Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2021 Written Update Full Episode

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Mahira Telling Prithvi Not To Underestimate His Power. She Shows Him The Message Where She Transferred Money To Shubham’s Account. Prithvi Is Pleased With Things Finally Falling Into Place. He Then Asks Mahira And Sherlyn To Go Away As He Can’t Be Seen With Two Other Women When He Is About To Get Married. Sherlyn Asks Prithvi To Stay Loyal To Her Or Else He Will Ruin Everything.
Rakhi Tells Kritika That She Is Not Satisfied With The Story Told By Prithvi. Kritika Says That She Trusts Him And Wants Him To Support Her. She Says That She Is Tired And Wants To Sleep. Preeta Goes To Prithvi’s Room And Asks Him What He Is Up To Now. She Says That You Have Always Been A Thug And Crook, Kritika Loves You And You Are Betraying Him? Prithvi Says That He Loves The Entire Family Of Kritika And What She Is Doing Is Wrong. Preeta Says That She Knows His Real Face And She Knows That He Is Already Married And That Shubham Was Lying Today. Soon I Will Figure Out Who You Were Married To. She Says This Is All A Scam And I Will Bust It. Prithvi Says That I Will Become Your Worst Nightmare If You Will Try To Stop Me From Marrying Kritika. Preeta Is About To Leave When Prithvi Holds Her Hand Because Sherlyn Is Secretly Escaping Behind Her Back. They Argue While She Leaves.
Kritika Is Seen Sitting In Her Room Reminiscing The Events Of The Day. Sherlyn Goes To Her And Asks If She Is Fine. She Says That She Will Be Fine And Sherlyn Leaves. Prithvi Also Goes To Kritika’s Room But She Asks Him To Leave As She Needs Space To Think. Prithvi Tries His Best To Lure Her Into His Words But She Is Adamant And Wants Him To Leave. Karan Sees Prithvi Standing Out Of Her Room And He Warns Prithvi That He Has His Eyes On Him And Will Smash His Face If He Ever Tries To Harm Her.
Sherlyn Takes Prithvi To A Corner And Says That It Seems Like Kritika Is Also Against Him Now. She Adds That The Marriage Is Not Done Yet And He Should Play It Safe Till He Gets Married. He Will Have To Become Her Hero In Order To Be A Part Of The Luthra Family. Prithvi Says That I Will Do It, All I Need Is A Plan.
Kritika Receives A Call From Akshay Who Wishes Her On Her Marriage. He Says That His Life Would Have Been Set If They Would Have Got Married. Kritika Tells Him Never To Call Her Again And He Played With Her Trust And Love. He Says That You Are A Fool, I Never Loved You But Your Money. He Adds That We Were Really Close Once And I Have Proof Of That. I Need Money In Exchange For A Favor To Keep The Proof To Myself. He Says That You Either Meet Me Tomorrow With 20 Lakh Or I Will Send Those Proof Of Our Intimacy To Your Husband And Will Also Post Them On Social Media. Kritika Pleads To Akshay But In Vain.

Today Written Update Will Be Published Soon.

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