Kundali Bhagya 26th February 2021 Written Episode

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Preeta Thinks Of How Prithvi Mentioned That His Betterment Was To Be Near Her, And He Can No Longer Live Without Her So He Is Coming To The Luthra House, She Remembers How Prithvi Mentioned How When Someone Leaves Their Side Then Another Takes It.

Preeta Gets A Call From Shristhi Who Asks If Prithvi Has Arrived, When She Says That He Has Indeed Come, Shristhi Explains How She Should Say All This To Karan And Then He Would Show Prithvi What It Means To Tease His Wife, Preeta Is Constantly Trying To Ask Her To Listen When She Explains How Prithvi Has Married Kritika, Shristhi Is Not Able To Accept That Kritika Has Really Married Prithvi, Shristhi Exclaims How She Would Come And Try To Convince Kritika As She Would Surely Listen To Her However Preeta Stops Her Mentioning How She Should Not Come Out Of The House As The Situation Is Alot Worse And Karan Is Also Really Angry, Shristhi Inquires How Can She Marry Prithvi Because He Is Not A Right Person And Did She Only Find Him, Preeta Explains How Karina Is Not Angry And Dadi As She Knows Always Worries For Kritika.

Preeta Says How He Also Asked That Preeta Take All The Responsibility Of The Functions As She And Her Family Have A Lot Of Experience In Weddings As They Also Own A Wedding Hall And Shristhi Is Also A Professional While He Was Actually Trying To Make Fun Of Them. Shristhi Asks Why Are They Getting Married Once Again, Preeta Scolding Her Inquires If She Is Not Listening Properly As She Already Mentioned How Karina Wishes To Have The Wedding Once Again, Shristhi Responds How She Understands Her Feeling As A Mother And Also Knows What Kind Of A Situation Kritika Would Be Going Through As Akshay Left Her Alone In The Mandap And This Causes Her To Accept The Person Who Is In Front Of Her Just Like Kritika Is Accepting Prithvi As He Would Be Feeling Really Great, Shristhi Asks When Is The Wedding, Preeta Explains How The Function Of Sangeet And Mehndi While After One Day Gap There Would Be Barrat, Shristhi Exclaims How She Has Given Her A Really Bad News, Preeta Asks Her To End The Call As She Would Have To Calm Down Karan As He Is Really Angry.

Karina Is Taking Out The Jewellery When She Asks Bani Dadi To Help Her Asking Why She Is Watching Television When Karina Also Sits And Explains How There Is A New Musical Show Coming, Rakhi Also Comes Saying How She Also Saw The Promo Of The Show And Knows How There Would Be Six Teams And All The Big Musical Stars Of Their Nation Would Be Present, Karina Says How Rakhi’s Favourite Would Also Be Present, Rakhi Is Amazed To See That Salman Khan Would Be Present And Dadi Also Exclaims How Shraddha Would Also Be A Part Of The Show, Rakhi Exclaims How The Opening Ceremony Would Happen On Twenty Fifth Of February So She Should Set The Reminder.
Karan Is Really Angry In The Room And Is Hitting The Stick, He In Anger Calls Rishab Who Mentions How He Knows Karan Would Be Really Missing Him, Karan Exclaims How He Did Not Call Him Because Of The Reason However He Would Get A Shock After Hearing The News That Kritika Has Married Prithvi, Rishab Is Also Shocked When Karan Asks Him To Come Back Immediately As He Is The Only One Who Can Talk Some Sense Into Kritika As He Cannot Handle This Family Politics, Rishab After Ending The Call Asks Karthik To Cancel All The Meetings As He Has To Immediately Leave For India, When He Says How Cannot Then Rishab Mentions How His Family Is Most Important.
Rakhi Enters The House Exclaiming How She Has Head All The Conversation Of Him With Rishab, She Orders Him To Not Do Anything That Would Hurt The Feelings Of Karina, Karan Exclaims How He Can Never Accept The Marriage, Rakhi Pleads With Him However He Exclaims How He Cannot Accept As Kritika Is His Sister, Preeta Is Also Hearing The Conversation When Rakhi After Standing Goes To Preeta Then Exclaims How They Should At Least Try To Not Ruin The Function Of Kritika Once Again.

Prithvi Is With Kritika, He Asks How Is He Looking When She Says How He Is Looking Really Handsome, He Sits Down With Her When She Exclaims How She Is Really Happy That He Came Into Her Life, He Also Thanks Her Saying How He Saw That She Fought With Her Entire Family Just For Her, Prithvi Says That He Loves Her When Kritika Mentions That He Is The Best Thing That Has Happened And Is Really Happy, She Mentions How Everything Turned Out To Be Alright Even When He Was Really Scared Before Coming To The Luthra Mansion, Prithvi Says How Till Now Karan Has Not Accepted Their Relation, Kritika Mentions How Nothing Would Happen When She Has Accepted Him, Prithvi Thinks How Sherlin Would Be Really Angry So He Must Try To Calm Her Down Before She Reveals The Truth About Him.

Janki Exclaims If She Has Gotten Mad, Shristhi Says How She Has Not Married Him, Janki Responds That She Is Talking Of Kritika And Did She Not Find Anyone Other Than Prithvi Because He Is Really Not A Good Man, As When She Got To Know Of His Truth Relating To Sherlin, He Tried To Kill Her. Shristhi Mentions How He Has Not Ever Harmed The Luthra’s So They Think That He Is Actually A Nice Person, Janki Exclaims How He Can Never Be Honest However Wonders How Can Sherlin Let Him Get Married To Kritika, They Both Conclude How Their Relationship Was Just Time Based And There Was Nothing Serious.

Prithvi Enters The Room Calling Sherlin However She Immediately Starts Beating Him With Anything That She Can Find And Even Gives Him An Electric Not Caring For Anyone Outside, He Is Throwing Her On The Bed Holds Her Hand Pleading Her To Stop And Just Give Him Five Minutes, They Both Lie On The Bed Completely Exhausted.

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