, Abdul You Buy Few Things From Market, I Will Just Come. She Goes Back To The Shop. She Sees Abrar Going With The Fire Torch. She Gets Shocked Seeing The Shop On Fire. Amrit Sees Bua Inside. Bua Gets The Poison Medicine By Mistake. Amrit Shouts Randhir And Also Faints By The Smoke. Randhir Comes And Asks How Did The Shop Catch Fire, Where Is Amrit. Abdul Says She Is Inside. Lala And Bhanu Come. Randhir Goes Inside And Saves Amrit And Bua. Abdul Says Randhir Saved Them By Jumping Into The Fire. Bua Behaves Weird.
Lala Recalls Rajrani’s Words. Randhir Worries For Amrit. He Says We Will Take Her Home. Lala Says Yes. They All Come Home. Kiran Cries And Says Biji Is At The Shop, Fire Caught Up There. Rajrani Says Calm Down. Randhir Gets Amrit And Makes Her Lie On The Sofa. Rajrani Asks What Happened. Lala Asks Brij To Call The Doctor. Kiran Asks What Happened To Mum. Iqbal Comes And Checks Amrit. Lala Says Amrit And Mogar Got Caught In Fire, She Fainted And Mogar Is Behaving Weird. Iqbal Says Smoke Reached The Lungs, She Will Be Fine, Get Medicines. Randhir Goes To Get The Medicines. Iqbal Checks Bua. Lala Asks Kiran To Tell The Truth. Kiran Says Mum Wanted To Make Randhir Mad And Got The Medicines To Add In His Food. They All Get Shocked. Iqbal Says Maybe Its Something Dangerous, I Will Give Her An Injection Now. Lala Cries Seeing Amrit. Iqbal Asks Bhanu To Make Bua Drink Salt Water And Vomit. He Says Many Times, People Dig A Pit For Others And Fall In It. He Asks Rajrani To Give Medicines To Amrit. He Leaves. Rajrani Says Randhir Saved Mogar’s Life, Mogar Wanted To Make Him Mad, He Is A Nice Guy, You Trust Him Right. Radha Comes And Asks What Are You Thinking, Your Wish Is Fulfilled, You Said That I Will Bid A Farewell To Amrit. Brij Thinks I Had Made Her Drink Bhaang To Make Her Admit Uday And Her Relation, But She Came Here. She Says If Anything Happens To Amrit, Then You Can Never See Her Again. Lala Cries.
Radha Says Amrit Is Getting Punished For Her Love, Because Amrit Chose A Nice Guy For Herself, She Didn’t Say Anything To You, Everyone Knows That You Love Your Pagdi More Than Your Daughter. She Gets His Pagdi. Rajrani Asks What Are You Doing. Radha Says Amrit Can Save Your Pagdi’s Respect, She Can Put Her Happiness At Stake, You Can’t Sacrifice Your Ego For Your Daughter’s Happiness, Take Your Pagdi. Radha Apologizes And Says I Have Said The Truth. Brij Takes Radha. Lala Cries.
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